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Tenth Lesson Slice tool Repair brush tool patch tool color Replacement tool

Slice tool, slice selection tool KSlice tool: The area used to divide an imageSlice selection Tool: Can be used to select the divided slices, and move or delete and so on.Save the image format as a Web page ctrl+alt+shift+s, and when you open it again, you can see the cropped area that you divided.Healing Brush

PS Color Replacement tool to quickly adjust color

Some PS tools you may not use frequently, and this secondary "color replacement tool" is one of them. You can compare it to the healing brush tool, which has the same point and is different. This is a regular brush tool that controls the

Basic Learning-photoshop Tutorial (63): Color Replacement-PS tutorial

This article will introduce you to the use of the Color Replacement tool in the ps Getting Started Tutorial. This article describes in detail, simple operations, and realistic effects. if you are interested, let's take a look at it, if you want to learn how to use the ps Color Repl

PS Color Replacement tool how to use

PS Color Replacement tool how to use Usage of the PS Tutorial Color replacement tool First, double-click Run the PS software, and then execute the command "file-open-desktop" and select a picture. In the second st

Photoshop detailed interpretation of the use of color replacement tips

Photoshop Detailed interpretation of the use of color replacement tips Any function, will not use or do not like to use, because you do not understand the function itself, some of the post-processing is unfamiliar. Any function will cause the wrong choice, later can not be mistaken for the solution, is a master. 1. What is the "Replace

How Photoshop preserves model shadow replacement background color

Original Effect chart 1, copy the original tutu layer, the model buckle out, the edge of nature, do not be impatient. 2, add color layer between the original chart layer and the model layer and adjust the color layer blending mode to multiply, as shown 3, this time can see the original tutu layer and model layer edge is too unnatural, 4, use

A fast color and replacement background method for black and white images using Photoshop

Original Final effect 1, double click the background image, unlock. Click on the Small folder icon below the layers panel to create a new group, name the group "Girl", and move the background copy one layer to the new group.Select the Pen tool to draw the following diagram path. Don't worry about the hair separating now. Save the path. Then adjust to the path of the s

Photoshop Perfect for portrait clothing replacement color skills

The model purple dress into red, the overall processing effect is very perfect, the details of the performance is also very good, Original: Effect Chart: Oh, because the third major steps can not be achieved, had to manually operate. Steps: I. Cleaning up the background 1. Create a new blank layer and use the Clone Stamp tool to clean the upper and left sides of the background. 2. Merge visible la

Photoshop Adjust color three elements

command that you just introduced, which allows you to select a color and then change the hue, saturation, and brightness values of the selected area. Opens an image, performs the image adjustment replace Color command, and pops up the Replace Color dialog box. Select color: The

Introduction to new features of Photoshop CS6 skin color selection Tool

For every portrait photographer, digging through Photoshop is probably an unavoidable task. Even if you do not need to "pull" the model out, many times we also need to the character's skin (mainly facial) to do a constituency (or mask), for follow-up landscaping treatment. I'm afraid we all have to admit that it's not easy to pull a picture or make a selection or a mask. For objects with simple shapes, we have a lot of constituency methods and a powe

Tips for using the color reduction tool in Photoshop layer blending mode-PS tutorial

This article mainly introduces the tips of the color lightening tool in Photoshop layer mixing mode. if you need it, you can refer to the example below to show the final information. 1. it doesn't matter the size of a new canvas. now it's time to learn about it ~~ It hasn't been officially created yet! Fill in black with a new layer on the canvas, which is cal

How to use the matching color tool in Photoshop

How to use the matching Color tool in Photoshop PS has a function called "Match color." You can make two or more pictures of the color trend of a hue, so that the picture can be unified tone. You can also make color uniformity ea

Change photo background color (Photoshop tool)

1. Put the photo requiring P in the tool and open it. The layer will be displayed on the right. 2. Copy Layers [2-1] [2-2] Display on the right panel: [2-3] 3. Select layer 0 copy 4. Click the straw and click the photo 5. Click the background 6. Modify the background color. 7. Select "layer 0" (all previous operations are "layer 0 copy ]) Alt + Delete 8. [Befor

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