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The similarities and differences between the collection report and the run-Dry report processing dynamic report

The collection report inherits the macro mechanism of the dry report to handle the dynamic report, which is very convenient for simple dynamic report using macro. For some complex dynamic reports, the collection report also provides a script dataset to handle dynamic reports, suitable for scenarios where macros cannot be implemented, and a custom dataset is required to implement complex dynamic reports in a dry

Comparison of calculation performance between set-up report and run-dry report

1. Test PurposeTest the performance of dry and aggregate reports on the same hardware and web containers, comparing performance differences in grouping, sorting, filtering, linking, ranking in reports, and their performance in concurrency scenarios. During the test, the dry report will use the built-in calculation engine of the report tool, which uses the built-in calculation engine of the integrated calcul

Run Dry report V5.0 Licensing Update replacement instructions

After the authorization file configuration is modified, it will take effect after a reboot. Below is a description of how the configuration authorization is updated from the designer and the server respectively. First, the designer Open the designer and replace the V5.0 of the dry report with the authorization of the Collector (need to replace) The first step: Run Dry

Run-Dry Set calculation report optimizing the application structure of data library storage

-Library. The Data Warehouse approach is structured as follows:650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" report5_structure_multidatabase_1.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1t5qxfzakr7aacdno6gnsk762.jpg "/>If you are using cross-library access technologies, such as There are also limitations to Oracle 's transparent gateways,DB2, and other federated queries. More common problems are:1, configuration is more troublesome, and o

The sorting of the non-regular statistic in the run-dry set report

addition to E3 and F3 The use of a lattice filter expression to calculate other salesperson totals, calculated with the cell attribute calculated, is still inefficient. Run dry report is already a very powerful reporting tool, the use of other reporting tools will only be more cumbersome or even can not be achieved.Another option is to prepare the data in advance, and the reporting tools need only be resp

Accurate printing of the rendering output of the run-dry set calculation report

Run Dry Set calculation report provides accurate print control of the report, so that the user's report can be accurately printed to paper or mirror. The collection report printing is the Applet printing method, the user should install the JRE before using , if the JRE is not installed on the computer whenusing WEB Report Printing , thereport app will prompt the user to download and install. The collection

The dynamic SQL delivery of the diversity data source of the run-dry set report

in most cases, the data source for the report SQL is fixed, but it is sometimes necessary to dynamically make certain parts of it dynamically, such as allowing users to query their own report data by selecting tables and fields in a report application, and when developing a report, they want to use the same template for similar reports (detail or summary). At this point you need to receive the corresponding parameters in the report stitching out dynamic SQL to query the production of dynamic rep

Run dry set calculation report rendered output page number display

report paging or printing in order to facilitate viewing often need to display page numbers, common display of the current page, a few pages, record number of pieces of information, and sometimes the first page does not show page numbers. Run dry Set Calculation report provides a page after the function can easily achieve a variety of page number display effect, the following example to see how to use. in t

Run-Dry Set Calculation Report Application Development page embedding

Run dry set report as a pure JAVA reports can be easily embedded in the EE page, and the current set of reports provides a variety of publishing methods for users to use when embedding reports into JSP pages. There are two kinds of reports in a set report, such as parameter report and data report, and look at how to embed the two kinds of reports in the page. Parameter Report Because most of the parameter

A study on the diversity of the data source in the run-dry collection report MongoDB

The diversity data source is more and more common in the report development, and the efficient support of the run-dry set report to the diversity data source makes this kind of report development very simple, the data source type supported by the current set of reports, in addition to the traditional relational database, also supports: TXT text,Excel,JSON,HTTP,Hadoop,MongoDB, and more. NoSQL databases such

Implementation of the optimized application structure of run-dry set calculation report t+0 real-Time report

the ability to calculate the cross-Library count. Other cross-Library computing schemes are more complex and difficult to implement. you may consider using the run-dry set of reports to provide T+0 Report Scheme, using the hybrid data source capability of the aggregate report to achieve low-cost real-time reporting. The realization of the idea is: a large number of historical data will not be changed in th

Run dry set calculation report how to achieve sorting within report grouping

the general reporting tools are less computationally capable, and it can be quite complicated to do this with the report tool itself, such as using a dry report:In the dry report, the use of () of a number of parameters, combined with the criteria to determine the hidden line, a variety of use methods combined with the completion of the report development, visible

A practical guide to dry-run report

We all know that in the development of the Java domain, there is a common report-run dry report. But for beginners, how can we use it most efficiently in a short period of time? Let's look at it together: ☁ Report Design steps After a clear idea of designing the report, we began to make a report: ☁ Start Report Designer After the run

A mixed data source for optimizing application structure of run-dry set calculation report

in a report project, report source data often comes from a variety of heterogeneous data sources. For example: relational database (Oracle,Db2,Mysql),NosqlDatabase (Mongodb),httpdata Source,Hadoop(Hive,Hdfs) Even theExcelor a text file. The usual practice is to useEtltools to synchronize these data sources into the Data warehouse. But the problem with this is:1, complex configuration, difficult;2and high cost;3, the data can not be accessed in real time, it needs a long time delay;4, the constru

Run dry report Data set DS1, data source xmglxt_x3 No database connection, and no data connection factory set, check data source settings:

Tags: nbsp Different data connection Blog link run com torFirst, run dry report error contentGenerate Data Factory: Com.runqian.report4.dataset.SQLDataSetFactory failure Error Source:: DataSet ds1, data source xmglxt_x3 No database connection, and data connection factory not set, check data source settings:Second, the solutionColleagues to do

Make outputs log and dry run

the subsequent commands; tee is a tool for creating files and saving information; XXX. log is the file name.This pipeline is widely used in Linux shell commands. You can use this method during compilation to generate a log file and save it to the buildlogs directory. Ii. Dry run Http:// When debugging makefile's, the following two flags can be han

A parallel multi-library to improve performance of run-dry set report

when you apply a large amount of data, the report performance is often not high, at this point for the source data volume of the report the optimizations on SQL or report side are often not obvious. If the data in a certain rules (such as time) sub-library segmented storage, report access to the same time access to multiple databases for data calculation, and finally summarized in the report, the use of this parallel multi-library approach to improve report performance. The General reporting too

A hook-up algorithm for optimizing application structure of run-dry set calculation report

in a report project, data calculation methods for some reports change frequently. For example, the real wages of an enterprise employee are calculated by the performance score, the algorithm changes frequently, and the old algorithm needs to be replaced with the new algorithm without altering the other code. If the computation is implemented in Java, it is possible to implement dynamic hook-up calculation module, but there are some problems such as lack of base class library and unnecessary memo

Run-Dry Set calculation report using scripts to implement dynamic SQL delivery

Tags: report data source Dynamic SQL Stitching Dynamic report script Data Chi-Calculate reportIn most cases, the data source SQL for the report is fixed, but sometimes it is necessary to dynamically make certain parts of it dynamically, such as allowing the user to query the report data that they care about by selecting tables and fields in the report application, and when the report is developing, you want to use the same template for the same kind of report (detail or summary). At this point y

Run-Dry Set calculation report rendered output hyperlink drillthrough

after the presentation of the report, it is often necessary for the data in the table to drill, such as summary data drill to detail data, the parent unit drill to subordinate units. The drill-down hierarchy often has multiple layers, which requires the report tool to support drillthrough. run-Dry Set calculation reports support hyperlink drilling, can meet the needs of the report user data drillthrough. He

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