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Postgresql installation and common error handling

Postgresql installation and common error handling I. Installation instructions recently, due to business needs, I abandoned the mysql database that I have been using and started to switch to the postgresql database. Why should I choose postgresql?

PostgreSQL source code installation _ correct

The Linux release version is Ubuntu server 6.06, And the Ubuntu version is only 8.1. To be an early adopter, 8.2.0 has improved the compatibility based on the Windows platform to facilitate the conversion of the platform. At the same time, you can

Tutorial on setting up a CA certificate to enhance PostgreSQL security-database other

After a lot of groping experiments I finally succeeded in achieving the SSL certificate authentication function, so I think this time I want to record these steps for future reference. For security and convenience reasons, I want to sign a client's

How to install PostgreSQL 7/6 and phpPgAdmin in CentOS 5/6. 4

How to install PostgreSQL 7/6 and phpPgAdmin in CentOS 5/6. 4 PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source object relational database system that runs on almost all major operating systems, including Linux, Unix (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, sgi irix, Mac OS, Solaris,

"Reprint" Windows PostgreSQL installation diagram

Windows under PostgreSQL installation diagram This article is mainly for you to introduce the method of installing PostgreSQL database under Windows, you need a friend can refer to the following Now talk about the free database, most people think

PostgreSQL Real choice.

[Abstract] There are many database systems, free software database PostgreSQL is a very complete feature of the Free software object---Relational database management system (ORDBMS), its many features are the predecessor of today's many commercial

Installation diagram of PostgreSQL in Windows

Now, when talking about free databases, most people may first think of MySQL. Indeed, MySQL has been applied in many domestic fields, especially in website setup. However, PostgreSQL is actually the most powerful, rich, and complex free database.

Windows PostgreSQL installation Diagram _postgresql

Now talk about the free database, most people think first of all may be MySQL, indeed MySQL has been used in many areas of the country, especially the site erection. But, in fact, the most powerful, most feature-rich and complex free database should

PostgreSQL introduction and how to use the PostgreSQL database in the development framework

Recently prepared for PostgreSQL database development related knowledge, this article summarizes the PPT content through the blog record sharing, this essay's main content is to introduce the PostgreSQL database basic information, and how to use the

PostgreSQL installation in Linux is detailed

PostgreSQL installs a detailed collection of LinuxInstall the 8.4.4 version here and download the Postgresql-8.4.4-1-linux.bin first.( Download the linux32 version of1. If the file is not on a Linux system, drag

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