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Separating forms and functions in PHP applications with smarty

From IBM developerworks by Martin Streicher ( ), September 06, 2007 Mixing PHP with other web page tags at will make the program logic, HTML, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), and JavaScript messy, making maintenance a

Separating forms and functions from PHP applications with Smarty

A random mix of PHP and other Web page tags will cause program logic, HTML, cascading style sheets (cascading style sheets,css), and JavaScript to be in disarray, making maintenance a daunting task. The Smarty template engine separates the form

How PHP became the web's King Ruby's bottleneck where _php tutorial

   Help the Home ( NewsThis article is not a big battle between Ruby and PHP. It's just that the problem with Ruby in this article is that the lack of library support, the ease of expansion, the ease of crashing, and so on, are all

Smarty configuration and tutorial

Download smarty: Smarty 2.6.18 source March 7th, 2007 Smarty 2.6.17 source March 5th, 2007 Smarty 2.6.16 source dec 1st, 2006 Smarty 2.6.15 source Nov 30th, 2006PHP designers who are new to the template engine will find it difficult to hear about

Flex is what Flex introduces _flex

Flex usually refers to Adobe Flex, which was originally released by Macromedia in March 2004, based on its proprietary Macromedia Flash platform, which covers support for Ria (Rich Internet applications) The development and deployment of a series of

Introduction to the Flex framework

When we are learning a technology, we are always accustomed to look at the name of this technology is the abbreviation of which English words. Examples of this are many, such as ASP is the abbreviation for Active Server Page . But looking for a

Microsoft Training Kit & Sample

It is suitable for beginners to learn new technologies. . NET Framework 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit Visual Studio 2008 and. NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit C # Sample for Visual Studio 2008 Web SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

Unbalanced Chinese software career structure [excellent]

The Blue Book of IT application technology in China 2006-2007 released by it168, where software talents are analyzed from the perspective of professional structure in a unique way. I tried to interpret the data according to the traditional software

Web Design Summary

From the month of 98 my first Personal Pig page was born. To 2008 today. announced that I have been in the design industry for a whole decade. Ten years, a lot of changes, from tinkering with the Personal pig page to the present to make a living,

Web front-end designers need to go to the 15 Design blog Resource Station

Web design is a constantly changing field, so mastering the latest trends and technical trends is very important to designers, whether it is learning new technology, or looking for free resources and tools, design blog is a very good place. This

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