pure ftpd login authentication failed

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PURE-FTPD in Linux "Login failed: 530 login authentication Failed"

FTPD is a good FTP software, but today's small set up problems caused PURE-FTPD to appear "Login failed: 530 login authentication Failed", t

PURE-FTPD in Linux "Login failed: 530 login authentication Failed"

Again encounter PURE-FTPD "Login failure: 530 login Authentication Failed" problem, this time the reason is that the virtual user UID is less than pure-ftpd.conf minuid value, now detai

PURE-FTPD Server Error in CentOS: 530 Login authentication failed solution

Today, connect pure-ftpd when unexpectedly cannot log in, always prompt: 530 Login authentication failed PURE-FTPD is installed on the debian6, so it is somewhat different from CentOS

Pure-ftpd FTP server 530 Login authentication failed in ubuntu

The login error occurred after Ubuntu configuration pure-ftpd.->% FTP ssi@xxxx.xxConnected to xxxx.xx.----------Welcome to PURE-FTPD [PRIVSEP] [TLS]----------220-you are user number 1 of allowed.220-local time are now 12:08. Server port:21.220-this is a private system-no ano

PURE-FTPD authentication error and FTP logon 530 authentication failed

example) | 1 | 0 | 0 || Cai | B842f1db09ef1bfda2ae1c1f70ec57c8 | 48 | 48 | /home/cai | 100 | 100 | 80 | 5 | * | | 1 | 0 | 0 || Cai1 | B842f1db09ef1bfda2ae1c1f70ec57c8 | 48 | 48 | /home/cai1 | 100 | 100 | 80 | 5 | * | | 1 | 0 | 0 |+-----------+----------------------------------+-------+-----+----------------+------------+-----------+------- ------+-------------+-----------+------------------------+--------+---------+---------+5 rows in Set (0.00 sec)[PHP] Use an FTP client to consisten

SQL Server in the IDE Windows Authentication connection servers error, Login failed for user ' xxx\administrator '. Cause: The login name matching the supplied name could not be found.

Tags: open NIS sof log http. com. NET operation clickProblem Description:The local installed two instances, one is sqlexpress, can operate normally. But another common instance of development MSSQLSERVER but even Windows authentication is an error, the report of the mistake is very wonderful, how can not find administrator that, I log in to the computer to use this account.Detailed errors are as follows:Unable to connect to XXX.=======================

NetEase Client authorization password, errormsg= ' authentication failed (method LOGIN) ' Exitcode=ex_noperm

Zabbix Group of a netizen in the installation Msmtp+mutt test Send mail failedThe configuration file is as follows:/usr/local/msmtp/etc/msmtprcAccount defaulthost SMTP. 163 from[email protected]163loginTLS offuser [email Protected]163/var/log/mmlogError when sending the test:[Email protected] etc]#/usr/local/msmtp/bin/msmtp [email protected]msmtp:envelope from address [email protected]163553 you aren't authorized to send mail, authentication is requir

Radhat Linux User Login authentication failed

Today the customer reflects a problem, ssh not on their own server, into the computer room radhat Linux Local login (3 level) when the input root hit enter the following prompt:Your account is locked. Maximum amount of failed attempts was reached.Say, single-user modePam_tally2-u Root (faillog-u rootlogin failure information recorded in/var/log/faillog >) shows the number of log-in failures logged by the ro

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