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Java2 Practical Tutorial (Fifth Edition) Learning Guide

Programming Category 13.1URL: P396 Category 13.2InetAddress: P398 13.3 Socket: P399 13.3.4 13.4UDP Datagram: P407 13.5 Broadcast datagram: P411 13.6Java Remote Call: P414 14th. Graphics, images and audio 14.1 Drawing the basic graphic: P425 14.2 Transform Graphics: P427 Boolean operation for 14.3 graphs: P429 14.4 Draw the Clock: P430 14.5 Drawing images: P433 14.6 plays audio: P434 The 15th chapter generic and set-up frame

Read the JavaScript authoritative guide (sixth Edition) Notes (chapter fifth)

StatementAn expression is a phrase in JavaScript, and the statement is a JavaScript whole sentence or command. Use a period to end to separate statements. An expression evaluates a value, but the statement is used to execute to make something happen.5.2 Compound statements and empty statementsCompound statement: Enclose multiple statements in curly braces to form a conforming statement.{ x = Math.PI; CX = Math.Cos (x); ................... } First, the end of a statement block does

C + + Primer Plus (fifth Edition) PDF

: Network Disk DownloadThis book is the prestigious C + + Classic tutorial, the content of C + + master Stanley B. Lippman Rich practical experience and the C + + Standards Committee, the former head of Josée Lajoie to the C + + standard in-depth understanding of the perfect combination, has helped countless programmers around the world to learn C + +. A comprehensive and authoritative description of C + + 's basic concepts and techniques, the emphasis on modern C + + programming style makes thi

Study with me MySQL Technical Insider (fifth Edition): (chapter III Study diary 2)

character to the corresponding UCS2 character.This section concludes with a description of the difference between binary strings and non-binary strings that use binary string collations .1. The binary string does not have the concept of a character set. It will be interpreted as a byte, and the comparison is a single-byte numeric code2. Non-binary strings that use binary collations are interpreted as characters and are compared to their numeric character values, which are usually calculated ba

"Python 1" python Core programming (Second Edition) guide

Chapter One Welcome to Python world What is Python The origins of Python Features of Python Download python Install Python Run Python Python documentation Compare Python (compared to other languages) Other implementations Chapter II Python start Introduced Input/Output Comments Operator Variables and Assignments Python type Indent in Cycles and Conditions File Error Function Class Module C

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