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Ping to see if the device network is up to

#!/bin/bash#  executes #  execution method: sh iplist1.txt#  input:  on the CentOS system Iplist.txt (IP list). Warning, can only be IP, cannot be host#  output:  faillist.txt (ping ip list), oklist.txt (ping ip list)

Ping non-local subnet times "ping:sendmsg:Network is down"

Oracle linux:ping to IP addresses on non-local subnet returns "Ping:sendmsg:Network are Down" (document ID 1625215.1) applies To: linux os-version Oracle linux 5.9 with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel [2.6.39] and later Linux x86 Linux x86-6

DAY01 Amin Linux Learning

Amin linux-Installation Login CentOS71.1 Beginning of study目的:为了更好的发展空间,学习一个好点的技术,稳定的收入,能够更好的照顾家人。爱好中Linux比较好职位:运维工程师,再学习自动化运维城市:深圳或其他一线城市学完时间:2018-06月份之前跳槽时间:学完之后1.2 conventions学习的方法预习和复习当日事当日毕记笔记利用好资源像学习好的同学借鉴方法,到看看别的同学遇到过的问题1.3 Understanding

How-to-Create VLAN on Linux (with Cisco Catalyst Switch)

The article I want to share and configure VLAN on Linux through Cisco Catalyst Switch.Requirements:1. Linux installed on a PC with one or more NICs (Network Interface Card). I Use the Centos 5.4 using 2.6.18-164.11.1.EL5PAE kernel. It should is

J2se 1.5 In a nutshell Chinese Version

J2se 1.5 In a nutshell Chinese Version 2004-03-22 CLICK: 104 J2se 1.5 In a nutshell Chinese Version Article[H2] j2se 1.5 In a nutshell [/H2]-----------------------------------

Network Fundamentals of Linux

Transfer from network interfaceLinux network interface, which contains the concept of network card.In the Linux system, the naming rule:The eth0 is the first interface (Ethernet Card), and the

Linux Learning-1 initial Linux 20180407

some simple things to know: Linux is the operating system Like Windows, you can do exactly the same thing, but it's relatively stable. More than 80% servers in the world are Linux Andriod system is Linux, in fact, Mac system is UNIX

Installation of Linux (virtual machine Environment) and basic configuration

I. BACKGROUNDThis article describes how to install the virtual machine VMware and the underlying configuration if the Linux system is installed on the virtual machine and after the Linux installation is completeWhat you need to prepare is VMware and

The first day of Linux system learning

The birth of Unix, 1970-1-1Kernel function: User input command--------> kernel-------> HardwareLinux composition = kernel + applicationLinux distributions (cont. 1)The name/version of the release is determined by the issuer–red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Linux routine instructions

Linux routine instructions Daquan Java code 001, routine maintenance commonly used query commands # top display system processes # clear screen information # cat/etc/redhat-release view system version information # cat/proc /version

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