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Describes how to crack several "encryption" Software

Comments: Nowadays, many so-called encryption software for folder encryption and file encryption are popular on the Internet. Many of them are personal programs written based on open source code, most of them are implemented using the windows

Several encryption software cracking methods

Tell everyone the simplest way to distinguish: Any software that claims to have "lightning encryption", "instant encryption", and "one-second encryption" functions must be pseudo encryption software! What is typical is the high-intensity file

Encryption software Cracking Method

Source: ZDNet The simplest resolution method: All software that claims to have "lightning encryption", "instant encryption", and "one-second encryption" functions must be pseudo encryption software! What is typical is the high-intensity file

"Turn" on the RADIUS protocol

talking about RADIUS protocol2013-12-03 16:06 5791 People read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:RADIUS Protocol Analysis (6)RADIUS protocol development for a while, the younger brother is not afraid of Caishuxueqian, show off, from

How to protect the security of important data files in a domain environment (I)-EFS encryption (I)

Document directory   EFS (Encrypting File System, Encrypted File System)Windows 2000/XP is a special practical function. files and data on NTFS volumes can be directly encrypted and saved, greatly improving data security. Hi, everyone. I want to

Installation tutorial of top-level encryption software PGP Desktop

PGP is currently the best and most secure encryption method. However, because some of the technologies used by PGP are exported by the National Security Department of the United States (such as AES 256bit), the Chinese version has never been

E-Commerce Security Technology

E-Commerce Security Technology I. Firewall I. Firewall principles As a new technical measure to protect computer network security in recent years, FireWall is an isolated control technology that sets a barrier between the network of a certain

"Linux_ Notes" Linux Users, Groups, permissions, encryption-Basic concepts

Learning resources from: www.magedu.comMistakes are unavoidable in the learning process, and if found, they are also pointed out by the great gods.Some of the sample operations are related to historical operations, and if the previous example

Uncover HTTPS security issues & connect to build the whole process

[Reset]Links: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.As a developer's essential cyber

HTTPS why secure & analyze HTTPS connections establish the whole process

Topic One: Why is HTTPS safe1. Why is HTTP not secure?The HTTP protocol belongs to the plaintext transmission protocol, the interaction process and data transmission are not encrypted, the communication parties have not carried out any

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