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Extract the tgz file to the specified directory

Extract the tgz file to the specified directory tar is commonly used on Linux packaging, compression, compression tools, he has a lot of parameters, folding only to enumerate the commonly used compression and decompression parameter parameters:-c:create to establish the parameters of compressed archives;-X: Extract the

Python uses the MySQLdb module times can ' t extract file (s) to egg cachethe following error occurred while trying to extract file (s) to the The Python eggcache error.

Tags: OS uses file data on C Linux database sqlThis is because Python uses the MYSQLDB module to interact with the MySQL database with a place to place the staged data as the cache, But the user who invokes the Python interpreter (often a server such as the Apache WWW user) has no access to the location that the cache points to.There are many ways to solve this p

How do I extract information from a python file? 3 minutes to understand Python text parsing and extraction

The unit collects many questionnaires in Word format, and the leader needs to collect the form's Information, I put all the questionnaires in a file, wrote a Python applet to print out the required information, this small program can be from Analyze information and extract information in python text #coding: Utf-8 imp

Extractionerror:can ' t extract file (s) to egg cache, [Errno] Permission denied: '/root/.python-eggs '

Extractionerror:can ' t extract file (s) to egg cache, [Errno] Permission denied: '/root/.python-eggs ' Posted by Alex-Errors at 2:07 PM 1 I received an error while configuring a Django run site for the "the". The setup included installing and configuring some items I am not so familiar with such as Mod_python, Django, and other P Ython items. I finally started m

Python parses html to extract data, and generates Word file instance parsing, pythonword

Python parses html to extract data, and generates Word file instance parsing, pythonwordIntroduction Today, I tried to use ptyhon to capture the webpage content and generate a Word document. The function is very simple. Make a record for future use. The third-party component python-docx is used to generate word. Theref

Write a script in Python to extract data from the data file exported by Wireshark

The previous article builds the foundation of a UDP multicast program. The so-called Foundation is to look at it. I can write a simple multicast program and start working on it. Where will the multicast content come from and what content will be broadcast? Haha, there is a device that does not have a communication protocol. It uses Wireshark to capture packets, analyze protocols, and program implementation. This is the task of this multicast. Start Wireshark, capture data packets, export it as

Python joins MongoDB to extract data from some fields and write to TXT file

usually call a tablecollection=db. Table name#Then you can use collection to do some of the database tables.With open ('file name. txt','WB') as F:#接下来可实现提取想要的字段内的数据 forIteminchCollection.find ({}, {"Summary": 1,"Manual": 1,"Claim": 1,"_id": 0}):ifItem.has_key ('Summary') anditem['Summary']: f.write (item['Summary']) ifItem.has_key ('Manual') anditem['Manual']: f.write (item['Manual']) ifItem.has_key ('Claim') anditem['Claim']: f.writ

Python General Forum Body extract \python Forum comment Extract \python Forum user Information Extraction

I long-term sales of ultra-large amount of micro-blog data, and provide specific micro-blog data packaging, Message to [email protected]Background Participate in the data mining competition, this time really learned a lot of things, and finally almost complete the requirements of the content, accuracy is also OK. A total of the code, the middle of the process is not more than 500 lines, the code is also relatively simple thinking, mainly based on the forum's short text features and the

Python uses xslt to extract webpage data, and pythonxslt to extract webpage data

and save the result file function. The Code is as follows: From urllib import request from lxml import etree import time into t_root = etree. XML ("" \ We have added code for writing files and a loop to construct URLs for each page flip. However, what if the URLs remain unchanged during the page flip process? In fact, this is the content of dynamic web pages, which will be discussed below. 3. Summary This is the verification process of the open-sour

Python implements Gabor filter extract texture feature extract finger vein texture characteristic finger vein cutting code

. minTop = np.argmax(img[0: h / 2, w-1]) If(maxTop Okay, now look at the image of the treated finger vein: It looks pretty good, after preprocessing you can do texture feature extraction into the file for pattern matching ah, finger vein recognition ah. Interested in looking forward to the blog after the next. Extracting texture features http://www.cnbl

Extract the Classes.dex file from the apk file in bulk

Application ScenariosIf you need to batch parse the APK as well as the Classes.dex file in each apk file. How do you extract them? It is a viable option to change the APK name to a. zip file and extract the Classes.dex file from e

Python write automation uses Sphinx to extract Python code docstring

insert Docstrings fromModules(y/N) [N]:y>doctest:automatically test code snippetsinchdoctest Blocks(y/N) [N]:N>Intersphinx:link betweenSphinxdocumentation of different projects(y/N) [N]:y>Todo:Write"Todo"entries that can shownorHidden on Build(y/N) [N]:N>Coverage:Checks forDocumentation Coverage(y/N) [N]:N>Pngmath:include math,rendered asPNG Images(y/N) [N]:N>Jsmath:include math,renderedinchThe browser byJsmath (y/N) [N]:N>ifconfig:conditional inclusion of content based on config values(y/N) [N

Ubuntu under the Extract File command Daquan

-fn.aviPackaged storage for Xvid-fn.avi, 15000k per volume (this format is popular when publishing DVDRip online)The generated file name is Test.part1.rar,test.part2.rar ... (RAR 3.20 Edition) xExample: rar x test.rar-x *.txtExtract documents except *.txt in Test.rarX@ Y all actions are answered yesFor example, sometimes every time you extract the same file to as

Extract the specified file from the compressed package using the TAR command

The tar command not only extracts a package, but also extracts the files that are specified in the software package. Today a friend asked me, I just went to find the information, hehe root@ubuntu:/tmp# tar-tf json-1.2.1.tgz package.xml json-1.2.1/readme json-1.2.1/config.m4 Json-1.2.1/config.w32 json-1.2.1/json.dsp json-1.2.1/json.c json-1.2.1/json_parser.c Json-1.2.1/json_parser.h json-1.2.1/php_json.h json-1.2.1/utf8_decode.c json-1.2.1

Detailed explanation of tar extract XZ file in Linux

XZ This compression may be a lot of unfamiliar, but you can see that XZ is the absolute number of Linux default to take a compression tool.Before the XZ use has been very little, so hardly anything to mention. I was downloading phpmyadmin when I saw this compression format, phpMyAdmin compression package XZ format incredibly smaller than 7z, which aroused my interest.The latest period of time will often hear the XZ adopted sound, such as the latest archlinux something on the use of XZ compressi

Bulk extract Caffe features (to be continued) (Python, C + +, Matlab)

This article refers to the following: Instant Recognition with CaffeExtracting Features Caffe Python feature Extraction Caffe Practice 4--Use Python to bulk extract Caffe Compute features--by banana melodyCaffe Exercise 3 Use the C + + function provided by Caffe to extract image features in batches--by banana melody Ca

Using Python and LIBNMAPD to extract Nmap scan results

Whenever I infiltrate the Intranet to face a large number of hosts and services, I am always accustomed to using automated methods to extract information from the NMAP scan results. This facilitates automated detection of different types of services, such as path blasting of Web services, testing of keys or protocols used by the SSL/TLS service, and other targeted testing. I also often use Ipthon or *nix shells in penetration testing, which can be a

Htmlparser, Cookielib Crawl and parse pages in Python, extract links from HTML documents, images, text, Cookies (ii)

, file indexing, document conversions, data retrieval, site backup, or migration, the parsing of Web pages (that is, HTML files) is often used. In fact, the various modules available in the Python language allow us to parse and manipulate HTML documents without using a Web server or Web browser. This article details how to use the Python module to quickly parse d

Linux under tar.bz2 extract File command

The original text is referenced in: do I get the suffix named gzip file under Linux? 1. Files with a. A extension: #tar XV file.a2. Files with a. z Extension: #uncompress file. Z3. Files with the. gz extension: #gunzip file.gz4. Files with the. bz2 extension: #bunzip2 file.bz25. Files with the. tar.z extension: #tar xvzf file.tar.z or #compress-DC

Use Python to extract Chinese characters

pathos.makedirs (Extrapath) loginfo ("Construction Decompression Path complete, Extrapath =%s"%extrapath) Extrafilepath= Os.path.join (Workpath,zippackage)#absolute path of files to unzip #Start unpacking zip package, delete source zip file after completionExtractzip (Extrafilepath, Extrapath) os.remove (Extrafilepath)#summarize the process files under the extended directory to \\plan ifOs.path.exists ("%s\\plans\\extend"%extrapath): Tmpext

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