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Fix Firefox browser not installed on Selenium IDE Plugin "This add-on cannot be installed"

(Excerpt from Firefox browser not installed on Selenium IDE Plugin "This add-on cannot be installed"1. Open Firefox browser, install the plugin has the following tips2. The browse

Selenium webdriver principle (b): How does Selenium manipulate the browser?

Objective The previous article, "How Selenium Webdriver is running", uses a simple example-taking a taxi to illustrate how selenium webdriver works, This article can be understood as an in-depth understanding of how selenium interacts with browser drivers, or it can be thought of as the 2.0 version of the article "How

[Selenium+java] Cross Browser testing using Selenium Webdriver

still not supporting HTML5. Page alignment and div size. Image orientation. Browser incompatibility with OS. ETC. How to perform cross Browser testingIf we are using Selenium webdriver, we can automate test cases using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari browsers.To execute test cases with different browsers in the same machine at the sam

[Selenium] through the Selenium implementation in the current browser window after clicking on an icon, pop up another window, close this window, and then back to the original window to operate

12345678910 publicvoidclickReportIcon(){String initialWindowHandle = driver.getWindowHandle();//保存原始的浏览器窗口page.getReportIcon().click();//这个操作之后将会弹出另外一个浏览器窗口Set set.remove(initialWindowHandle);assertset.size()==1;driver.switchTo().window((String) set.toArray()[0]);//将driver指向新弹出的浏览器窗口driver.close();//关闭新弹出的浏览器窗口driver.switchTo().window(initialWindowHandle);//回到原始的浏览器窗口} [Selenium] through the Selenium

Automation test basics-Selenium browser operations, basics-selenium

Automation test basics-Selenium browser operations, basics-seleniumSelenium mainly provides methods for operating various elements on the page, but it also provides methods for operating the browser itself, such as the browser size, browser back-up, forward button, and so on

Robotframework Automated test Framework-selenium Web Automation (-)-open Browser and close Browser

Selenium has been out for many years, from the initial Selenium1 to later SELENIUM2, has become more and more mature, but also has been widely used by many companies. Selenium development process, divided a lot of modules, here we mainly introduce Webdriver,webdriver has been a lot of browser compatibility. The role that webdriver plays between the automation scr

Selenium+python Browser Call: Firefox__python

order to add Chinese annotation in the program, the code for UTF-8, note = two times do not leave blank, otherwise it does not work, and "#_ *_coding:utf-8_*_" can also achieve the same effect 2, "From Selenium import Webdriver" This step is to import the Selenium Webdriver package, only import selenium package, we can use the Webdriver API for automated scripti

Python + selenium start the browser Firefox \ Chrome \ IE

When writing a function, it was intended to use the Webbroswer module implementation, but found that it can only achieve a simple open, and open the tab page found not to achieve. So it can be done through the Selenium module, which lists several selenium functions that manipulate the definitions of different browsers. First, Webbroswer module The module is very simple, as follows: Import WebBrowserc = w

Selenium Webdriver re-use an open browser instance

The samples in this article all use SOAPUI, about the configuration of soapui+webdriver, please see an article: did this in order to better write the automation use case in SOAPUI because my business process has a long, 7-8 page.I want to keep the code out of a groovy script and want to continue using the browser opened in the first script in the second script. This facilitatesMaintain and locate

Talking about python crawlers Using Selenium to simulate browser behavior, pythonselenium

Talking about python crawlers Using Selenium to simulate browser behavior, pythonselenium A reader asked me a crawler question a few days ago, that is, when I climbed to the popular dynamic pictures on the Baidu Post Bar homepage, The crawled pictures were always incomplete, it is less visible than the homepage. The reason is that the image is dynamically loaded. The problem is how to crawl these Dynamicall

Web automation Framework Lazyui User's Manual (3)--a single XPath crawl plugin (selenium element fetch, there is no request!) )

Overview A previous blog post roughly describes the first demo based on Lazyui, which describes the design and use of this tool in detail. element Get plugin : Lazyui Elements Extractor, as a chrome plugin, used to crawl common controls on a page (either batch or single fetch), to get the XPath of the frame and three uniquely positioned controls on which the control is located , and generates Java code bas

"Python crawler" automates web search and browsing with selenium and Chrome browser

Function Introduction: Use Selenium and Chrome browser, let it automatically open Baidu page, and set to show 50 per page, and then in Baidu Search box input selenium, to query. Then open the page and select "Selenium-Open source China community" and open the page Knowledge Brief: The role of

Windows 7 32 on Selenium 2+sikuli resolve swfupload type upload Plugin

Install Sikuli, after installation is complete, install directory in C:\Program files, copy the installation files to the C drive Configuring Environment variables Install Eclipse and add the Selenium Java version of the jar package to the project you are using There is a sikuli_script.jar under Sikuli-ide, add it to the project you are using In the program to add the user picture saved directory, this is very important, otherwise you will

Python detailed python multi-threaded selenium cross-browser testing

. css, HTML validation is different Some browsers or low versions do not support HTML5 Page alignment and div size issues Picture position or size issues Compatibility issues between the browser and the operating system The above aspects not only affect the layout, even cause the function is not available, so we need to conduct cross-browser testing.How to perform Cross-

Python+selenium for cross-browser compatibility testing fromSelenium.common.exceptionsImportnosuchelementexception fromSelenium.common.exceptionsImportnoalertpresentexceptionImportUnitTest, time, reclassBaidupython (unittest. TestCase):defsetUp (self): Self.driver=Webdriver. Firefox () self.driver.implicitly_wait (30) Self.base_url=""self.verificationerrors=[] Self.accept_next_alert=TruedefTest_baidupython (self): driver = Self.driver Driver.get (self.base_url + "/") driver.find_elem

Selenium webdriver using IE browser

Transferred from: Java code below is to open IE browser and then search Google for the "smilejay" keyword.[Copy to clipboard]View Code JAVA 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738 Package Com.selenium.test;import;import Org.openqa.selenium.remote.desiredcapab

Python+selenium+eclipse performing Web automation (ii) launching the browser

First, browser compatibilityCurrently supported browsers for Selenium 2.0As you can see from the Selenium __init__ file, the selenium version I'm currently using is 2.53.2Viewing the __init__ file from the Selenium webdriver module, you can see the following code:From. Firef

Python+selenium: Browser Webdriver Action (1)--Basic object positioning

) Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//div[@id = ' FM ']/form/span/input"). Send_keys ("Selenium")#The id=fm element with a div tag under the/form/span/input Level tabDriver.find_element_by_xpath ("//tr[@id = ' check ']/td[2]"). Click ()#tr with id ' check ', locate the 2nd TD in hisxpath:position (position) Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//input"). Send_keys ("Selenium") Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//tr[7]/

Java Selenium using browser debugging tools to implement the method _java

the element you want to find. Take a look at the following animated demo Method Three: Mouse over the UI element you want, click the right mouse button, select the Inspect Element menu command We can also use Chrome to get the XPath of the element directly. Internet Explorer or Edge Microsoft's own browser also comes with "developer tools," Using the Tools menu or F12 to launch Firefox's Firebug Plug

Compatibility issues between the "Selenium-webdriver problem point" driver and the browser version

:// The version and the version of Chrome that were supported by the previous versions are described in Notes.txt in each of these editions, but the old driver has already compiled a glance form for you: Selenium's chromedriver and chrome version mapping table In this way, it is not clear which version of Chrome and chromedriver should be downloaded.4. All versions selenium and iedrivers

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