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[Selenium+java] Execute JavaScript based code using Selenium Webdriver

Original URL: JavaScript based code using Selenium WebdriverIn Selenium Webdriver, locators like XPath, CSS, etc. is used to identify and perform operations

Selenium and JavaScript-Selenium

use the geteval method of the selenium interface to execute js code in the browser. Selenium Interface java.lang.String getEval(java.lang.Stringscript) Method to dynamically execute JavaScript code. Storeeval (Script, variablename) Arguments: ·Script-the

Selenium + Webdriver Learning (3) execute JS scripts

When selenium 1.x is used, the getEval () method is often used to execute a js script to process the page to deal with some problems encountered. Of course, selenium webdriver also provides the following method: executeScript () The following shows how to obtain the characters displayed in the account input box on the homepage and print the output. /***

Execute selenium scripts with headless chrome

? Article source:Pinterest: Http:// In the past we executed selenium scripts, and if we were to improve the execution speed of our scripts, we might consider using htmlunit or more headless browsers that use PHANTOMJS, but these tools are not good for JavaScript support. For the support of the web is not good, occupy more resources, and real browser there are some differences a

UnitTest several ways to execute scripts (python+selenium)

A tutorial on building a framework recently can load different test functions within the same class.#coding = Utf-8ImportUnitTestImporttestsuites fromTestsuites.test_baidu_searchImportBaidusearch fromTestsuites.test_get_page_titleImportGetpagetitle Suite=UnitTest. TestSuite () suite.addtest (Baidusearch ('Test_baidu_search')) Suite.addtest (Baidusearch ('TEST_SEARCH2')) Suite.addtest (Getpagetitle ('Test_get_title')) if __name

Selenium Java, execute JS change page

1. Problems with certain selection buttons not being selected due to limitations on some pages of the pagea lot of times due to some restrictions on the page can cause us to not be able to use webdriver to achieve our manual normal operation, we can execute js to properly change the page style, For example, some selection boxes in the page display boundaries, because the reason for the display of the scroll bar while at the border when the click on th

Selenium Test (Java)--Execute JS (18)

;ImportOrg.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver; Public classTextareainput { Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {Webdriver driver=NewFirefoxdriver (); Driver.get ("File:///D:/10-selenium/workspace/SeleniumTest/src/com/test/js/textarea.html"); Driver.manage (). window (). Maximize (); Driver.findelement (By.cssselector ("#id"). SendKeys ("Input text----")); //use JS to enter contentWaitTime (5000); String text= "Input by JS"; String JS= "va

Execute JS code in Selenium-webdriver

#Gets the text text value of the labeljs1="return document.getElementById (' Key1 '). InnerText"dr.execute_script (JS1)#gets the HTML text for the labelJs2="return document.getElementById (' Key2 '). InnerHTML"dr.execute_script (JS2)#Enter a value in a single text boxcontent_text="Test"JS3="document.getElementById (' Key3 '). Value = '%s '"%(Content_text) dr.execute_script (JS3)#Enter text text in a multi-text box (Rich text box)js4="document.getElementById (' Key4 '). ContentWindow.document.bod

Selenium using Xpath+css+javascript+jquery positioning method (treatment of selenium various localization, can not click on complications)

= Driver.find_element_by_tag_name ("iframe") Driver.switch_to_frame (IFRAME) Switch_to_default_content () (4) How can I tell if an element is on an IFRAME?1. After locating the element, switch to the Firepath interface.2. Look at the upper-left corner of the Firebug tool, if the top window shows no IFRAME.3. If the iframe#xxx is displayed, the description is on the IFRAME, #后面就是它的id. "Part IV"selenium using Jav

JavaScript (node. js) + Selenium Automation test

Selenium is a browser automation library. Most often used for testing web-applications, Selenium May is used for any task this requires automating interaction with The browser.Selenium is a browser Automation test library, most of the time we use it to test the Web application,Selenium can do any task of automated testing on the browser. as we all know,

SELENIUM2 Learning -011-webui Automation Practical instance -009-javascript one of the applications in Selenium Automation (assigned value)

Usually when writing Selenium WebUI automation scripts, some elements are not easy to locate elements, or some elements are hidden (when the value of Webelement.gettext () is obtained at this time, the returned result is empty), for the daily UI The writing of automation scripts has a certain degree of impact. If you have a certain pre-development base, can Ken think of using JavaScript scripts to manipulat

SELENIUM2 Learning -036-webui Automation Practical instance -034-javascript in Selenium Automation application example of six (get JS execution result return value)

Selenium to get the JavaScript return value is very simple, just need to return the data in the JS script can be returned, and then through the method to return JS execution results, the method source code is as follows:1 /**2 * Get Object of return from JS3 * 4 * @authorAARON.FFP5 * @versionV1.0.0:autoseleniumdemo main.aaron.sele.core execjsr, 2015-8-9 1:39:17 Exp $6

SELENIUM2 Learning -022-webui Automation Practical Instance -020-javascript application example in Selenium automation (get browser display area size)

+ '; ' + window.innerheight"; A -String[] Areasize = ((Javascriptexecutor) This. Webdriver). Executescript (JS). toString (). Split (";"); - theBrowserdisplayareasize[0] = integer.valueof (areasize[0]); -BROWSERDISPLAYAREASIZE[1] = integer.valueof (areasize[1]); - - returnbrowserdisplayareasize; +}From the browser's console, execute the script as shown in the results.PS: In the actual use process, if the browser window

SELENIUM2 Learning -027-webui Automation Practical Case -025-javascript Application example in Selenium Automation (page scrolling, simulation mouse drag scroll bar)

(intLeftinttop) { One //Note Declare DOCTYPE AString Js_body = "Document.body.scrollTop =" + Top + "; Document.body.scrollLeft = "+Left ; - //Declare DOCTYPE -String JS_DOCU = "Document.documentElement.scrollTop =" + Top + "; Document.documentElement.scrollLeft = "+Left ; the - //decide which the script would be an execute by browser type - Switch( This. Getbrowsertype ()) { - Case"Chrome": +

Crawler Dynamic HTML processing (selenium and PHANTOMJS) executing JavaScript statements

Executing JavaScript statements1. Hide Baidu PicturesFrom selenium import WebdriverImport timeDriver = Webdriver. PHANTOMJS ()Driver.get ("")# JavaScript script to search for the input box redJS = "var Q=document.getelementbyid (\" kw\ ");\" 2px solid red\ ";"# Call to search input box labeled Red JS ScriptDriver.execute_scri

Python+selenium Personal Learning Note 10-invoking JavaScript and screenshots

Call JavaScript andFirst, call JavaScript1. Adjust browser scroll bar position# left margin, top margin2. Execute JavaScript code with Execute_script ()js="Window.scrollto (0,500); " driver.execute_script (JS)Example: fromSeleniumImportWebdriver fromTimeImportSleepdriver=Webdriver. Chrome () Driver.get ("")Driver.maximize_window () driver.find

SELENIUM2 Learning -031-webui Automation Practical Instance -029-javascript application example in Selenium automation (get element position and size)

(";"); - +Elementposition[0] = integer.valueof (position[0]); AELEMENTPOSITION[1] = integer.valueof (position[1]); atELEMENTPOSITION[2] = integer.valueof (position[2]); -ELEMENTPOSITION[3] = integer.valueof (position[3]); - - returnelementposition; -}at this point, WebUI Automated functional test Scripts section 029-javascript Example of application in Selenium automation (get ele

Executing javascript with selenium in Python

Selenium does not have a browser, and it needs to be combined with a third-party browser. For example, run selenium on Firefox.Phantomjs is a "headless" browser. It loads the site into memory and executes the JavaScript on the page, but it does not show the user the graphical interface of the page. By combining selenium

Python+selenium call JavaScript

Webdriver provides a way to manipulate the browser's forward and backward, but does not provide a way to do so for browser Gongdong. JavaScript is then needed to control the browser's scroll bar. Webdriver provides the Execute_sript () method to execute JavaScript code.The scenario in which a scroll bar is generally required is to read the legal document provisio

SELENIUM2 Learning -032-webui Automation Practical Case -030-javascript Application example in Selenium Automation (highlight Element)

-JS = "document.getElementById" ("+ ID +"). Style.border=\ "3px solid" + color + "\" "; - - This. Execjs (JS); -}At this point, theWebUI automation function test script section 030-javascript in the Selenium Automation application example of five (highlighting elements) successfully completed, I hope this article can give beginners Selenium

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