php oauth2 client example

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OAuth2 Demo PHP

OAuth2 Demo PHPThe purpose of this application is to demonstrate the workflow between the OAuth2.0 client and the server.If this is your first time here, try the live demo to make the OAuth2.0 flow a better feeling.Experimenting with the live demo

Oauth2 in PHP Practice

This article is about oauth2 in PHP practice content, here to share to everyone, but also for those who need to refer to the people, now let's have a look Oauth2 Solve the problem: For example, third access to some services, if through the

Use OAuthServerPHP to implement the oau2service

Currently, OAuth2.0 is widely used in network services, including third-party logon to facebook or Weibo, and logon to mobile apps. Its main purpose is as follows: if A user's photo is posted on website A, he does not need to provide website B with

Process analysis of validation using AUTH2 in ThinkPHP5

This article to share the content is about ThinkPHP5 in the use of Auth2 to verify the process analysis, the need for friends can refer to, hope to help everyone. Auth2 verified on TP, found few notes on the Internet, not like yii, so write notes

Micro-Credit Development Web page authorization to obtain user basic information _ Application skills

Micro-trust public platform recently introduced a micro-letter certification, authentication can be access to advanced interface permissions, one of which is OAuth2.0 Web licensing, a lot of friends in the use of this time failed or unable to

Details of the installation and use of the extension in the Yii framework of PHP, YII framework _php Tutorial

Details of the installation and use of PHP in the YII framework, YII framework Extensions are specially designed packages that can be used at any time in Yii applications and can be re-released. For example, the yiisoft/yii2-debug extension adds a

8. Laravel5 Study Notes: Use OAuth authorization in laravel5, laravel5oauth

8. Laravel5 Study Notes: Use OAuth authorization in laravel5, laravel5oauth Introduction to OAuth2.0 We will give you the following two articles about it. I believe you should have a certain understanding of it after reading it:[1] understanding of

WeChat official account development series-webpage authorization for obtaining basic user information and basic public information

Public Account Development Series-webpage authorization for obtaining basic user information and basic public information OAuth2.0 web page authorization is also used most on the public platform. You can use the authorization interface to bind users

Sina Weibo oauth2.0 access Method (Java version)

Refer to:, the initial experienceSina Weibo • Open platform: are several tabs on the top page: "Home", "Web Access", "Application Development", "Development Documentation",

Understanding OAuth2.0, understanding oauth2.0 _ PHP Tutorial

Understand OAuth2.0 and oauth2.0. Understanding OAuth2.0, understanding oauth2.0OAuth is an open network standard for authorization, which is widely used in the world. The current version is 2.0. This article describes how to understand OAuth2.

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