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Layer-3 architecture-rethink, layer-3 rethink

Layer-3 architecture-rethink, layer-3 rethink The third layer is over for a while, and I have summarized it above. In the previous article, I was wondering why I didn't knock on a login form for VB. NET. Now, this blog shows you how to rethink about logging on to the form. I started to reconstruct the charging system of the data center. I knocked on a VB. NET ver

English Listening people in America-005 Artie Shaw

005Artie Shaw(May 23,191 0-December 30,200 4), better known as Artie Shaw, was an American jazz clarinetist, composer, and bandleader.He is widely considered to be one of the greatest jazz clarinetists of his time.He is also the author of both fiction and non-fiction writings. Key Words Hit songs (hitsongs)N.Best-selling songs【Abstract】 hit songs best-selling song hit the books hard work hit the bottle

Chaletos 16.04 Released, Shaw like Windows 10

A release called Chaletos recently released 16.04 LTS, a release based on the Ubuntu 16.04 lts version. The main goal of this release is to provide a convenient way for those former Windows users to enter the open source world. It provides an application called Start point, designed to help Windows users quickly familiarize themselves with the system, which includes video guides, tutorials, and recommended applications.However, for some Windows users, you might want to see a familiar Windows int

PHP, little brother I want to use the regular expression to get the array (@ Shaw, @ Tip, @ To S_3 method, @ in there) these four array elements, do not contain the @ space

PHP, I want to use regular expressions to get the array (@ Shaw, @ Tip, @ to S_3, @ in there) these four array elements, do not contain the @ space.

A rethink of a tech-school entrepreneur

products will inevitably sacrifice a little user function and user experience, Imagine the success of the Internet products on the market which is pure products, commercialization of success or not to determine the life and death of the product. So, dear technical masters, we can go home and shave the matted hair of a messy beard, put on colorful clothes, and start planning and clearing our business thinking.In fact, there are too many technical cattle at home and abroad to succeed in entrepren

Learn to rethink and make the optimization approach progress in the review

their shortcomings, but also to make a timely summary of a set of optimal methods for their own. What's more, the search engine itself is also constantly adjusting the algorithm, competitors are constantly changing the way to do everything possible to go beyond it? It is easier to find a way to find yourself earlier by learning to reflect on early review. If you want to be a qualified optimizer, learn to rethink and review from now on. This article b

Baidu 6.22 and 6.28 events: Webmaster counterattack but still need to rethink

, if Baidu does not take appropriate methods, this way, will inevitably lose more bidders, Baidu stock also suffer from this hit    Down-3.95%, The Baidu incident also made a big clean-up on the Internet, to provide users with high quality results, to ensure the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem, should support, but webmaster need to rethink, how to cater to Baidu, to provide the real value of the content to customers, whether it

180815 Essays, Java Learning Rethink 1

-70, the next day is the amount of information explosion.5. If you preview, you have 50-65 of the amount of information, and then after class, you have more than 80-90 of information, and then because you preview, preview the time also hands-on operation, so the day class although the information is big, but you already have a considerable part of the content has been mastered, So your brain CPU only needs to parse which core modules. Continuously deepened and reinforced. No preview of the class

George Bernard Shaw's famous quotes Daquan

1. There is a woman behind every successful man, and there are two women behind every unsuccessful man.2. I was born smart-education ruined me.3, when I was young, I noticed that every 10 things I did had nine unsuccessful, so I tried to do it 10

Rethink about routing after vtun Configuration]

ClientRoot @ Ubuntu :~ # Ifconfig Eth0 link encap: Ethernet hardware address 20: 6a: 8A: 43: BA: E3 Inet address: 219.245.89.broadcast: mask: Inet6 address: 2001: 250: 1006: 5089: 226a: 8aff: fe43: bae3/64 scope:

Rethink about JavaScript after the interview

Why do you say that, if you receive an interview invitation a few days ago, you can try it. You haven't had an interview for a few years. And interviewer This article aims to allow more programmers to understand some concepts of javascript. We

Rethink about exceptions

  He discussed exceptions with JGTM 2004 [MVP] Last time and said, "Use logical flow instead of exception capture as much as possible". I also agree However, consider the following scenarios: Transfer (Account from, Account to, int amount ); The

Silverlight quick development platform-rethink the omnipotent entity god_model

Silverlight quick development platform is a configuration-based development platform. It is impossible to define a data model like a specific development business system to generate a specific entity class. Because our goal is to develop business

Rethink about regular expressions (to be continued)

I recently encountered an error when using the G flag of a regular expression. Simply sum up the regular expression to improve understanding! 1. Create a regular expression 1.1 Use the regular expression literal (I .e. //) to create VaR Reg =/(.) At/

Database architecture design strategy based on SaaS model (rethink)

The original design of database data Isolation Based on SaaS architecture is nothing more than three design modes: (1) independent database (2) Share Database, independent Schema (3) Share Database. shareSchema, each table has a tenentid (Tenant ID).

Rethink about Web (3): it is necessary to make a conversation

◎ Dilemmas of social networking websites"Relationship" is the only important thing in Web 2.0. It is built and maintained around this core. However, due to lack of human understanding, some social network services are already stuck in the issue of

SEO training is questioned rethink cultivate seo thinking art is the key

At present, a variety of domestic SEO training throughout the network. But overall, SEO training effect is passable, have Bo friend said: "I participated in several times (SEO) training did not learn what".    Baidu, a variety of SEO

Python Set Method Summary

1. Add an item at the tailAdd (...)This have no effect if the element is already present>>> a = set ([1,2,3,4,5])>>> A.add(' Shaw ')>>> ASet ([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ' Shaw '])2 . Empties all elements in the collectionClear (...)Remove all elements from the This set>>>a = Set ([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ' Shaw '])>>>a.Clear()>>>aSet ([])3. Returns a new collection, but the elements

Python List Method Summary

1. Add a new element to the tail of the listAppend (...)L.append (object)--Append object to end>>> a = [' Sam ', ' Shaw ']>>> a.append (' 35 ')>>> A[' Sam ', ', ' Shaw ', ' 35 ']2. Find The number of value in listCount (...)L.count (value), integer--Returnnumber of occurrences of value>>> L = [N, ' school ', ' Ball ', 24,12]>>> L.count (12)23. to append multiple values from another sequence at the end of t

Why is PHP a concentration camp?

. Don't misunderstand me-there are still a lot of excellent PHP developers, even at the time. However, as I said, the shoddy Cainiao works are everywhere. When a cowboy PHP programmer has no guiding principles to develop a program together, like PHPbb, PHPNuke, and many rough. php3 packages. But can you simply blame PHP developers? No! Other Web language giants, ASP and Perl, are equally notorious. they also promote a method of development in the form of stew. That's why PHP gets such a nickname

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