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MongoDB Backup recovery Import and export

Label:Import and export use HNDB;Db.s.save ({name: ' John Doe ', age:18,score:80,address: ' Zhengzhou '});d B.s.save ({name: ' Lie Triple ', age:8,score:50,address: ' Zhengzhou '}); Db.s.save ({name: ' Zhang San ', age:38,score:20,address: ' Tianjin

MongoDB installation, master-slave configuration, replicaset configuration

I. Installation of MongoDB Environment: Linux 64bit Version: 2.0.1 Location:/opt/mongodb Installation steps: TAR–ZXVF Mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.1.tar–c/opt/mongodb Mkdir/opt/mongodb/data Touch/opt/mongodb/logs The installation is very simple, the ke

Using Mongoengine in Python

Tags: Mon sql div NEC object property Mapping Max sectionPymongo to manipulate the MongoDB database, but writes the operation code of the database directly in the script, which makes the application's code more coupled, and is not conducive to the

Using MongoEngine1 in Python

Tags: module name declaration ODM BSP One property operation imgPymongo to manipulate the MongoDB database, but writes the operation code of the database directly in the script, which makes the application's code more coupled, and is not conducive

MongoDB's reading Notes (via3.0) (00) _ "Overview" (_mongodb3.0) Mongod startup mode test Sledgehammer

Tags: mongod mongodb3 mongod start Wiredtiger mmapv1Mongod StartOriginally wanted to write replica of the non-test mode of the cluster architecture, but it is the hand itch, the MongoDB 3.0 to download down, looked at the document after one or two

Calling Python in C #

Tags: mysq script vs Flow programming git introduction cluster AMSMy computer environment is using. NET framework4.5.1, if it doesn't work during debugging please noteI'm using the visual Studion 2017,python component: http://ironpython.codeplex.com/

MongoDB 2.6.4 Master-Slave Sync

single master and slave mode 1: Start Master [Jifeng@jifeng04 mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.6.4]$ Mongod--dbpath/home/jifeng/mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.6.4/data--port 10000--master 2014-09-05t15:11:50.115+0800 [Initandlisten] MongoDB starting:pid=23623 port=10

MongoDB build a picture server for Rails projects

1 Installation and Configuration Nginx-gridfs Our request to access the picture first passes through the Nginx and then through the Nginx-gridfs to MongoDB, so configuring Nginx-gridfs is an important step. If the server does not have Nginx install

MongoDB installation and user name password management

Tags: mongodbInstallationFirst, the TAR package to install1. Baidu Network disk http://pan.baidu.com/s/1FOH2m2.https://fastdl.mongodb.org/linux/mongodb-linux-x86_64-3.0.6.tgzSecond, the Yum source for installationConfigure the Package management

Configuring a Highly available MongoDB cluster tutorial

In the age of large data, the traditional relational database should be able to higher service must solve the problem of high concurrent read and write, massive data storage, high scalability and high availability. But it is because of these problems

Learn to troubleshoot MongoDB (troubleshoot Replica sets) clusters

Label:Test Connections between all members (cluster node network test)When a MongoDB cluster is in progress, each node's network needs to interact, assuming there are 3 server nodes.M1.example.netM2.example.netM3.example.netConnections from

MongoDB database Add permissions and simple database commands operation notes

Tags: output man cal down any GDB role Pat management softwareHardening MongoDB Recommendation: Modify the database default port to add Database access permissions: Startup database (Bare ben): C:\mongodb\bin>mongod--dbpath

MongoDB Account Security operation

Label:Installation Services Mongod--install--servicename mongodb--storageengine=mmapv1--dbpath i:\mongodb\data--journal--logpath i:\ Mongodb\log\log.txtInstallation Service error with secure authentication Mongod--install--servicename mongodb--port 2

Cgroup limit MongoDB process memory size _mongodb

For example, limit the memory size of the MongoDB. mkdir/cgroup/memory/test/ echo 50M >/cgroup/memory/test/memory.limit_in_bytes echo 50M >/cgroup/ Memory/test/memory.memsw.limit_in_bytes cgexec-g memory:test mongod-port 27017--bind_

MongoDB Add Rights Management

Tags: read start tin nan permissions distributed tor Create loginPreface:As the Columnstore concept matures, more and more developers are embracing mongodb,hbase, a large-storage, distributed, Columnstore database. In particular, MongoDB's rapid

MongoDB database detailed, and MongoDB4.0 version of the installation

Tags: structure database access control objects multilevel application tap allocation dataAbout MongoDB Mongdb is a cross-platform, document-oriented database that enables high performance, high availability, and easy scalability, and is an

Original MongoDB Integrated Example Two

Label:mongodb-sharding Deployment ScenariosFirst, Deployment Environment Five hosts: amongoshard01: amongoshard02: amongoshard03: amongoshard04: amongoshard05:1

MongoDB fixed collection, establishing Administrator security authentication

Label:Set up common set db.createcollections AAA; Fixed set name book capped true fixed collection size Max: Number of documents Db.createcollection ("book", {capped:true, Size:10000,max:5}) "capped": false, indicates normal collectionNormal

MongoDB Cluster

NoSQL Advantage: Large amount of data, you can store a lot of data through a cheap server. High extensibility, NoSQL removes the relational characteristics of relational databases and is easily scaled horizontally. High performance, NoSQL through a s

Build high usable MongoDB cluster (i)--Configure Mongodb__mongodb

reproduced from: http://www.lanceyan.com/tech/mongodb/mongodb_cluster_1.html build high usable MongoDB cluster (i)--Configure MongoDBPosted on 171 months, 2013 by Lanceyan | 8 Reviews In the age of large data, the traditional relational database sho

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