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PhpMyAdmin instructions [set]

1 configure DNS VI/var/named/yesgo. Loc # Append the following line. Of course, you can customize other aliases or host names. MySQL in cname ns. yesgo. loc. /Etc/rc. d/init. d/named restart // restart the DNS ServiceNSLookup // test whether the

Install apache + mysql + php + phpMyAdmin in the source code

This article describes how to install apache + mysql + php + phpMyAdmin in the source code. If other software packages are missing during installation, we will use yum for installation. If your RHEL is not charged and cannot use yum, configure the

phpMyAdmin 2.x.x-Documentation (Installation and configuration)

Objective phpMyAdmin can manage the entire MySQL server (requiring superuser) or manage a single database. In order to achieve the latter, you The MySQL user will need to be properly set up, and he can only read/write to the allowed database. That's

PhpMyAdmin 2.x. X-document (installation and configuration)

Introduction: This is the phpMyAdmin 2. x. x-detailed page of the document (installation and configuration). It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: //

Install phpmyadmin in centos 6

First, install mysql before installing phpmyadmin. In fact, the lamp environment is the prerequisite for installing phpmyadmin. Here we only introduce the installation method of mysql under yum. (Note: the installation process can only be run with

PhpMyAdmin Installation Manual

First install php, need PHP version is greater than or equal to 5.6Epel and Remi sources for CentOS 6.5.# RPM-UVH rpm-uvh/http

UBUNTU-12.04.2-DESKTOP-AMD64 Install integrated Nginx + PHP + mysql + phpmyadmin + tomcat

Recently need to do JSP project, deployed in Ubuntu, the weekend time to configure the Nginx + PHP + mysql + phpmyadmin + tomcat environment, from the Windows C # turn around, how much some do not adapt, estimated to go the whole stack direction. By

Centos 5.4 server configuration Yum install Apache + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin

1. Update the system kernel to the latest version. [Root @ linuxfei ~] # Yum-y update After the system is updated, if an error message is prompted during Yum installation, run the following command to fix the problem. [Root @ linuxfei ~] #

MySQL Study -- Use of graphical tools in MySQL (phpMyAdmin) and -- mysqlphpmyadmin

MySQL Study -- Use of MySQL tools (phpMyAdmin) and -- mysqlphpmyadminMySQL Study-Use of MySQL tool (phpMyAdmin)System Environment: RedHat EL6Database: MySQL 5.6.4-m7PhpMyAdmin is a software tool written in PHP. It is a MySQL database management tool

Compile and install on CentOS6 to implement lamp (Php-modules) +phpmyadmin installation process full record

PHP has three modes of collaboration with Apache: CGI, Modules, FastCGI.In CGI mode, when a user requests a PHP file, Apache initiates the response process, invokes the PHP processor to process the request, and then returns the result to the client.

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