selenium settimeout

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Combined with selenium grid and testng for concurrent execution of Automatic Web Testing

Testng can be set as a concurrent execution test case. Selenium grid can forward test cases to different remote control/browser pairs through grid hub, and these remote control/browser pairs can be located on different machines, in this way, the two

[Selenium] Basic use

1. Selenium Foundation1.1 Selenium IntroductionSelenium is a series of web-based automated test tools that provide a series of test functions to support Web automation testing that can locate interface elements in a variety of ways and compare the

Selenium executing the PHANTOMJS API and getting execution results

Selenium executing the PHANTOMJS API and getting execution resultsNew Blog Address: 8CPHANTOMJS%E7%9A%84API%E5%B9%B6%E8%8E%B7%E5%8F%96%E8%BF%94%E5%9B%

Selenium Summary of Usage methods

Basic Introduction:The Selenium tool is an acceptance testing tool specifically written for Web applications.The core of selenium: Browser bot, is written in JavaScript.There are 4 types of Selenium tools: Selenium IDE, Selenium Control, Selenium

Use Python + Selenium to implement a screenshot of the specified element of the page (truncated graph Element)

to WebelementThe method only takes a screenshot of the current window and cannot specify a specific element. If you need to intercept a specific element or a window over a screen, you can only go the other ways.Webdriver.phantomjs's

Selenium assertions and exception type Parsing

Selenium assertions and exception type Parsing Selenium assertions and exception type parsing. Assertion: Verify that the application status is the same as expected. Common assertions include verifying the page content, such as whether the title is

Java Selenium (13) Smart Wait page loading complete

We often encounter the use of selenium to manipulate an element on the page, we need to wait for the page to be loaded after the completion of the operation. Otherwise, the element on the page does not exist and throws an exception.Or the Ajax

Selenium-java (2)

1. Set the wait timeThread.Sleep (2000); (1000 stands for 1s)2. Assert Assertion:Verify that the state of your application is consistent with what you expect.Common assertions include verifying the contents of a page, such as whether the title is x

Two ways that Python implements screenshots

There are two ways in which Python implements the screen: Using the Windows API Using the Imagegrab module in PIL The characteristics and usage of the two are explained in detail below.One, Python calls the Windows API

Pythonweb Automated Testing

From selenium import WebdriverImport timedef capture (URL, save_fn= "Capture.png"):Browser = Webdriver. Firefox () # Get local session of FirefoxBrowser.set_window_size (1200, 900)Browser.get (URL) # Load pageBrowser.execute_script ("" "(function ()

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