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Tips for improving ASP performance and appearance (I)

Tips for improving ASP performance and appearance (I)[Date: 2006-10-10] [Font: large, medium, and small] Tip 1: cache frequently used data on a Web serverA typical ASP page retrieves data from the back-end data storage, and converts the result to an

Instance code of the file download function in

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // TransmitFile for download Protected void button#click (object sender, EventArgs e) { Response. ContentType = "application/x-zip-compressed ";Response. AddHeader ("Content-Disposition", "attachment? " C # example of six methods for downloading files

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: protected void button#click (object sender, EventArgs e) { /* Microsoft provides a new TransmitFile method for the Response object to solve the problem of using Response. BinaryWrite When a file with more than Mbit/s

Three methods of download

Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>Protected void button#click (object sender, EventArgs e) { /* Microsoft provides a new TransmitFile method for the Response object to solve the

JSP page Jump Methods

1. response. sendredirdbms ("Jump to page "); This method modifies the http header to issue redirection instructions to the browser so that the browser displays the content of the redirected webpage. The request cannot pass the value. Run all the

Summary of methods for reading Word documents under (c #)

Method 1:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Response. ClearContent ();Response. ClearHeaders ();Response. ContentType = "Application/msword ";String s = Server. MapPath ("c# .doc ");Response. WriteFile ("c# .doc ");Response. Write (s );Response. Flush ( Word Document Download Code

Asp tutorial. net Word Document Download Code // Method 1: String path = server. mappath ("file name .doc "); Fileinfo file = new fileinfo (path ); Filestream myfilestream = new filestream (path, filemode. open, fileaccess. read ); Byte []

How to use ASP. NET to develop a chat room based on push technology?

Public class Content: System. Web. UI. Page{Private void Page_Load (object sender, System. EventArgs e){Session. Timeout = 60;Response. Write ("Welcome... ");Response. Flush ();Application [Session. SessionID] = Response;System. Threading. Thread.

Use Jquery Ajax to download instance code

You can use jquery ajax to submit a form request.Jquery download function: The code is as follows: Copy code // Download an Ajax fileJQuery. download = function (url, data, method ){//

Several functions for generating local files after ASP collection and warehouse receiving

ASP Website data collectionProgramProduction: several functions for generating local files from a collection database (which can be used to generate HTML static webpages) Looking at a website system that has a collection function module, I was so

Asynchronous processing in ADO. Net-poll

Ado. Net has three asynchronous Processing Methods: poll, wait, and function callback.   Poll method: This method starts the asynchronous process, and then selects the iasyncresult object to see when the process is completed. Wait: This method

About server push technology in. net

Today, I was wondering how the content on the server changes and how the client changes. Generally, there are two methods. One is that the client uses js to asynchronously and periodically poll the server. This method is adopted by most people,

Excel Import and Export. net

/* Configure /*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* File name: excelctrol. CS* File Function Description: Excel Import and Export** Create an ID: Liu Jia Jun 20080722** Modify the ID:* Description:**-- File Download (in the pop-up dialog box)

Download file CoreCode: Private Void Downloaddatafile (){ Try { String Filepath = @" C: \ lala.csv " ; // The target file path Fileinfo downloadfile = New Fileinfo (filepath ); If (Downloadfile. exists) {response. Clear ();

Use XML to package website files in ASP

This method can package the entire folder into an XML file. After the XML file and package file are put together, run the unpackage file to release the original file, in this way, we can package the website and upload it to the VM, and then run the

Exporting from Crystal Reports to PDF, Word, Excel and HTML

Crystal Reports is a welcome subjects for blog posts. I still do like the product, My users are very happy with the results, the report editor is not that bad to work with and the components integrate well into a solution. but crystal documentation

N dropdownlist no-refreshing linkage menus

Let's talk about N dropdownlist brushless New Linkage menus, sacrifice N-1 aspx to achieve automatic update mechanism, to avoid refreshing flashing !! The following code can be used, or you can implement a multi-level menu ....     ========

Solution to file name garbled during File Download

Response. addheader ("content-disposition", "attachment; filename =" + system. Web. httputility. urlencode (file. Name, system. Text. encoding. utf8 ));The Code is as follows:String filename = request. querystring ["filepath"]. Trim (). Split ('/') [

Excel detected that XLS was solved by the sylk File

If this occurs during Excel import, the reason is: A text file starting with "ID" or "id_xxxx" (XXXX is a text string ). The first record of the sylk file is recorded in id_number. When Excel identifies the text starting with a text file, it

Export the page (chart + Table + gridview) to excel

Protected   Void Button3_click ( Object Sender, eventargs E){Response. Clear ();Response. Buffer =   True ;Response. charset =   " Gb2312 " ;Response. appendheader ( " Content-Disposition " , "

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