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How does Samsung S6 shut down the 4G network? S6 Mobile 4g Network shutdown tutorial

Samsung mobile phone G9208 Support 4G network, if you want to use the mobile phone to turn off the 4G network, use the 2G/3G network, please follow these steps:1. To turn off the 4g network we first enter the

Samsung mobile phone g3819d do not use 3g/2g/4g Internet how to do?

First, check the phone is not open the 3g/2g/4g Internet business. We usually automatically turn on the 2G network, if the use of 3G/4G network is required. second, I see whether the mobile phone to "move the data" off. 1. Slide the top of the screen with your finger. 2. Then we find the next "move Data" counter it opens (if the WLAN is turne

Samsung Galaxy S4 4G new machine How to charge for the first time? i9508v new mobile phone charging tips

The first three charges can be operated in this manner.The current listing of Samsung mobile phones using lithium batteries, the factory battery has been activated, so the new mobile phone charge for the first time does not have to charge too long. More than three times the normal filling can be. It is recommended not to use

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G mobile phone can not connect the computer how to do? Open the USB mode tutorial

If we have to connect to the computer, then we have to turn on the USB mode, because the Android phone must be USB mode to connect the computer, otherwise it is unable to connect the computer Oh, okay, let's take a look at the Open USB mode tutorial 1. In Samsung Galaxy S5 4G We clicked the "Apps" option, which is as follows.2. Click "Set".3. In the access interface we found the following "About Devices"

Samsung S4 4G Tip mobile network unavailable solution diagram (i9508v)

If you manually set up a network connection error, your phone will not be able to register to the normal network services. To correct this, select the "Please select Automatically" option in the "Available networks" Settings area, follow these steps:Figure 1:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click "Set". 3. Click "More Networks" under the "Connect" option. 4. Click on "Mobile network". 5.

Samsung S4 4G can't make a phone call? Samsung S4 4G cannot call solution (I9508V)

If your phone does not make a normal call, follow these steps: First, check the mobile phone charges, if the mobile phone owes or downtime, please pay the bill in time and then try to dial the phone. Second, the flight mode is closed. 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click "Set". 3. Click "Mo

"Turn" 4G mobile phone call why will break network 4G Internet and call cannot coexist cause analysis

-speed hspa+ network. For example, Huawei P7 Mobile version adopted the Sglte scheme, but the Unicom version is CSFB.Different versions of the same model phone, RF-related chips may differ. For example, this figure is the iphone 5S two version of the RF chip area of the comparison chartSglte: Communication Network two not delaySglte (also known as "dual standby") The biggest feature of the mobile phone is t

Samsung S4 4G How to connect the computer? S4 4G connection computer? (i9508v)

First, download and install Kies 3 softwarewe need to install a mobile phone driver for the computer, so we can install a Kies 3 sync software on the computer Oh.Second, connect your i9508v equipment to the computer1. Now we connect the cell phone with the computer, then click on the top of the phone to the top of the screen menu, the "Media Equipment (MTP)" tick. 2. The computer then automatically identifies the phone and pops up an "open dev

Samsung S4 4G prompts installation software to be blocked how to do? S4 4G installation software failure solution

1.s4 4G is not much different from a version of a mobile phone, we just need to open an unknown source on the phone's "app". 2. After we open the figure and then click "Set". 3. In the Open new window we find the right "more" button click on it. 4. Then you will see there is a "safe" menu, we click on it, details as shown. 5. The "unknown source" can be selected.

How does Samsung NOTE4 4G network shut down? Note4 4G Network Shutdown method

1. Find "Application" in Samsung NOTE4 main screen interface. 2. Click "Set" and then open the following image as shown. 3. There will be a "more network" option in the Setup, we click Open to enter. 4. Now in the network you will see a "mobile network" option, we click on it to open. 5. After that, find the inside "network mode" details as shown in the following figure.

Thousand Yuan 4G mobile phone which good 1000 yuan 4G mobile phone recommended

  Great God F1 Speed edition (699 yuan) Great God F1 speed version of the current off-the-shelf, whether in the cool-pie mall or Jingdong can be the first time to buy, and the machine 699 yuan Price absolutely let people echocardiography. If you think it's a low machine or a geriatric machine, that's a big mistake. The machine built-in 2GB RAM running memory, whether it is playing a game or multitasking can have a good performance, and this machine is currently has 2GB RAM to run the lowest pri

Samsung Note3 How to set up 4G Internet? How to set up automatic 4G Internet

1. We simply set the network mode in the mobile phone to 4G priority can be achieved 4G online, in the mobile phone "application."2. We click "Set" in the application interface that opens the interface.3. Then we click on "More networks in the connection" before entering.4. Then click on "

Samsung S4 4G can't send sms how to do? S4 4G cannot send SMS solution

1. Samsung S4 4G interface is a bit different oh, we click on the "Information" icon to enter, if you do not find yourself in the next screen look.2. Click the "Menu" button in the lower left-hand corner of the phone and select "Set".3. Then in the entry settings we find "SMS/MMS" it into the entry. 4. Then enter in the open "Information Center" option. 5. Here we can click on the "Informat

4G Network Popular all netcom 4G good mobile phone recommended

  Gionee M5 (2299 RMB) click to buy For Gionee M5, people are more concerned about its strong performance, the machine built 6020mAh capacity battery, one charge can be used for 4 days without recharging, and such products are also created a smart phone "power" record, and the machine has absolute strength in terms of endurance. In addition, the machine is also a support for all netcom 4G mobile phones, du

How does Samsung i9508v shut down the 4G network? i9508v Shutdown 4G Network method

1. We want to turn off the 4G network simply click "Apps" on the phone's desktop.2. Furthermore, we find the inside "set" entry.3. Then we find the inside "More network" click to enter.4. Furthermore, we click on "More Network"-> "mobile network" and then enter. 5. Then after opening the interface "network mode" to enter 6. Click on "3g/2g (Automatic connection)". 7. Now we click "

Multiple insecure temporary file creation vulnerabilities in Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G TouchDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 55053 Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch is an Android mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic

How does Samsung Note3 4G network shut down and open?

1. Open the 4G network is very simple in fact, we just in the mobile phone "application" can be deleted.2. Then we click "Set" in the Open interface.3. The following "more networks" are entered, as shown in the following figure.4. Click on "Mobile network".5. In the above figure we click into the "network mode" entry, details below.6. Furthermore, we click on "3g

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) Phone memo where to create? (g9008w)

1. On the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) standby page, click the "Apps" icon at the bottom of the screen, as shown below. 2. Then enter and then find the following "Memo" option. 3. Enter my memo and then click on the "+" icon, the option, the effect is as follows. 4. OK now can start to create a memo, as we fill out the title of the memo, the effect i

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) Create a Memo tutorial (g9008w)

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) mobile phone if you want to create a memo we only need a few simple steps to do, the details of the operation are as follows: 1. We only need to click "Application" in the Mobile interface. 2. Click on the "Memo" option, so you can create a memo, as shown below.

How does Samsung Galaxy J5 shut down or turn on the 4G network? (J5008)

1, the operation is very simple in the Samsung Galaxy J5 click "Application".2. Then opened the phone's application interface There are many applications, we click on the following "set" option.3. Then go to the set we move to find "mobile network".4. In the mobile network management interface, we click "Network Mode SIM1" as shown in the following image, the def

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