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PHP Tutorials: Magic Quotes

For Magic quotes, it is a commonplace question for phper. Today I accidentally see an article, combined with PHP Manual and its reply, here to do a simple summary. In short, the input data is automatically escaped when the Magic quotes is turned on.

Write php applications that are not affected by Magic Quotes

Before writing a php application that is not affected by Magic Quotes: you must read chapter 10th magic quotes from Section IV security in the php Manual ". If you haven't read it, it's okay. now it takes 10 minutes to take a look at this in the php

PHP-Magic Quotes simple tutorial

-Magic quotes of PHPA function called magic quotes was previously created in PHP 6 to help protect novice programmers from writing bad table processing code. Magic quotes automatically avoids dangerous form data and may be used for SQL injection

PHP magic quotes _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

PHP magic quotes. The security of PHP lies in its default configuration of php. the ini-dist contains magic_quotes_gpcOn, which is called "MagicQuote". it is useful for PHP beginners. "Although the security of SQL injection in PHP lies in its

PHP form submission After quotation mark the reason for automatically adding backslashes and three ways to turn off PHP Magic quotes _php Instance

Recently found to do a PHP program form data submission to the content of the database, as long as the content with single or double quotes, a backslash will be added later. And every time you save a backslash, it's depressing. So from the Internet

PHP magic quotes

& Nbsp; the security of PHP lies in its default configuration of php. the ini-dist contains magic_quotes_gpcOn, which is called "MagicQuote". it is very useful for PHP beginners, "although SQL injection is still possible when magic quotes are opened,

PHP Magic Quotes

1. What is the function of magic quotes? ?The Magic quote design was designed to escape from a database or file and receive parameters from a request, with single quotes, double quotes, backslashes, and null plus a backslash, which works

Write PHP apps that are not affected by magic quotes

Original works author Water Mengchun, reproduced please specify the source lib.cublog.cnRead the premise: you must read the " Part IV Security" chapter "10th Magic Quotes" in the PHP manual. If you haven't seen it, it's no problem, now take 10

PHP Magic Quotes ____php

One, what is magic quotes Reminder: This feature has been discarded from PHP 5.3.0 and will be removed from PHP 5.4.0.So after version 5.4 the PHP profile is not found with the configuration information of the magic quotes When opened, all '

PHP Magic Quotes

Today found that the program relay code over the string has 3/escape characters appear, after the investigation, is the PHP configuration in the MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC open, the $_post data automatically converted, and then the program is converted, which

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