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Samsung A5009 How to add a Samsung account? Samsung A5009 add Samsung account Tutorial

In fact, Samsung mobile phone with an added account function, we just click on the relevant page to add it.1. We click on the "app"-"set"-"account" in the phone and we open it.2. After we find the "Add account" entry, we then click on "Samsung Account" as shown in the following figure.3. Then enter the interface we click "Login" and then fill in the registration of Sams

Samsung E7000 How to add a Samsung account? E7 Add Samsung Account Tutorial

Note: You must first have a Samsung account, no words can be registered in the mobile phone or into Samsung China Station registration can be. If you need to log on to a Samsung account on your phone, you can follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click "Set". 3. Slide up the screen and click on "Account".

Samsung Galaxy S6 How to add a Samsung account? S6 Login Samsung Account method

If we have a Samsung account that needs to be logged in on the phone, if you want to log in to a Samsung account on your phone, you can follow these steps: 1. On the phone we click on "Application" after we click on it to open the entry.2. After we then find the "Settings" button, then click on it to open the details below.3. After you set up below, we click on "Account".4. Click the "Add Account" button,

Samsung Note7 and S7 Edge which phones are good Samsung Note7 and S7 Edge parameters comparison

Samsung note 7 and Samsung S7 Edge is also the pinnacle of products, Samsung S7 Edge more biased fashion personality more, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the product positioning is no longer a strong business atmosphere, but also increased the fashionable elements, so that Samsung

Samsung S5 How to register a Samsung account? S5 registered Samsung Account method diagram

1. The method is very simple we can find the registration function on the phone "application".2. After entering, it is not urgent to click "Set" to enter.3. Then find the "General" click on it to enter. 4. Now you will see the "Account" button, we click on it. 5. Then we click on "Add Account" to enter. 6. Then we click on "Samsung account" after entering. 7. Click on the "New Account" button

Samsung S5 How to log on to the Samsung account on the phone? S5 Login Samsung account diagram

Note: If you do not have a Samsung account, we can create on the phone. Oh, there is a button to create an account in the login interface. 1. Connect the device to the network, such as if we are connected to a WLAN network or a 3G network, so that we can log on quickly. 2. Now we find "application" in the mobile phone status. 3. Then there will be a "set" icon in the image below, we click on it. 4. Then we go to the Setup Pan

Samsung Note7 Mobile Phone How to insert cards/cards Samsung Note7 SIM card installation graphics and text tutorial

Samsung Note7 Card Tips: Network format Samsung Note7 Support Netcom 3.0, can support China Mobile, Unicom, telecom all three major operators 4G network, and support 4G and dual SIM card. In addition, Samsung Note7 also supports VoLTE high-definition voice calls. How to install dual SIM card Samsung

Samsung A5100 Mobile phone to open use fingerprint verification Samsung account example

Samsung phones also have their own platform and account number, we can register and then use the username and password login, if you are Samsung powder must have a Samsung account, if we have to bind the phone, in order to facilitate we can use fingerprint verification Samsung account login, so in the mobile phone logi

When does Samsung Galaxy S6 go public? Samsung S6 okay?

When does Samsung Galaxy S6 go public? According to official sources, Samsung Electronics in Barcelona, Spain, held a new product launch, the release of the new smart phone Galaxy S6 will be on the global sale on April 10 . The machine national line release time is not announced temporarily, interested friends can buy the sea Amoy. How much is Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Pay how to pay? How does Samsung Pay bind a bank card?

Samsung Pay has been initialized how to do? 1, to determine whether your phone root, Samsung Intelligent based on the ESE scheme, in this scenario, the user's various payment information (including fingerprint information, bank card information) are stored in the mobile phone, and will not upload clouds. So once the phone is root or cracked, it can not be used,

Samsung Pay can withdraw money without cards? Samsung Intelligent pay ATM machine without card withdrawal method

Samsung Pay can withdraw money without card The use of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay is basically the same, is to take the phone binding bank cards, and ultimately to achieve payment, and Apple Pay on the line can be implemented in a number of banks without card withdrawals business, and now have netizens exposed that Samsung Pay can actually also achieve without ca

How does Samsung s5 flash? Samsung s5

I. Preparation1. Confirm that the mobile phone can be connected to the computer using a data cable. The mobile phone enters the application-development-enable USB debugging.2. Download the rom package. If there are other rom packages, you can download the rom package and put it on your computer.3. Download the brush tool kit odin. Download the tool kit and decompress it on your computer.4. Download and install the perfect flash brush software to the desktopII. Starting with S5 flashSamsung s5 fl

Samsung G9208 How to open use fingerprint verification Samsung account

Samsung mobile phone G9208 support the use of fingerprints to verify your Samsung account password, you can use fingerprints to replace the input password, if you want to turn on the function, please follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Click "Lock screen and security".4. Click on "Fingerprint".5. Place the registered fingerprint finger on the home key or enter

Samsung A9000 Handset uses fingerprint to verify Samsung account how to open?

1. In Samsung A9000 We just refer to the following methods to operate on it, the specific operational details are shown below. 2. Okay, after this entry, we found Samsung. A9000 the "Settings" option opens the entry. 3. Click on the "fingerprint" option, the effect shown below in the Setup interface. 4. Place the registered fingerprint finger on the home key or enter an alternate

What is the time for Samsung Galaxy S6 to go public? Samsung S6 parameter configuration exposure

   Galaxy S6 may be released in January 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 continues to be the latest in Samsung's direction of exerting force. Samsung will release its next-generation Galaxy S6 ahead of schedule, possibly at the US CES2015 Consumer Electronics Show in January 2015, according to South Korean media reports, as the Galaxy S5 sales in the previous year did not meet expectations. As for the main

Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion is true, Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion accident

September 18 News, early this morning, there are users in Note7 posted a material said, their purchase of the country in Jingdong Samsung Note7 Coral Blue version of the battery explosion occurred in the use of the accident. The user said that when the accident occurred, the phone is not charging, the use of the process suddenly black screen, and then the fuselage shook, the phone was thrown aside after the explosion. In addition, the user

How to configure Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone Samsung Note7 configuration parameters

Note: The above is Samsung Note7 version of the parameters, in addition to the machine also has an international version, mainly the processor is different. Samsung Note7 International edition is equipped with Samsung Exynos 88,908 nuclear processor, the other parameters are unchanged. Appearance, Samsung Note

How about Samsung Galaxy A5? Samsung A5000 phone okay?

The 2.Samsung GALAXY A5 Public Edition uses the Advanced diamond cutting technology, creates the exquisite magnificent metal fuselage, the simple and smooth appearance times shows the vogue, the fuselage thickness is only 6.7mm, the thin and elegant, grasps is more comfortable. 3.Samsung GALAXY A5 Public edition 5 million pixel wide-angle front camera, simply rotate the fuselage can enlarge the ang

How does a Samsung mobile phone download software from a Samsung App store?

To download applications we need to surf the internet. The Samsung App Store also needs to be online before we can download the 4g or WLAN network, and then do the following. 1. In Samsung mobile phone or tablet, we click "Application".2. Then enter the "Samsung App Store" option in the interface and click on it to enter.3. Okay, we'll click on "Terms and Condit

Samsung mobile phone How to create a new Samsung account?

We want to create a Samsung account must be in Samsung equipment or Samsung official register an account, the specific example of our following to the Samsung official website registered Samsung account Operation steps Bar. 1. We click on the mobile phone in the

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