pl sql substr from right

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Chapter 2 procedural performance tuning of PL/SQL applications

Chapter 2 procedural performance tuning of PL/SQL applications I. Reasons for PL/SQL Performance problems When the execution efficiency of PL/SQL-based applications is low, it is usually caused by poor SQL statements and programming methods,

Substr () function and left-right link in Oracle

In this SQL statement, right join is used, that is, ldquo; (+) rdquo; the other side of the SQL statement is in the connection direction. All records on the right of the equal sign are displayed, whether it is on the left In this SQL statement,

Substr () function and left-right link in Oracle

Substr () function: returns part of the string.Syntax: substr (string, start, length)Required: specifies where the string starts.Positive number-start at the specified position of the stringNegative number-starting from the specified position at the

VII. Integration of SQL Foundation and Pl-sql Foundation

--oracle database Important knowledge Point collation 2017-01-24 Soulsjie/* Data Query statement IntroductionIntroduction to Data definition statementsIntroduction to Data Control statementsIntroduction to Data manipulation statements */-------------

Oracle regularly deletes and adds table partitions (toad, PL/SQL)

From: I completed this task today and made a summary.   First, create a partition table.   Create Table mals_nm_cpu_info_t_new(Host_ip varchar2 (40 byte) not null,Host_name varchar2 (1

(vi) PL/SQL string

The PL/SQL string is actually an optional sequence of dimension-specification characters. A character can be a combination of numbers, letters, blanks, special characters, or all. PL/SQL provides three types of strings:  fixed-length string : In

Oracle Common functions

1, set linesize 100; Set length2, set pagesize 30; Set the number of displays per page3. Em A.sql Open Notepad4, @ A executes the code in file A, you can specify the path of the file @d:a.txt5, conn user name/password to connect to the database

Netsuite Formula > Oracle Function List quick check (PL/SQL single-line functions and group functions). txt

PL/SQL single-line functions and group functionsA function is a program that has 0 or more parameters and has a return value. Oracle has built a series of functions in SQL, which can be called SQL or PL/SQL statements, and functions are divided into

Pl/sql single-line functions and Group functions

function | An explanatory function is a program that has 0 or more parameters and has a return value. In SQL, Oracle builds a series of functions that can be called SQL or PL/SQL statements, and functions fall into two main categories: Single line

Oracle10G: PL/SQL Regular Expressions (regular expressions) Manual

A new feature of OracleDatabase10g greatly improves your ability to search and process character data. This feature is a regular expression used to describe the text mode. It has appeared in many programming languages and a large number of UNIX

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