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Powershell practice 5: add ad group members in batches

Function:Add employees of the AAA branch to the employee security group bbbemployees of the BBB branch in batches. Use: For example, in practice 4, export the AAA employee list to c: \ name.txt Source code: CLS function add_group { Process { $ Root = [ADSI] "" $ Rootdn = $ root. distinguishedname $ User = [ADSI] ("LDAP: // CN =$ _, ou = aaa," + $ rootdn) $

How to export the QQ number of all your group members

1, we first login "QQ Group" icon, and then the following figure we right click to export members of the QQ group number, click on the pop-up menu "Access group space"; 2, after entering the group space, click on the "

Query the Exchange Server distribution group and output the group members to a local text file!

Recently, the customer has a requirement to query all the members of the Distribution Group. It is easy to use ps. How can this problem be solved? The Code is as follows: This powershell is passed in exchange 2010!Param($ Temppath = "C: \ log" # Define the log output path)If (! (Test-path $ temppath )) # Determine whether the Log Path exists. If not, create a

PowerShell export SharePoint Administration Center solution, powershell

PowerShell export SharePoint Administration Center solution, powershellPowerShell export SharePoint Management Center solution someone in SharePoint QQ Group asked if they could download (export) the solution in the management center. Because clicking solution in the Managem

Query the distribution group of the ExchangeServer and output the group members to the local text.

Recently, the customer has a requirement to query all the members of the Distribution Group. It is easy to use PS. How can this problem be solved? The Code is as follows: POWERSHELL passed in exchange2010! # Define the log output path # determine whether the Log Path exists. If not, create a directory # create a Log Path # output all distribution groups to a vari

Three Steps to Migrate Group Policy between Active Directory Domains or forests Using PowerShell

Three Steps AheadHave you ever wished so had three legs? Imagine how much faster you could run. Today We is going to look at three steps to migrating GPOs between domains or forests with PowerShell. Now it is fast!The problemEver wanted to copy all the your production Group Policy Objects (GPOs) into a lab for testing? Do you have to copy GPOs between domains or forests? Do you need to migrate them to anoth

PowerShell view changes to ad group membership

The forum saw someone asked how to use PowerShell to view the changes in the Administrators group, Beans wrote a very simple script to implement this function, writing is very simple, is a thought to verify a bit.First get the current group member information, Powershell 3.0 can be used directly after the ad module a l

Active Directory PowerShell add \ Remove users from a group

$outInfo-appendAdd-adgroupmember $group-members $user 2>> $filepath. Txt}}else {$outinfo = "The Group Does not exist in" + $ou. distinguishedname >> $filepath. TxtOut-file-filepath $filepath. Txt-inputobject $outInfo-append}}if ($group){$members _new=get-adgroupmember-ident

Powershell batch import/export Active Directory

Powershell batch import/export Active Directory recently, due to company requirements, 20 suppliers and 20 customers need to be imported to the ad domain. At first, two suppliers and two customers have been manually added. However, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you can find a command, how nice it is to import ad in batches. Because a senior engineer left a document on AD and found that the co

Several methods of Powershell Get Domain Group

Introduction to group Common properties:First, Get-adgroup get the group (the following example loops to get the group's send permission)#Send permissions for groups info$groups=get-adgroup-Filter*-searchscope Subtree-searchbase"ou=xx,ou=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx" #Get group name$export[Email protected]()foreach($

Create a distribution group using PowerShell

Tags: PowerShell distribution group Exchange parameters NewRecently came a demand, to create 20 or so distribution groups, in the ECP one point is too hard, so there is the following paragraph.Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.SnapInNew-DistributionGroup -Name 公共专员 -ManagedBy NF1234 -Type Distribution -Alias Public -MemberJoinRestriction Closed -MemberDepartRestriction Closed -RequireSen

Azure PowerShell (14) Bulk export of azure ASM ACL and arm NSG configuration information

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Recently there is a customer requirement that requires bulk export of an ACL for an azure Classic vm (Access Control List) and an NSG (Network Security Group) setting for an arm VM.It took me a little time to write a PowerShell script that was posted on my github:  Https://github.com/leizhang1984/AzureChinaPowerS

PowerShell Combat first time managing ad group objects

From today onwards we began the actual combat series, first from the ad, followed by the Exchange and Lync Series, the SharePoint family of Coke has long been published, Haha. 1. List members of a group Get-adgroupmember GroupName | Format-table Name 2. Get security within a domain-universal group Get-adgroup–ldapfilter "( (Objectcategory=

Query the OU for disabled ad accounts through PowerShell and delete their owning group

This requirement can be achieved in two directions.1. Find the disabled account and delete all the groups except domain users, the script content is as follows#导入AD模块Import-module ActiveDirectory#被禁用户$users = Get-aduser-filter *-searchbase "ou=xxx,dc=xxx,dc=com" | foreach {if ($. Enabled-eq $false) {echo $. Name}}#删除用户所有组foreach ($user in $users) {$Membership = Get-adprincipalgroupmembership $User$group = $Membership. Distinguishedname-ne "Cn=domain u

"AD" ad Domain PowerShell bulk Add user Group organizational unit 20160208

/wKiom1a5SFmwEIlBAABMy5HOdGk592.png "border=" 0 " Width= "720" style= "Margin:0px;padding:0px;border:medium none;line-height:22.4px;font-family: ' Song Body ', Arial, Helvetica , ' San-serif '; Font-size:14px;white-space:normal;background-color:rgb (255,255,255);/>Gourp.ps1the contents of this section are as follows:650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7A/CC/wKioL1a5SLLx5-aIAACiTH82YIQ856.png "border=" 0 " Width= "720" style= "Margin:0px;padding:0px;border:medium none;line-

"Reprint" PowerShell set up century interconnect Office365 nested group send permissions

1Start-transcript". \set-groupsendpermisionlog.txt"- Force2 3 functionget-Dlmemberrecurse4 {5 $group=get-distributiongroupmember$args[0]-ResultSize Unlimited6 foreach($varTemp inch $group)7 {8 $varTemp9 if($varTemp. RecipientType-like "Mail*group")Ten { One $members+=$var

Powershell about Active Directory Group membership of a domain user

)"-members$_}Extension 3: Querying users ' membership groups$export[Email protected]()$Users=get-aduser-Filter*-searchscope Subtree-searchbase"ou=xx,ou=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx"-properties *foreach($user inch $users){#$User =get-aduser-identity wendy-properties *$members=($user. Memberof-split (",") | Select-string-simplematch "cn=")-replace"Cn=", " "$name=$user. Nam

A5 Group buys teaches you how to export the quality content to create the quality outside chain

, you can export HTML, the same HTML can also be placed in the D:\ Bug software bug blog 2009\articles file directory. This is what I call the 2 article access methods. Finally talk about 1 txt separator. rar Many do the industry site, for this is very demand, you can download the software down.    Through this software, you can get original articles, we can go to Taiwan to find txt, industry txt books, and then converted to simplified, and t

C # QQ group member list to achieve the export and bulk mail starts

Objective With the development of the Internet, online marketing means more and more, including we are disgusted with the spam, QQ for us is not unfamiliar, I believe that most of the netizens in China are using QQ, if we opened the function of QQ mail, often receive some junk mail. Online now many many commercial version of the QQ mass software, including the Export group

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