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Phase IV (VII) MySQL REPLICATION (Master-slave replication, semi-synchronous replication, replication filtering)

Linux Operation phase IV (VII) MySQL REPLICATION (Master-slave replication, semi-synchronous replication, replication filtering)First, MySQL Replication Related concepts:1, the role of replication: to support the implementation of backup; ha,

MySQL Master-slave replication

CorporateLinuxoperation and maintenance scene data synchronization scheme1.1file-level synchronization scenarios for different machines The SCP/SFTP/NC command enables remote data synchronization. The FTP/HTTP/SVN/NFS server is built ,

Replication and read-write separation for the most complete MySQL

MySQL replication and MySQL read and write separation is never a simple topic, today I will be detailed to record my study of MySQL.MySQL day to type are: binary log, transaction log, error log, general query log, relay log, slow query log.Binary

In-depth analysis of semi-synchronous and asynchronous MySQL master-slave replication configurations,

In-depth analysis of semi-synchronous and asynchronous MySQL master-slave replication configurations, In short, MySQL master-slave replication is a C/S architecture application. The master can be considered as the server in the general sense, and

Use the MySQL built-in replication function to optimize the actual operation

The following articles mainly discuss the actual operation steps for optimizing the MySQL built-in replication function, including the configuration of the master server and the actual operation process for configuring the slave server, and create a

MySQL replication on Ubuntu12.04

MySQL replication on Ubuntu12.04 I. Introduction MySQL Replication is based on the binnary logging mechanism to synchronize data between the master and slave. Both mechanism, configuration, and operation and maintenance are much simpler and more

MySQL Master-slave replication

1.1 MySQLIntroduction to Master-slave replicationThe master-slave replication scheme for MySQL databases, similar to file-level replication using commands such as Scp/rsync, is the remote transmission of data, except that MySQL 's master-slave

Use the MySQL built-in replication function to optimize availability _ MySQL

With the built-in replication function of MySQL to optimize the availability of Soundbreak, we continuously play live audio and video 24 hours a day. Therefore, we cannot make convincing tests on the new replication features of MySQL. Through tests,

Master-slave replication configuration for redis

Master-slave replication configuration for redisI. Principles Redis's master-slave replication function is very powerful. One master can have multiple slave instances, and one slave can have multiple slave instances. In this way, a powerful

How to configure the environment for mysql5.6.14 master-slave replication (also called mysqlAB replication)

This article describes how to configure the environment of mysql5.6.14 master-slave replication (also called mysqlAB replication). For more information, see I. Principles of mysql master (master) slave (slave) replication: (1) the master records

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