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Building a simple C + + service component, part 1th: Introduction to the Service component Architecture C + + API

Building a simple C + + service component, part 1th: Introduction to the Service component Architecture C + + APIFamiliarize yourself with the APIs that will be used with Apache Tuscany SCA for C + +. You'll learn about the main components of the

SCA (Service component architecture) programming pattern

This article transferred from: This article introduces the basic concepts in the SCA programming model and illustrates some of its basic uses in a simple example, expecting to be a catalyst

Architecture of large-scale application systems-architecture Selection

Preface My work experience in. net over the past few years has made me want to write articles on large-scale application system architecture for a long time (for years. When chatting with colleagues, I talked about some piece of thinking.

Architecture designer and SOA)

SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) is a service-oriented architecture, the most widely used word in various technical journals in the past one or two years. Currently, many architecture designers and design developers simply equate SOA with Web

Overview of Service-Oriented Architecture

Overview of Service-Oriented Architecture Author/itso, Raleigh Center This article briefly describes the development of the service-oriented architecture. Then, I explored the relationship between component-oriented development and service-oriented

Service-based modeling and architecture

Preface This article discusses the important parts of service-based modeling and architecture, as well as the key activities required for analysis and design to build a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA. The author emphasizes selection,

Android system architecture-microservice architecture, android system architecture

Android system architecture-microservice architecture, android system architectureDirectory I. microservice Architecture Model 1.1 mode description 1.2 mode Topology 1.3 avoid dependency and Scheduling 1.4 precautions 1.5 Mode

Theory, method and practice summary of software architecture

The 1th Chapter: Introduction to Software architectureWhat are software crises and what are the specific manifestations of software crises?Software crisis: Backward software production can not meet the rapid growth of computer software requirements,

Service-Oriented Architecture: Implementation Challenges

Introduction You may have considered implementing SOA in your enterprise. In this implementation process, you will encounter complex challenges-including those that only exist in your company and industry. However, with a flexible roadmap to control

Android system architecture-microservice Architecture

Android system architecture-microservice ArchitectureDirectory 1. microservice Architecture Model1.1 mode description 1.2 mode topology 1.3 avoiding dependency and scheduling 1.4 precautions 1.5 Mode Analysis II. microservice architecture in Android

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