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PostgreSQL Quick start: Use of psql tool _ MySQL

I. INTRODUCTION to psql is a PostgreSQL command line interactive client tool, similar to the command line tool sqlplus: 1 in Oracle allows you to interactively type SQL or commands, then they are sent to the PostgreSQL server, and then the SQL or

Tips for using psql tools

Psql powerful, skills how to use only follow-up slowly supplemented, see a tool first see how to use Help$ psql #连接到数据库服务器, in which you can enter the appropriate SQL statement or PSQL command, psql command starts with \$ \l #列出所有的数据库$ \d #查看表的结构$

Psql command Line Quick reference

The command syntax for Psql is:psql [Options] [dbname [username]]The Psql command-line options and their meanings are listed in table 1-1. Use the following command to see a complete list of options for Psql:$ psql--helpTable 1-1 psql command-line

Common Psql commands

Common Psql commands Source: \ D[ Table] List tables in the database or (if declared) tables TableIf the table name is declared with a wildcard ("*"), it lists the column/field

PostgreSQL operations-Basic psql commands and postgresql operations-psql

PostgreSQL operations-Basic psql commands and postgresql operations-psql 1. Establish a database connection----------------Access PostgreSQL database: psql-h IP address-p port-U Database Name Enter the Database Password.   2. Access the database

PostgreSQL Database psql Console action command

Log in to the PostgreSQL database consolepsql 数据库名Login successful Display[zpf@kevin ~]$ psql postgrespsql (9.4.1)Type"help"for help.postgres=#Create DATABASE User xxxCREATE USER xxx WITH PASSWORD ‘xxxxxx‘;Create a database yyy and specify all of

PostgreSQL Operation-psql Basic commands

I. Description of the orderPsql is the interactive terminal of PostgreSQL, which is equivalent to Sqlplus in Oracle. When the command is executed to connect to the database, the default user and database are Postgressecond, the command parameters-C

Summary of USE commands for postgres database command line client Psql

1. Switch to Postgres user;2. Enter: Psql, enter the client psql of PostgreSQL;3.\l View all the current databases;4.psql Database1 connected to database1 this database;5. \dt View all the tables of the currently connected database (DATABASE1);6. \d

PostgreSQL Operation-psql Basic commands

First, establish a database connection----------------Access PostgreSQL database: PSQL-H IP address-P Port-U database nameYou will then be asked to enter the database passwordSecond, access to the database1. List database: \l2. Select database: \c

Common commands for PostgreSQL command-line tools Psql

1. Connect to the server:Psql-h username-d DatabaseName2. Switch the database:\c dbname3. List all databases:\l4. List all current database tables:\d5. List all the fields of the table:\d TableName6. List the basic conditions of the

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