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In a pond floating a wooden boat with stones, when the stones were thrown into the pond, the Stones sank and asked how the height of the water in the pond would change.

today, some people throw a topic, it is estimated that the interview was asked or the written test met, and then smashed boiling in the group. There are all kinds of answers. The answer to a and B is too much. in a pond floating a wooden boat with stones, when the stones were thrown into the pond, the Stones sank and asked how the height of the water in the pond

bzoj1698 [Usaco2007 feb]lilypad Pond Lotus leaf Pond [BFS]

+ ny]) {VIS[NX * m + NY] =1; DFS (NX, NY); } }}intMain () {scanf("%d%d", n, m);intT for(inti =0; I for(intj =0; J scanf("%d", MapI [j]);if(MapI [j] = =3) {SX = i; sy = j;MapI [j] =0; }if(MapI [j] = =4) {ex = i; EY = j;MapI [j] =0; } } } for(inti =0; I for(intj =0; J if(MapI [j])Continue; for(intK =0; K 8; k++) {intNX = i + dir[k][0];intNY = j + dir[k][1];if(Check (NX, NY) !Map[NX] [NY]) Edges[i * m + j].push_back (Edge (NX * m + NY,1)); } } } f

Bzoj 1698 [Usaco2007 feb]lilypad Pond Lotus leaf Pond bfs+ Shortest

(TMP); } } } } } } }}intMain () {scanf("%d%d", n,m); for(intI=1; i for(intj=1; jscanf("%d",MapI [j]);if(MapI [j]==3) St.x=i,st.y=j;Else if(MapI [j]==4) Ed.x=i,ed.y=j; }} floodfill (ST.X,ST.Y); for(intI=1; i for(intj=1; jif(!MapI [j]) FloodFill (I,J); } }memset(F,0x3f,sizeof(f)); BFS ();if(f[ed.x][ed.y]==0x3f3f3f3f)printf(" -1\n");Else{printf("%d\n", F[ed.x][ed.y]);printf("%lld\n", Num[ed.x][ed.y]); }} Copyri

Visitors to Walden Pond--on the reading of Walden Pond

Walden's VisitorsEllis 20135210He had been educated at Harvard University, the best university in the United States, and he had been in seclusion in the desolate Walden Pond, living as simple as a primitive man, and he became close friends with the mountains and vegetation, he could see the seasons from a leaf, his hand not only took a pen, but also the axe, and his eyes read not only the trees The sunset and the sparkling waters. He is the author of

Lotus Pond Moonlight Zhu Qing

These days the heart is rather quiet. Tonight in the courtyard sitting in the shade, suddenly think of the Lotus pond, in the light of the full moon, there is always another look. The moon gradually rose, the children's laughter outside the wall, had not been heard, the wife in the room patted a leap son, humming in a daze song. I slipped in the big shirt and took the door out.Along the Lotus Pond, is a win

Free fish App Fish Pond Exit Tutorial Share

To the users of the free fish software to detailed analysis of the fish ponds to share the exit tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, first open the Free Fish app, click on the menu bar in the "Fish pond" option, and then click "My" option to enter the list of fish ponds added; 2, then click on the fish pond you want to quit, and then click on the upper right corner of the three poi

Leisure Fish fishpond is what free fish pond Novice Tutorial

What is the fish pond for leisure? The fish pond function is launched in the latest version, just like building some surrounding small group, after you have joined such a group, you will be able to learn about the various second-hand trading information around you in a timely manner, or group A fish pond with someone you know well, so that the trading of this id

Photoshop turns the Lotus Pond waste film into freehand ink painting

Photoshop turns the lotus Pond waste film into freehand ink painting. the production of freehand brushwork requires a strong art skills, especially for ink painting has certain attainments. This can start from the frame into their own artistic conception, and then the perfect performance of the later. Original Final effect First, the idea of shooting "Pre-state, not in advance". Freehand ink photography, like painting, is

Wilderness, car life and free world--read "Walden Pond on Wheels"

Spent three days reading the "Walden on the Wheels" (Walden on Wheels), enjoy the fun. Maybe you still stay or linger in 19th century, American writer Henry? David? Thoreau's masterpiece, "Walden Pond," a beautiful and quiet chapter, and time Flash, now is the flow of information in the 21st century.The "Walden Pond on the Wheel" by the contemporary American Gen Y writer Ken? Written by Ignus. By trying to

Looking Potala--day4 gas ditch-fold multi-pond

reverence. At the moment our hearts have undergone a baptism, the mysterious Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has just begun to show the magnificent tip of her iceberg, the road behind will be more exciting. almost effortless to reach the fold, multi-pond is a village, the village is full of Tibetan-built luxury small villas, can be used for various tourist accommodation, we went to the small single before the Xinjiang Zhuo residence, we must solemnly recommend

Bzoj 3385: [usaco Nov] Lake counting data Pond

Tags: des style blog HTTP Io color ar OS Question 3385: [usaco 2004 Nov] Lake counting pond time limit: 1 sec memory limit: 128 MB Description Farmer John's farm can be represented as a rectangle consisting of n × m (1 ≤ n, m ≤ 100) Square. due to recent rainfall, ponds are formed in different places on John's farm. each square or with water ('W') or without water ('. '). farmer John planned to figure out how many ponds he had formed o

3385: [Usaco2004 nov]lake counting number Pond

3385: [Usaco2004 nov]lake counting number pond time limit:1 Sec Memory limit:128 MBSubmit:22 solved:21[Submit] [Status] [Discuss] Description farmer John's farm can be represented as a rectangle of NXM (1≤n,m≤100) squares. As a result of recent rains, ponds were formed in different places on John's farm. Each square has water (' W ') or no stagnant water ('. ’). The farmer John is going to count the number of ponds that have formed on his far

[Usaco feb07] bronze lotus pond

169. [usaco feb07] bronze lotus pond ★Input file:bronlily.inOutput file:bronlily.outSimple comparisonTime Limit: 1 s memory limit: 128 MB Translated by cmykrgb123 Description Farmer John built a beautiful pond to make his cows aesthetic and exercise. The pool of this rectangle is divided into m rows and n columns (1 ≤ m ≤ 30; 1 ≤ n ≤ 30) square lattice. There are amazing strong lotus on some grids,

The comparison of Zec digging (Zcash) pond and ant mine pool which is better? Which yield is high? Two

Last time we did a data test for 2 mining pools, now release the test results. Test posts please: http://blog.csdn.net/squirrel1311/article/details/73412020 Fish Pond 24 Hours of actual income is: 0.00469234 Zec The actual benefit of the ant pool 24 hours: 0.00421233 Zec From the data is the fish pond slightly, but the money, ant mine pool full 0.001 can play money, so my wallet received 0.0034564

bzoj:1632: [Usaco2007 feb]lilypad Pond

DescriptionFarmer John built a beautiful pond for his cows to appreciate and exercise. The rectangular pool is divided into M-rows and N-columns (1≤m≤30; 1≤n≤30) square squares. Some of the squares have amazing sturdy lotus flowers, some rocks, and the rest are just beautiful, pure, blue water. Bessie was practicing ballet, and she jumped from one Lotus to another, presently in a Lotus. She wants a jump on the lotus One, and the target is another give

[Travel] the vitality of life-the night of the West pond.

ConnectionGeneral Directory: fly to fly-travel with my thoughts through my eyes!Previous Article: [traveling] drifting across the south of the Yangtze River (1 ).Next article: the vitality of [travel]-The morning sun of Xitang. Traveling in the middle of last year has continued, dragging on for half a year. It is really troublesome to process photos. After sending this article, we can get a folder in the camera, and there are four folders, which are horrible. Please try again later. Recent

Free fish app get interest Fish Pond Invitation Code Tutorial

To the users of the free fish software to the detailed analysis to share the interest Fish Pond Invitation Code Tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, the current free fish app only to some of the interests of people sent an invitation code, you can try to the side of the small partners to request the invitation code OH; 2, some of the interests of fish pond owners have recommended places, you can join the fis

Walden Pond-A selection of selected fragments after reading

I think I said this is still very measured: the bird has a nest, Fox has a hole, the barbarian has shed nest, and modern civilized society has the general family has no residence.He used a thin spring, skillfully arranged a trap, want to capture the comfort and independence of life, and when he turned away but a foot in.I want people in this world to be as big as possible, but I want everyone to be cautious about finding and pursuing their own way of life, rather than being a parent or neighbor.

Container with the most water "Leetcode", Java algorithm, array, max pond water injection

(1)o(1). Constant extra space is used. Method Two:Around two markers to cycle, once the current board is a short board, then move to the other side subscript to find a shorter board Public classSolution { Public intMaxarea (int[] height) { intL=0,r=height.length-1,max=0; while(lR) {Max=math.max (Max,math.min (Height[l],height[r]) * (rl)); if(height[l]>Height[r]) {R--; } ElseL++; } returnMax; }} Time complexity: o (n)o(n). Single pass. Space comp

[BFS] [medium difficulty] wikioi3055 bronze lotus pond

3055 bronze lotus pond Title Description Description To entertain and exercise the cows, Farmer John built a beautiful pond. The pool of this rectangle is divided into n columns (1 ≤ m, n ≤ 30) in m rows ). Some grids are solid, surprising Lotus, and some grids are rocks, while others are beautiful, pure, blue water. Bessie is practicing ballet. She is standing on a lotus flower and wants to jump to anoth

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