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Android development, installation of APK with a special character name, problems occurred when parsing the package

Today, the program has a bug. If you change the APK name to include "%", the "Resolution package is faulty" will occur and the installation will not continue, I read the code for installing the program for half a day: 01. intent intent = new intent (intent. action_view); 02. intent. setflags (intent. flag_activity_new_task); 03. intent. setdataandtype (URI. parse ("file: //" + filepath), 04. "Application

Download apk to local, error analysis occurred while installing the parsing package encountered

Encounter some problems, the result of using code is unable to meet their own needs, many times it is related to the mobile phone itself, some of the permissions and mechanisms. Issue 1: Download apk to internal storage, unable to find the path during installation, prompt: Error parsing package This is because of the permissions of the reason, the first internal

An error occurred while parsing the package and installing the APK with code is problematic

Intent Intent = new Intent (Intent.action_view);Intent.setdataandtype (uri.fromfile (file),"Application/");StartActivity (Intent);File for an APK files, the installation of the time there is always a package parsing error, the APK file with the ADB normal installation boot.Baidu, did not find

Maven (android-maven-plugin3.8.0) package apk fails to start, apklib dependency on package Resource index error (r file conflicts with master module) problem resolution

In the recent use of MAVEN, encountered a problem, with Maven launched the APK has problems can not start, but the idea of packaging is normal.The problem with the log is that there is a problem with one of the resources in the Apklib form of a dependency package. Anti-compi

A workaround for parsing package errors when installing APK on Android phone

This afternoon when learning about Android development, when learning to develop a GridView in the documentation, debug the program on the emulator everything is OK, as shown in:However, when the bin directory under the hellogridview.apk copy to the M8 Android installation, there is a "parsing package error" prompt, after the online search for answers, after the comparison with the previous example, found t

Error in JSON parsing object after package apk obfuscation

Today, there is a very strange problem, confusing packaging caused by, so far do not understand why. The main phenomenon is an implementation of the Parcelable Userbean, the data member contains a Usertag object, the latter also implements the parcel interface, and then uses the JSON and the server to pass the value. When the label is not set, everything OK, as long as the setting of the label, will be error, errors can only be targeted to the convers

There is a problem parsing the package (Android)

Android Phone when you install the application there would inevitably be ' a problem parsing the package ' is displayed and Y OU can not successfully install the software. Description of the problem and solutions:The system or installed software does not the support Chinese the file name and use Full-width al

APK Package Name Modification How do I modify APK package name _android

difficult, the basic is reproduced, also does not attach the original link, introduced a lot of mistakes, to find the original text is very difficult, it is very tragic. Domestic forum, enthusiastic people or less, a lot of problems are dead, no answer, I tried in csdn, Iteye, EoE sent a few posts, but rarely solve the problem, so can only turn to foreign forums, which is also a tragedy. This problem solv

There was a problem with Android parsing the package

When Android users download our WCC application, there are occasional "parser package problems" phenomenon, the following is the experience of gradual troubleshooting:1. First make sure that the package itself is not a problem. Detection method: Other mobile phones Use the same download method and download again. Solution: The Android syste

"A problem occurred while parsing the software package" when calling the system to install software"

As follows:CodeWhen you call the system to install the APK software, the system prompts "An error occurred while parsing the software package" Debugging HTC tattoo G4 android1.6 on a real machine Prerequisite: the path and file are absolutely correct. String filepath = environment. getexternalstoragedirectory () + "newmopclient.apk"; The above method is a

Details Android APK package: About APK digital signature in detail

belittle this problem, if you develop the program only you use, of course, no matter, uninstall and install it. But if your software has a lot of customer use, this is a big problem, the equivalent of software does not have upgrade features! So be sure to have your own digital certificate to sign. 2, Release mode: When you want to publish the program, the developer will need to use their own digital certif

Unpack, modify, edit, package, and apply an APK application (1)

describes the application name, version, permission, referenced library file, and other information.• Classes. Dex FileClasses. Dex is a Java bytecode file generated after Java source code compilation. Dex is the full name of Dalvik VM executes, that is, the android Dalvik execution program. The parsing tool can be used to convert it into Java for reading and understanding.• Resources. ARSCThe compiled binary resource file. This file is often used fo

Sencha Study Notes 2: package your first Sencha Android app apk installation package, senchaapk

need to modify it to the following format "com. sample. HelloWorld ". Do not change other formats of the image. Retain the original value. Next, we need to modify the signature and other related information, as shown in: First, modify platform to Android, because our current example shows how to package the Android apk installation package. The second step is t

Unity compiled Android's principle parsing and apk packaging analysis

directory inside the AAR files packaged by Android Studio to prevent repeated packaging in unity.Iv. Conclusion: Scene in Unity in Android, in fact, corresponds to the activity of the framelayout, each scene of the operation has its activity environment, through the currentactivity variable can be obtained. To implement a custom activity with the ability to load the scene directly, you need to inherit from unityplayeractivity or googleunityactivity, or directly customize the implem

Nodejs parsing apk

information varmanifest_param={channel_name: "Com_channel_bs" , channel_val: "Default",permissions:[], Appkey_name: "Com_appkey_bs", appkey: "1231", appid_name: "COM_ Appid_bs ", appid:" 12121 "};VARNBSP;SIGN_PARAMNBSP;=NBsp {sign_file: "/home/chen/android.keystore", password: "Haoxin", sign_align: "Android"}apktool.handle_apk ("/home/chen/youyuan.apk", Pack_param,manifest_ Param,sign_param,function (Err,result) {if (err) {Console.log (err); return;} console.log (result); console.log (result.da

From android-apk file parsing, talk about user experience!

One: Scene analysisProject an Android App admin template to start the app's add interface as follows:operation, only to find that this operation is cumbersome, unfriendly. So check the information, see how others do, just know upload apk file, you can parse the apk file, from the APK can get version number, version name, pack

Full version of Java read apk, IPA package name, version name, version number and other information

有时候,我们上传apk或者是ipa文件的时候,是需要读取到里面的一些信息的,比如软件的包名,以及其版本信息等。在网上搜索了一下资料 , 找了很多版本,对于apk文件的版本号,一直读取不到,在这里,笔者自己总结了,读取apk、ipa文件的一些代码,大家可以参考下,去其糟粕,取其精华。以便适用于自己的需求。下面会提供源码给大家,我用的开发工具是eclipse,直接导入就可以,jar包也是我已经下载好的,大家可以免积分拿去。本来里面是有2个apk、2个ipa文件提供测试的,但是由于文件太大,上传不了源码,所以就删除了一个最大的ipa包APK jar

Sencha Learn Note 2: Pack your first Sencha Android app apk installation package

the original value of what values.And then down we need to modify the signature and other related information as shown in:First platform should be modified to Android, because our example now is to demonstrate how to pack an Android APK installation package. The next step is to set the information about the certificate signature, which can be obtained from the previous steps. The last point is the path of

[go] java Packaging apk, jar, war, Ear Package

apk, war, Ear Zip compression available, It looks like these four packages are zip/jar in a simple way to Generate.------------------------------------------------------------------------android-apk Packaging Process adb common directives ( go to: for Package installationSrc: Jar file compiled a

Android App anti-compilation (ii)-APK package decompile

Chapter Two APK package anti-compilationCode and resources that have been processed by the compiler have been packaged as APK, and some have even been converted into binary files. But we also have some ways to change the compiled content back to the original, the process called-decompile.Anti-compilation is divided into two parts: one is a resource file and one i

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