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SetInterval and settimeout usage in JS

JS Set delay:Using setinterval and setting the delay function settimeout very similar. SetTimeout used to delay a period of time before doing an operation.SetTimeout ("function", time) sets a timeout object SetInterval ("function", time) sets a

An example of javascript setTimeout

SetTimeout ()SetTimeout () is the method of window, but we all skip the top-level object name of window. This is used to set a time. When the time is reached, a specified method will be executed. Let's take a look at the next simple example. This is

Methodqueue: Replace window. setTimeout and reuse timers

If window. setTimeout is frequently used on the page, the Code judgment may be confusing. For example If (! Timerid) Timerid = Window. setTimeout (dosomething, duration ); Window. cleartimeout (timerid ); And so on. Methodqueue is an object used to

SetTimeout and cleartimeout--Small timers

First look at the effectDon't talk more about the code ~DOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8"> title>Timertitle> Scripttype= "Text/javascript"> varNum=0; vari;

Node. js advanced programming: using JavaScript to build scalable applications (6) 2.6 core API basics-using timers to develop function execution plans

Document directory Use setTimeout to delay function execution Use clearTimeout to cancel an execution plan Develop and cancel repeated execution plans for Functions Use process. nextTick to delay function execution to the next round of the

JavaScript Implementation page Adaptive reset visible Area height

1, this function is only applicable to the need to automatically fill or narrow the page to the visible area, and only a single subject to change the height of the demand.varResetcontrol =function(ptask) {var_task = Ptask | |[], _islock=false,

Using requestAnimationFrame to achieve js animation performance is good _ javascript skills

RequestAnimationFrame is better than setTimeoutsetInterval because it is an API provided by the browser for animation. At runtime, the browser automatically optimizes the method call. If the page is not activated, the animation will be automatically

Using Requestanimationframe to achieve JS animation performance good _javascript skills

Using Requestanimationframe to achieve a good performance JS animation. First give you a brief introduction to the next Requestanimationframe than SetTimeout, setinterval have what advantages? Example one: Requestanimationframe has two main simple no refreshing file upload system _ Practical skills

The effect of Ps:flash is much better, but this is not the scope of my research, and there is nothing comparable. Compatible: IE6/7/8, Firefox 3.5.5, opera 10.01, Safari 4.0.3, Chrome 3.0 Effect Preview is a simple and easy file upload system

Ps: flash achieves much better results, but this is not the scope of my research and there is no comparability.Compatible with: ie6/7/8, firefox 3.5.5, opera 10.01, safari 4.0.3, chrome 3.0Effect Preview File Upload Select File

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