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How to install and configure ruby on rails + apache + mysql in centos

The customer's server is Ubuntu + apache2 + ruby on rails. Currently, some pages on the customer's server always report the 500 error. The ruby language is only known and has not been studied in depth. I have never set up a ruby server environment,

[Fastlane] [Gem] [RVM] [Ruby]

Use Fastlane for fast, continuous updates and a range of issues during installation:1. Installing the Fastlane:sudo gem install FastlaneErrorERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.--remove View

Build a Ruby on Rails native development environment with Ubuntu 12.04

Reprint, original link using Ubuntu to build a Ruby on Rails Local development environment Want to develop a Ruby on Rails app? Although there are already some (beginner) Ruby on Rails

How to install Ruby on Mac/change Ruby source in China

The tailor made for the Basix users among. If you've been itching to try out Ruby and/or Rails, if the Terminal are somewhat new to you, your may find that even the PR Ocess of installing it can generate countless confusing errors. This article

Issues with Gem install MYSQL2

Run ' bundle install ' or ' gem install mysql2′ ' encountered the following error> Gem install mysql2error: Error Installing MYSQL2: The ' mysql2 ' native gem requires installed build tools. Please update your PATH to include build tools or

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

Brief introduction The Ruby on Rails framework has been widely watched since its inception and, guided by ideas like "Don't repeat Yourself" and "contract is superior to configuration", rails gives Web developers a very high level of development

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails Introduction The Ruby On Rails framework has received wide attention since it was proposed. Under the guidance of ideas such as "do not repeat yourself" and "convention is better than

tutorial on using Java code with RJB in Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

Before you startAbout this tutorial Ruby on Rails (rails) is a full-stack WEB application framework written in Ruby, and Ruby is a rich, free, extensible, portable, object-oriented scripting language. Rails is very popular among WEB application

Example of an interactive program developed by ruby: ruby Development

Example of an interactive program developed by ruby: ruby Development Implement the interaction function in a terminal similar to pry, ronin, and msf. ripl gem is mainly used here: 1. Call defined methods, such as help2. Be able to execute system

Ruby on Rails Primer Example (Ruby1.8.6 gem 1.3.1 Rail 2.2.3)

1. Ruby and Rails must be installed successfully 2. Start building the first Web program with the following commands: C:/>MD Rubydev C:/>CD Rubydev c:/rubydev>rails-d MySQL A It is worth noting that the original command to establish the program

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