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PHP run mode (CGI,FAST-CGI,CLI, ISAPI, Web module mode) "Reprint"

PHP operating mode has 5 minutes:1) CGI Universal Gateway Interface (Common Gateway Interface))2) fast-cgi resident (long-live) type CGI3) CLI command line run (Interface)4) ISAPI mode (used in Windows)5) Web module mode (module mode for Web server

Cgi security issues

Created: Article attributes: Reprinted Source: Li Guofeng Article submitted: xundi ( Name: Li GuofengStudent ID: 19808056Date:Department: Computer Science and Technology, Computer Application TechnologyCgi security issuesCGI is

What are CGI, FastCGI, PHP-CGI, PHP-FPM, and spawn-fcgi?

What is CGI? CGI stands for the Common Gateway Interface, which is a program running on a Web server. With browser input triggered, this script is usually like a bridge between a server and other programs in the system, such as a database. CGI

Briefly describe what CGI is and briefly describe CGI

Briefly describe what CGI is and briefly describe CGI Directory:1. What is CGI?2. Various Glossary3. Interaction Mode Between web server and CGI3.1 CGI Mode3.2 Module Mode3.3 php-fpm Mode 1. What is CGI? CGI is the abbreviation of common gateway

PHP Learning Series-CLI, CGI, FastCGI, php-fpm learning ____php

In the last article we learned that the process of decoupling between Web server and PHP is through SAPI. What is CLI, CGI, fastcgi, php-fpm? Don't worry, in this article, we will have a clear understanding of it. First of all, CLI, CGI, fastcgi is

How to explain the relationship between CGI, FastCGI and php-fpm in layman's way?

In Apache, you can call PHP as a php5_module module, and in Nginx, you need to call through PHP-FPM, what is the difference between the two methods of invocation? Besides, what do they have to do with cgi,fastcgi? Reply content:The answer above is

Anatomy of CGI, fastcgi, php-cgi, PHP-FPM

This article introduces the content is about CGI, fastcgi, php-cgi, PHP-FPM analysis, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Defined First of all, what does CGI do? CGI is designed to ensure that

"Technology sharing" Gateway Protocol learning: CGI, FastCGI, WSGI

Dg.CGI, the Universal Gateway Interface (Common Gateway Interface), is the interface standard between external applications (CGI programs) and Web servers, and is a discipline for passing information between CGI programs and Web servers. The CGI

CGI (Universal Gateway Interface) and cgi universal Gateway Interface

CGI (Universal Gateway Interface) and cgi universal Gateway InterfacePublic Gateway Interface CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is one of the most important technologies in WWW technology and plays an irreplaceable role. CGI is the interface standard

PHP operating Environment comparison of CGI, FastCGI, CLI, Apache, ISAPI

1. Operation modeThe five most common operating modes for PHP are now:1) CGI (Universal Gateway Interface/Common Gateway Interface)2) FastCGI (resident type cgi/long-live CGI)3) CLI (command line run/Interface)4) Web module mode (the mode of

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