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Sencha Touch 2 Official document translation Intro to applications with Sencha Touch 2 (Introduction to ST2 applications)

Original address: Objective: It is always difficult to read English documents, and the non-native and professional speeches are easily discouraged and impetuous, which leads to inefficient learning. Translation is a good way to translate the learning needs into the task of translation, forcing oneself not only to see, to understand, but also to carve, and then clear expression, the results of this study in translation is undoubtedl

1. Sencha cmd learning Note (a) make your Sencha cmd run up

With ext JS 5来 using Sencha cmd-------------------------------------------------------------------This guide creates an application by processing the Sencha Generate App command that uses Sencha cmd, which is used to allow an application to endDealing with updating an existing application to experience Sencha CMD is in

Sencha Study Notes 2: package your first Sencha Android app apk installation package, senchaapk

Sencha Study Notes 2: package your first Sencha Android app apk installation package, senchaapk We have a preliminary impression on sencha through the introduction in the previous translation official Article. At the same time, we also generated the first sample application code framework through this wizard, many people may think that the next step should be bas

Sencha Learn Note 2: Pack your first Sencha Android app apk installation package

Through the introduction of the official article of the previous translation we have a preliminary impression of Sencha, and we have also generated the first sample application code framework through the wizard, so the next step may be that many people feel that you should look at the details of how an app is built, based on what the wizard suggests. But I think we can change the path of learning.Heaven Zhuhai The rudder is a relatively quick buck, so

Sencha Touch Introduction Series (ix) Sencha Touch Layout layout

The layout is used to describe the size and location of the components in your application, and in the Sencha touch we provide the following layouts: 1.HBox: Hbox and horizontal box layout, which we call the horizontal layout, here is a demo code: Ext.create (' Ext.container ', { Fullscreen:true, layout: ' Hbox ', items: [ { xtype: ' Panel ', HTML: ' Message list ', flex:1 },

Sencha Touch OA System Development | Sencha Touch Project Tutorial

Download: Http:// Password: dy8n1th. Development of Mobile OA using HTML5 Technology-introduction of system demonstration and related technology2nd. Development of Mobile OA using HTML5 technology _ related software installation and use Sencha write the first HTML5 program3rd. Development of Mobile OA using HTML5 technology _ Learn Sencha Touch common view Controls (part 1th)4th. Deve

[Phonegap + Sencha Touch] Question about the name of the program packaged by phonegap in mobile development 18 Sencha Touch

Previously said Sencha phonegap init com. pushsoft. myapp MyApp The package installation package is named "“myapp.apk". The program name displayed on the mobile phone desktop (text under the icon) is also "MyApp" If you want to change to another name, modify the MyApp \ config. xml file and set" MyApp "Change the name of MyApp in the middle to the desired name. Note: If the xml content contains Chinese characters, it should be changed to UTF-8 enco

[Phonegap+sencha Touch] Mobile development Sencha Touch Project by Phonegap after packaging the program name problem

Said beforeSencha phonegap Init com.pushsoft.myapp MyAppAfter the packaged program install package APK name is "myapp.apk", the program name displayed on the phone desktop (the text below the icon) is also "MyApp"If you want to change to a different name, change the Myapp\config.xml file, and change the top "Note that the assumption of XML content in Chinese, to be changed to UTF-8 encoding, note that the text file encoding, not the top "1.0 ' encoding= ' utf-8 '"?>. It is recommended to change

Open source plugins and examples of Sencha touch

Wrote for a long time Sencha touch, did not expect to change work unexpectedly more than a year did not engage. Because of the project to collect a lot of components, due to laziness, no finishing, now think a little regret, plus if this discard, feel some regret, today collated a bit on GitHub, can help sencha-touch friends to improve. Touchtreegrid and CalendarpickerSencha Touch Tree grid,

[Study Notes] what is sencha cmd?

Address: Sushengmiyan --------------------------------------------------------------- Resource link ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Sencha cmd Official Website: Java SE 8 download Official Website: Sssourcesiteid = ocom

Sencha Touch 2 Getting Started: creating one of the practical weather applications

Original title: Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2:build a Weather Utility App (Part 1) Original address: Author:Lee BoonstraLee is a technical trainer at Sencha. She ' s located in Amsterdam and have experience in both front-end and back-end development. Lee spend

Create a custom Layout in Ext JS and Sencha Touch, extsencha

Create a custom Layout in Ext JS and Sencha Touch, extsencha Original article: Creating Custom Layouts in Ext JS and Sencha Touch The layout system is the most powerful and unique part of the Sencha framework. The layout processes the size and location of each component in the application, so you do not need to manually manage those fragments. Ext JS has many si

Re-explore EXT JS 6 (Sencha touch/ext upgrade) changes (Compile command, scroll bar, control layer, model layer, route)

if you rewrite the model and validation module, now probably can not use, need to re-read the source to write, the landlord's custom verification module is completely obsolete.Finally, the route has changed, and the change is quite large. For example1 this. Redirectto (' Redirect/newsinfo '); 2 Util.recordload (this. GetInfo (),, {3 NewsID:record.get (' id ') ,4 UserID:config.userMes }, record, ' Info ');In

Sencha Touch 2 Official document translation Controllers (Controller Learning Guide)

multiple events as you want, and allows mixing the componentquery selector with refs as the control key. Routes Routing As of Sencha Touch 2, Controllers can now directly specify which routes they is interested in. This enables us-to provide-within our app, as-well as the ability-to-deeply link to all part of the Applic ation that we provide a route for. In ST2, the controller can directly specify which route is of interest to it. This allows us

How to Use sencha touch 2 sass custom icons

The default icons provided by sencha touch are limited, so there are only a few APIs. However, to facilitate expansion, sencha touch has already prepared several Icon files and sass code for us to facilitate later CSS customization. The icon file is under \ resources \ themes \ images \ Default \ pictos. If not, you can place your own PNG images. How can I customize my own icons? Because we are a Windows s

Sencha cmd Common Command Summary

First, Sencha generate: Automatically generate projects or code 1, Sencha generate app project name generation Path: Build a new ExtJS project Note: The above command will download the trial version of the EXT code to your local, if you have downloaded to the local, you need to use the-SDK command to specify the local ext directory to build your application, as follows:

[Study Notes] Run your sencha cmd

Address: Sushengmiyan --------------------------------------------------------------- Resource link ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Sencha cmd Official Website: Certificate ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Comparison of Sencha Touch and JQuery Mobile

Comparison of Sencha Touch and jquery Mobile in English: Sencha Touch vs jquery MobileTags:Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile 103 People collection This article, I want to collect Oschina recommended 2 years ago (total 7 paragraphs, translated 08-02) (23 reviews) participation in Translation (1 persons):yale8848 Chinese Only |Chinese-English Comparison |English only | Print this article Many peopl

Application monitoring (App Inspector) prepared for Ext JS and Sencha Touch developers)

Like other Sencha developers, I spend about half a day writing JavaScript on my favorite IDE tool, the other half is testing and debugging my application on the browser.In the past few years, every major browser has been greatly improved. Now, HTML 5 has been continuously supported across all browsers, and the JavaScript performance is also good, and the developer tools are also better than ever.Google Chrome is often the preferred choice for many dev

Tips and tips for sencha Eclipse plug-in

Original article: Sencha's Eclipse plug-in is a complete plug-in for code assistance and verification of popular Eclipse IDE. With this plug-in, you can get the standard sencha touch (latest sencha eclipse plugin 1.1), ext JS type, and code assistance for custom types defined as part of the project. T

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