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The so-called Crack big secret

I often see some Mao kiddies on the Internet clamoring that they are hackers who can intrude into a website and create a Trojan. Many of them worship it very much. Today, we will reveal the so-called Crack here.What are you doing. The so-called

Integration of message bus extensions THRIFT-RPC

This paper mainly discusses the implementation process of thrift RPC supported by message bus. Since RABBITMQ's official Java client provides RABBITMQ-based JSON-RPC, the message bus also provides the JSON-RPC API. It also tried to increase support

Obtain valid SSL/TLS certificates for accessing the target host (when the certificate cannot be obtained directly)

Currently, many websites or services are implemented based on SSL and can be accessed only after certificates are downloaded and installed. If it can provide download, of course there are any problems. However, if you do not have permission to

Build PHP extensions with swig

Author: Martin Streicher, software developer, pixel, byte, and commaAlthough writing a PHP extension is not very difficult, swig does further simplify this task, mainly because it automates the work required to combine PHP with C or C ++. Given a

SSH Chinese documents

SSH Chinese documentsSSH is a security protocol created on the application layer and transport layer, which is used to replace the poor security telnet and secure login.SSH is currently a more reliable protocol that provides security for Telnet

[Reprint] openssl0.9.8g Configuration Guide

Document directory Copyright Notice Other works Bug report, discussion and discussion Global Options Algorithm options Compiler Options Original Author: Jin Bu Guo Copyright Notice The author of this article is a free software enthusiast,

Use Traefik as the ingress of Kubernetes

[TOC]DescriptionThere is no detailed explanation of the Kubernetes's service exposure and Traefik's principles. The Traefik principle can be consulted in the official documentation:, This document can also be consulted about

Java Web Services

Security is critical for exchanging business data using WEB services. If the data is intercepted by a third party, or if deceptive data is received as valid data, it can cause serious financial or legal consequences. It is always possible to design

MAC OS x shortcut keys Encyclopedia

In the following list, "opt" is the abbreviation for the "option key on the keyboard", "cmd" is the "command key", "ctrl" is the "control key". The authors say all the buttons have been tested, but the translator has not used all the key

HelloWorld: The first PHP Extension _ PHP Tutorial

HelloWorld: The first PHP extension. The target creates a PHP extension named hello and implements the only function hello_world in it to print out the HelloWorld string. Prerequisite: a C compiler has been installed. TargetCreate a PHP extension

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