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Shopkick is better than Foursquare.

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: Tencent Science and Technology (men) Beijing time August 12 News, according to foreign media reports, there are experts on the automatic check-in application Shopkick and manual check-in location products Foursquare, said Shopkick more in line with user needs. The following are some basic ideas: Shopkick interface (

IOS scans and generates QR codes, and ios scans

IOS scans and generates QR codes, and ios scans 1. QR code generation Libqrencode: it is a library written in C language to parse two-dimensional code (QRCode). libqrencode scans two-dimensional code through the CCD camera of the mobile phone. Http:// To import the libqrencode library, run the following code: #import # Import "QRCodeGen

Python scans server ports in batches, and python scans server ports in batches.

Python scans server ports in batches, and python scans server ports in batches. I wrote a simple Port Scan script in Python. The simple logic is as follows: 1. python DetectHostPort. py iplist.txt (stores the text of the IP address list to be scanned, one address per line) 2. Enter the scan port, scan time, and scan interval. 3. Output scan information. The source code is pasted below. You are welcome to m

MySQL descending indexing and mitigating index scans

Descending indexing and loose index scan Descending indexing and mitigating index scans Comments to I previous posts, especially this one by Gokhan inspired me to write a bit about descending indexes and about Loose index Scan, or what Gokhan calls "better range" support. None of these are actially related to Innodb tables in General-these are features MySQL should get for all storage Engin Es at some point. The comments in my previous article, esp

Python scans the intranet for surviving hosts

#author: ' different platforms, The implementation of IP scanning on the intranet side sometimes needs to know the valid IP of the local area network, but does not want to find a specific tool to scan. How to use pythonip_scaner.py192.168.1.1 (will scan IP) ' Importplatformimport sysimportosimporttimeimportthreaddefget_os (): " getos type ' os= Platform.system () ifos== "Windows": return "n" else: return "C" defping_ip (IP_STR):

4 categories of Oracle Index scans

When you are learning Oracle, you may experience an Oracle index scan problem, and here's how to solve the Oracle index scan problem, and share it here. There are 4 types of Oracle index scans, depending on the type of index and the WHERE constraint: Indexed unique Scan (index unique scan) Index range Scan (index range scan) Index full scan (scan) Index fast Scan (index fast full scan) (1) Index unique Scan (indexed unique scan) Finding a value

How Java scans all classes under the specified package

/FOO.JAR!CN/FH", "/HOME/WHF/FO" O.jar "* * Public StaticStringGetrootpath(URL URL) {String FILEURL = Url.getfile ();intpos = Fileurl.indexof ('! ');if(-1= = pos) {returnFILEURL; }returnFileurl.substring (5, POS); }/** * "cn.fh.lightning", "cn/fh/lightning" * @param name * @return * * Public StaticStringDottosplash(String name) {returnName.replaceall ("\\.","/"); }/** * "Apple.class", "Apple" * * Public StaticStringtrimextension(String name) {intpos = Name.indexof ('. ');if(-1! = pos

Why are spring and Spring MVC package scans separate?

initializes the bean, so it should be two beans.question two: Why not all the beans are scanned in the sub-container? A: Many articles on the web say that sub-containers do not support AOP, in fact, this is not true. AOP is implemented because the relevant configuration of AOP is normally configured in the spring container, and if all the beans are migrated to the MVC configuration file, all of them are in a child container, which is equivalent to only one container. Disadvantage is not conduci

Ruby writes a script that scans all URLs of the current page

A script that scans all URLs in the current page, written in Ruby, is a good example of learning Ruby's friends. #scanweb.rb #用法ruby scanweb.rb 将当前结果保存在c:\1.txt require 'net/http' filename='c:\1.txt',"w+") if $*[0]==nil puts "hehe,没有输入网址" else h =$*[0], 80) resp, data = h.get('/index.html', nil) if resp.message == "OK" data.scan(/ puts x filename.puts x end end end #无聊,有vbs、php、ruby版了,好像ruby比vbs快,与php不相上下。 =begin

"Spring and Springmvc" Automatically scans for annotation class issues

thing is invalid, cannot roll back In Applicationcontext.xml, configure the following in Spring-servlet.xml:The start is normal, the request is normal, the things are normal.Conclusion: In Spring-servlet.xml, you only need to scan all classes with @controller annotations, and in ApplicationContext you can scan all other annotated classes (you can also filter out classes with @controller annotations). You can also use Context:include-filter and context:exclude-filter to filter annotations

Several common types of index scans

the optimizer to discover that a query condition can take advantage of a primary key, a unique key, a column with a foreign key constraint, or simply access the data where the index of a row is located. The second type:Index Range ScanIndex range scanning, when the optimizer finds that the use of greater than, less than, greater than equals, less than equals, and between on a unique column will use range scanning, only partial queries on the combined columns, resulting in multiple rows of data

"Win10 app development" scans and connects to Wi-Fi networks

Original: "WIN10 application Development" scans and connects Wi-Fi networksThe old week takes everybody to "minesweeper" today, do not take it seriously, scan and connect to the designated wireless network, a little more fashionable call Wi-Fi.Therefore, today's task requires that your device has at least 1 wireless network cards, the current old weeks have not seen a device with n wireless card. Like notebooks, tablets and other devices can, of cours

Analysis of problems in SQL Server that cause index lookups to become index scans _mssql

implicit conversion of SQL: 1: Make sure the comparison has the same data type. 2: Use the CAST (explicit conversion) method. By making sure that the data types of the comparisons are the same, we can let SQL Walk index lookup (index seek) as follows SELECT Nationalidnumber, loginid from humanresources.employee Note: Not all implicit conversions cause index lookup to be indexed (index Scan), implicit conversions that cause index Scan

Oracle training and learning highlights 360-degree scans

Oracle training and learning highlights 360-degree scans first, create user conn system/orclhspcreate user xiaoming identified by m123grant connect to xiaminggrant resource to xiaomingconnect xiaoming/m123pasword xiaoming Change Password disconnect new table and add data create table users (id number ); insert into users values (1) revoke permissions. Note that you cannot implement the permission by yourself. You can also delete the user drop user xia

Python scans the proxy and obtains the instance of the available proxy ip address, pythonproxy

Python scans the proxy and obtains the instance of the available proxy ip address, pythonproxy Today, I wrote a practical tool to scan and obtain available proxies. First of all, I first Baidu found a Website: as an Example This website has published many available proxy ip addresses and ports at home and abroad. Let's analyze it as we used to, so we should first scan all domestic proxies. Click the domestic part for review an

Nmap scans using the scripting engine

1. Download Nmap(nmap website ).2. Install Nmap.3. Edit the environment variable (required under Windows), save.4. If you successfully enter Nmap under CMD, the usage will be displayed.5. Using the scripting engine (if the script is missing, you can download the appropriate script to Nsedoc ):(1) Scan Web sensitive directory: --script=http-enum. NSE Use all the scripts to scan: --script All scan with wildcard characters: the " http-* " www.text.comCommon Windows E

Sort colors [leetcode] scans the array once, and solves the space complexity of O (1 ).

back, and the corresponding nextpos ++ You can write it in one sentence: for (int c = A[i]; c When I = 0, nextpos is changed to {1, 1, 1}, but a [0] is changed to 2. So we need to reverse the for loop so that a [0] is still 0 for (int c = 2; c >= A[i]; c--) A[nextPos[c]++] = c; However, this loop does not run correctly, because when C = 2, a [0] is changed to 2, c -- void sortColors(int A[], int n) { int nextPos[3] = {0}; for (int i = 0; i Sort colors [leetcode]

IOS scans WiFi hotspots

As for how IOS scans for WiFi hotspots, you may find it on the Internet. After reading it, it is estimated that you will crash. Because all the articles actually come from one place, there is no new idea in the transfer. In many cases, the problem cannot be solved. Here we will talk about some of the problems I encountered during the scanning process. (For how to scan, Google yourself) Source Code address:

Automatically checks the ip address used to scan the ssh port, and disables the command for 100 scans.

Automatically Check the ip address used to scan the ssh port, and automatically disable command 01 for 100 scans #! /Bin/bash02 # sshd, failed03cd/var/bak 04cat/var/log/secure | grep Failed | awk '{print $13}' | sort | uniq-c> loginfailed.txt 05cat/var/log/secure | grep Failed | awk '{print $11}' | sort | uniq-c> loginfailed.txt 06sed-I '/[a-z]/d' loginfailed.txt 07sed-I '/ [A-Z]/d 'loginfailed.txt 08cat loginfailed.txt | awk' {if (length

Python scans IP segments to check whether the specified port is open.

Python scans IP segments to check whether the specified port is open. This example describes how to check whether a specified port is opened by scanning the IP segment of Python. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: #! /Usr/local/bin/python #-*-coding: UTF-8 -*-#################################### ######################################## ######################################## ### BLOG: http://hi.bai

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