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Introduction to the Qt 5 framework and qt5 framework

purposes, and many of them must be available on special platforms. In the extension module, we also see the Qt Print Support module, which is a reorganization module of many classes in the past; The Qt tool contains three parts: Qt designer, Qt help, and Qt interface tool.

QT/mfc migration framework (QT/mfc migration framework) (from: http://hi.baidu.com/tigerwooz/blog/item/cc6105fa65808612a)

The QT/mfc Migration Framework tool assists in the migration of existing Win32 or MFC applications to the QT toolkit. The project provides a set of classes that allow using QT and MFC/Win32 windows in the same application. User interface elements developed with QT can be emb

Introduction to the QT 5 framework

of this module is self-evident. Above, directly depends on Qtcore is the qttest, Qtsql, Qtnetwork and Qtgui four modules, wherein the test module qttest and the database module Qtsql is relatively independent, but more important is the network module qtnetwork and graphics module QTG UI, above them two is the important update part of Qt 5 qtqml and QtQuick. The top tier is the newly added Qtmultimedia mult

Introduction to the QT 5 framework

is the qttest, Qtsql, Qtnetwork and Qtgui four modules, wherein the test module qttest and the database module Qtsql is relatively independent, but more important is the network module qtnetwork and graphics module QTG UI, above them two is the important update part of Qt 5 qtqml and QtQuick. The top tier is the newly added Qtmultimedia multimedia module, and the Qtwebkit module on top of it.For the entire

Qt parallel computing framework qtconcurrent and QT global Thread Pool

In addition to the qthread class, multiple threads are used in QT, And the qtconcurrent framework and qrunable class are also used. (Java is also used in QT ).Both qtconcurrent and qrunable are used together with the Global thread pool.Qtconcurrent and qrunable are only applicable to multiple projects, and they are highly independent.Qtconcurrent: Run () function

The past and present of Nokia's Development Framework Qt

Editor's note: This article invites a Qt developer toartist to write a Review and Outlook article on Qt for ifanr. Nokia has also officially released the latest version 4.7 of Qt, a cross-platform application and interface development framework. This version unifies the development environment of Symbian and MeeGo. For

Qt Undo Framework Demo

mmodel->setdata (Mindex, qstring ( "insertstring "+ Qstring::number (Mindex.row ())); } /span> In response to the function of the toolbar button, you only need to generate this command, and add the command to the command stack, the code is as follows:void undotest::insertstring (){Qmodelindex aindex = mlistview, Currentindex ();Mundostack-push (new InsertCommand (Aindex, Mlistmodel));}The program works as shown in 2.2:Figure 2.3 Test

Qt phonon Multimedia Framework

What is phonon? Qt provides a set of multimedia frameworks starting from version 4.4 and supports multimedia playback. Currently, the implementation of the multimedia playback GUI in QT 4.6 mainly depends on the phonon framework. In fact, there is a multimedia module in QT. The help document describes the implementatio

Qt unit test

Self-turning blog: http://blog.csdn.net/zhu_xz/archive/2009/12/25/5076157.aspx The qtestlib framework provides an easy-to-use unit test framework. You need to add QT ++ = testlib to the project file. First read oneSimple Example: C/C ++ code # Include Class testqstring: Public qobject { Q_object Private slots: // Each

QT Animation Framework (the Animation framework)

Animation FRAME (the Animation framework) Author: Liu Xuhui Raymond Reprint Please specify the sourceEmail:colorant@163.comblog:http://blog.csdn.net/colorant/ QT Animation Framework is also introduced to QT4.6, it is likely to match the graphics system framework for the next generation of UI to do the bedding categor

Qt Qml state machine framework and qtqml State framework

Qt Qml state machine framework and qtqml State framework Qt5.4 introduces the QML state machine framework, similar to the C ++ state machine framework, which allows you to create and execute State Diagrams in applications. To this end, the QtQml. StateMachine module provides

Pro-Test VS2010 pure static compilation QT4.8.0, implement VS2010 compile and debug qt program, qtcreator static release program (illustrated, very detailed)

command prompt is as follows:The next step is to make the configuration work before compiling. To perform the configuration, the complete command is as follows:Configure-debug-and-release-fast-static-platform Win32-msvc2010-no-qt3support-script-scripttools-qt-zlib- Qt-libpng-qt-libmng-qt-libtiff-

Using the QT installer framework to make the installation package (not sure if it is suitable for Mac and Linux?) )

First, IntroductionApplications developed using the QT Library are typically published in two ways: (1) static compilation of the publication. This way, the program compiles the QT core library into an executable file at compile time. Its advantages are simple and single, all the dependent libraries are concentrated together, its shortcomings are also obvious, the volume of the executable program is large,

Python+selenium+unittest Test Framework 1-unittest Unit Test framework and assertions

UnitTest Unit Test Framework and assertionsI. Introduction to the UNITTEST Unit testing framework1. Import UnitTest ModuleImport UnitTest2. Define test classClass Login (UnitTest. TestCase):3. Pre-conditions def setUp (self): u' no preconditions can write pass' 4. Test Case plus assertion # The

Visual Studio Integrated QT Environment Setup _ detailed and test

: 4.8.3 is my previous version, because I may install many different versions. Suppose that there are many problems with the new version, I do not want to use, to change a version, how to do. Select the version you want to use as follows: If you select Version 4.8.3, you must download a visual Studio add-in for QT4 plug-in before you can use it (principle: Version corresponds). After the above configuration is complete, you can test the

Compiling OpenMP program with Qt: HelloWorld + dual loop + cyclic test

and C language source code: 1. Qt project file TEMPLATE = appCONFIG + = console c ++ 11CONFIG-= app_bundle# CONFIG-= qt QMAKE_CFLAGS + =-fopenmp LIBS + =-fopenmp SOURCES + = \Main. c 2. C Language Program # Include # Include Int main (void){Int I; # Pragma omp parallel for num_threads (4)For (I = 0; I Int j;For (j = 0; j Printf ("(% d, % d) Thread num = % d \ n", I, j, omp_get_thread_num ());} Return 0;}

PHP Framework Performance test Report, PHP Framework performance Test _php Tutorial

PHP Framework Performance test Report, PHP framework performance test As a PHP developer and a technology developer for a start-up team, choosing a development framework is a tough thing to do. With thinkphp, recruiting a developer who just came out of the training organiza

QT Model/view Framework parsing (data is obtained from the real "meat (raw)" model provides meat, so a series of reading and writing files, operation database, network communication and other work in the model do)

Recently in the Model/view Framework of the QT, search on the Internet, as if the Chinese in addition to a few translations there is no valuable article. E In addition to the official introduction of QT, other articles are very few. See a foreigner in the blog wrote Model/view is he think the most bad part of QT. Is th

Use Windows Mobile test framework for automated testing of Windows Mobile programs-(1) Introduction to Microsoft Windows Mobile test framework

Preface: Open the MEDC 2007 course list page and you will see the title of a course, "use Windows Mobile test framework for automated testing". suddenly, the new Windows Mobile 6 SDK seems to contain Windows Mobile test framework, in this case, open the zip package "tools \ Windows Mobile

Introduction to the Qt graphics view framework

I used the graphics view framework of QT (using Python + pyqt) in a mouse availability test project. This is a simple introduction. Article The graphics view framework provides a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful solution for 2D plotting. If you are developing software that requires complex 2D plotting functions, cons

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