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Build a customer service system step by step (7) Multi-person electronic whiteboard, artboard

Multi-person sharing, simultaneous operation of the electronic whiteboard, so that different participants in different colors to draw, you can save the contents of the current space, so that the latter can directly load all the content. Find an example of an electronic whiteboard implemented with HTML5 canvas on GitHub: Https://

In PHP, Confirm in JAVAscript is used. Why does the page background become a whiteboard? Solution

In PHP, Confirm in JAVAscript is used. Why does the page background become a whiteboard? When you click quot; OK quot;, you can go to another page to perform a delete action, but you have not clicked OK. The background is white (the confirmation box is displayed as a whiteboard) echo nbsp; quot; lt; script nbsp; language #39; javascript #39; Confirm in JAVA script in PHP, why does the page backgroun

How to disable whiteboard for Win7 system

NetMeeting is the Win7 system with the Internet chat software, in addition to send text message chat, but also can use video chat, voice chat and so on, in which the Whiteboard program function for many users and not much effect. So we can disable it by using the Group Policy method. How to operate: First, use the keyboard combination win+r key to pull up the Run dialog box, and then enter the Gpedit.msc command, open the WIN7 system local Group Pol

Online teaching System: C # realizes network Whiteboard, courseware function

The function of electronic whiteboard and courseware is a necessary function in the online teaching system, this article introduces how to realize the basic function of electronic whiteboard based on OMCS, and the function of courseware: Uploading courseware, playing class, courseware paging, courseware synchronization, deleting courseware and other advanced functions.The application scenario for this artic

Whimsy: Using Wii Remote controler to create an interactive whiteboard

Whimsy: Using Wii Remote controler to create an interactive whiteboard No one will buy a normal interactive whiteboard in the future. You must have used or heard of the interactive whiteboard system. How much is a normal whiteboard? If you don't know the price, you can check the quotation of daheng. The most common

Use the Shared Whiteboard implemented by Net. tcp of Silverlight4 and Wcf4

This article works with the simple chat room implemented using Silverlight4 and Net. tcp of Wcf4. The same demo only adds a Shared Whiteboard function. The Shared Whiteboard uses Json to serialize the properties of the control, and then uses net. the tcp method is sent to the server, and then the server uses the "push" method to broadcast the serialized attributes. For the user "user-1", use the "pen" to dr

HTML5 canvas can be painted as an electronic whiteboard or html5canvas

HTML5 canvas can be painted as an electronic whiteboard or html5canvasHTML5 canvas drawing can be used as an electronic whiteboard :

How to disable the Whiteboard program under the Win7 system

Talking about the current chat tools, the most popular estimate is the QQ program, almost everyone has more than one QQ account, whether it is on the computer or mobile phone, we are always logged in the state, so Tencent QQ in China is still very extensive. In fact, in our Win7 computer has a homing chat tool, called NetMeeting, it is estimated that few people know, because the use of it is very few, but this program is still very powerful, the most basic text chat, video voice chat, picture se

OMCS Demo -- use OMCS (source code included) OMCS Demo in WPF -- Basic display of video, audio, electronic whiteboard, and remote desktop functions (source code included)

Document directory 1. Add reference 2. initialize the multimedia Manager 3. implement various windows for displaying OMCS Functions 4. Add an unmanaged dynamic library 1. Provide support for WPF The default dynamic library provided by OMCS can be used directly in the WinForm client program. If the client is developed using WPF, You need to reference another dynamic library: OMCS. WPF. dll. OMCS. WPF. dll is a WPF control library that overrides various connector components/controls in OMCS.

Win7 system How to prohibit the use of NetMeeting Whiteboard program

1, press "Win+r" to bring up the "Run" window, enter "gpedit.msc" command, press ENTER, open the Local Group Policy editor; 2. In the local Group Policy Editor, expand User Configuration-Administrative Templates-all settings, and in the right window, locate and double-click "Disable Whiteboard"; 3, in the Open Settings window, select "Enabled", click Save after the exit Group Policy. Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the

Skype for Business Server 2016 cannot share ppt and whiteboard

"Environmental Information"Windows Server R2 (OS patch update to latest)Skype for Business Server CU4"Problem description"Using the Skype 2016 client and updating the patch to the latest features such as whiteboard and PPT, using Lync 2013 and Skype2016 clients (without updating any patches) share whiteboard or PPT times the following error "currently unable to connect to the server for demonstration, Error

Online whiteboard, multi-person online collaboration tool based on

Starter: personal blog, update error correction replyis the tail of this blog post yesterday, the use of library practice, the finished address here.The code has been uploaded to GitHub, the portal. You can open two browsers to see the effect.The practical significance is that two people online communication when said do not understand, then there is a whiteboard is good, both can write and draw on the above, help communication.Move the Gi

How do I disable the Whiteboard program on the Win7 flagship computer?

When it comes to chatting online, then everyone think of the first is certainly our QQ program, now QQ has become a network of monopoly tools chat, is the most beloved, but we do not know, in fact, in our ghost win7 system download the computer actually comes with a professional chat software, This software is called NetMeeting, is our windows system with the chat tool, what video chat, audio chat, picture text can be sent, but in this software has a whitebo

The Whiteboard function of the lync 2013 client is abnormal.

With the help of Mr. Liu, the lyncserver 2013 Enterprise Edition was deployed for the first time. Voice, video calls, desktop sharing, and other functions work properly. However, when you try to enable the whiteboard function, the client displays a "network problem" error message. 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" qq 51113184936.png "alt =" wKiom1Q7aEfB0h_1AAF-ge5Luo8144

The Empire cmsphomeflashpic calls the whiteboard after a long flash time

The Empire cmsphomeflashpic calls the flash for a long time. the whiteboard will be displayed in the Empire CMS phomeflashpic. After the flash of the CMS phomeflashpic is called, the whiteboard is displayed. The whiteboard will be displayed after a flash call using the tag for a long time, and the image will not be displayed, just a piece of white Is there any

[Deviceone Development]-whiteboard example

First, IntroductionThe demo through Do_painterview this component to achieve the basic functions of the artboard, imitating the AppStore called "Whiteboard" application, you can change the font color, font weight, and then draw with your finger, you can back, clear screen, save to albums and other operations.TwoIii. Address of discussion Source Address

WCF instance-Shared Whiteboard

I have seen examples of using WPF + WCF to implement a Shared Whiteboard (codeproject:, recently nothing to create a winform wheel again. In that article, the inkcanvas Control + WCF duplex of WPF is used to submit a drawing from a client to the server. The server is responsible for notifying other clients. Let's talk about my idea: Draw a picture on the server side. The client gets the drawing inform

A whiteboard error occurred while accessing the struts2 action page.

Label: style blog HTTP Io color ar OS SP File A whiteboard error occurred while accessing the struts2 action page. Therefore, you must set the stack to intercept this action, That is because the accessed action is intercepted by the following code, and the accessed action is accessed before login, that is, the action accessed in non-login status, intercepted by the following interceptor, public class AuthenticationInterceptor extend

WPF+WCF Step by step Create audio Chat room (ii): text chat and whiteboard sharing

This article will describe the implementation of the WPF UI and duplex communication in WCF. Realize the chat function of the text part and realize the function of sharing whiteboard. Painting the WPF interface is actually a hassle. Although WPF, like WindowsForm, can drag a control anywhere, it is there. We are developing projects from the original table layout, to the current popular div+css layout. These require careful design by designers

Phpcms V9 Install yellow page module, register as a regular member and login, click Free to settle in the Enterprise Library appears whiteboard

Steps to resolve:1. Modify the php.ini: Display_errors = On2. Try again and show the error:Fatal Error:require (): Failed opening required ' D:\Web\XXX\www\caches\caches_model\caches_data\yp_form.class.php ' ( Include_path= '.; C:\php\pear ') in D:\Web\XXX\www\phpcms\modules\yp\business.php on line 1283. Copy the yp_form.class.php to the D:\Web\XXX\www\caches\caches_model\caches_data\Source Path: \phpcms\modules\yp\fields\yp_form.class.phpCopy to: \caches\caches_model\caches_data\Refresh the whi

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