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Android layoutanimation simple app to get your app to increase the force grid

Recently, when playing an app, found just entered his page, his page of the child controls are flying from the right side, feel good, the way to imitate a. It's much more comfortable to watch than to stay there!Still Feel good! Anyway, I think it's better than a stiff-looking! You guys think that!Looking at what we are imitating:Almost, just fine-tune it!The point code, in fact, is very simple:Create a new Anim folder to create a new two XMLJust put t

1th Android app Android simple single-page navigation _android

This example shows how to add a simple single-page navigation, and then shows how to display all the phone numbers dialed on page 1th in page 2nd. (1) Understand the basic architecture of the Android app through this example. (2) This example to understand the implementation of Android multi-screen navigation basic t

Android App development Efficient toolset 1---ant build a simple Android project

, the proposed name-n is added, otherwise it is named by the activity name. -T can not be modified, the target ID of the project is actually the version of the Android API, we can view the project's Project.Properties, as a benchmark, as follows:[Email protected] ballgame]$ tail ... # project the original project ballgame directory and enter the following comm

Android practice simple tutorial-48th gun (App guide page effect implementation), androidapp

Android practice simple tutorial-48th gun (App guide page effect implementation), androidapp Kids shoes that often use apps will find that the first time they enter the APP, there will be a boot page, which can include some APP usage introductions or other information. Next

12) 10 minutes to learn the simple data transmission of ANDROID--APP communication transmission message

Inter-Program communication is one of the best features of Android programs. When a feature already exists in another app and is not a core feature of the program, there is absolutely no need to re-write it.This section describes some common ways to send and receive content between different programs by using intent APIs and Actionprovider objects.Lessons Send a

Simple use of Android App widgets

pendingintent = pendingintent.getactivity (context, 0, Intent,0); Remoteviews remoteviews=Newremoteviews (Context.getpackagename (), r.layout.example_appwidget); //binds the event handler to the button,//The first parameter is used to specify the ID of the bound processor control; //The second parameter is used to specify which pendingintent will be specified when the event occurs.remoteviews.setonclickpendingintent (, pendingintent); //Update AppwidgetAppwidgetmanager.update

Build an intranet WCF service with NAT123 and implement an Android app to access a simple performance test on a companion site

The following original, transfer please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation!Introduction: NAT123 is a very powerful tool, and the use of the very simple, really to help users ignore the internal and external network of the construction station services.Here is a brief introduction of how to build an intranet WCF service with NAT123, and then use an Android

Android Simple App (iii)--add listeners to your program

Code Second, call the callback functionI am here to bind the interface in activity, the actual code is as follows: Public class extends Implements callerclass.callback{ private Callerclass Caller ...}Inherited the callback interface in Callerclass, the Out method is as follows: @Override publicvoid out () { // TODO auto-generated Method Stub System.out.println ("This is the output on the activity"); }Finally, call the Out () method of Callerclass in OnCreate:New Calle

3) 10 minutes Learn android--Build your first app and create a simple user interface

://"xmlns:app="Http://"xmlns:tools="Http://"android:orientation="Horizontal"Android:layout_width="Match_parent"android:layout_height="Match_parent"App:layout_behavior="@string/appbar_scrolling_view_behavior"tools:showin="@layout/activity_my" >EditTextandroid:id= "@+id/edit_message" android:layout_weight="1" android:layout_width="0DP " android:layout_height= "wr

Build IIS that supports APK download and HTML5 cache (with an ultra-simple Android app)

Why do you want to do something that looks unreliable?Because just learned Android development, not very good control of the Android interface editing and operation, so I want to use a rush to the HTML5 version, anyway, this application is also needed from the server to obtain a large amount of data to display on the phone, that is to say: Must be networked to work properly , so think about it, anyway, to g

Build IIS that supports APK download and HTML5 cache (with an ultra-simple Android app) specifically explained

Why do you want to do something that looks unreliable?Because just learn Android development, not very good control of the Android interface editing and operation, so one of my urgent need to use the HTML5 version number, anyway, this application also need to get a lot of data from the server to display on the phone, that is to say: Must be networked, Ability to work normally, so think about it, anyway, to

Android APP is simple and efficient to disable portrait and screen switching

By default, Android app's interface will change with the direction of the phone, when the phone is in the vertical state, the app's interface is also in the vertical state, and when the phone is in a horizontal screen, the app will automatically switch to the horizontal screen state. In general, the app interface is designed for vertical screen, once automaticall

Android Learning Series (5)-simple model of App Layout

The progress of human science and technology comes from exploration. The exploration comes from the original discovery. Of course, the App layout is not so advanced. This article is just a summary.This article is a must-have knowledge for android Developers. It is specially compiled and summarized for everyone. It is not perfect but useful. Android interface deve

Android simple app hack--runtime.apk

jump from this instruction tocond_1is an input errorPINcode, and the sequential execution is the right inputPINthe case of the code. The judgment, the instructionIF-EQZ v1,: Cond_1for the program's crack point, as long as the row is deleted, regardless of the input value, the program will not jump to the output error prompt in the code snippet, that is, to achieve our goal of cracking:No matter what pin you entercode value, the program all Feedback "Correct PIN entered". Recompile and signAfter

Simple app for menu Optionsmenu in Android

Optionsmenu is the menu option in the Android phoneFirst, to implement the menu operation is to first override the Oncreateoptionsmenu (Menu menu) methodThere are usually two ways to implement the addition of options in a menuThe first is dynamic adding: Calling the Add method directly in the Oncreateoptionsmenu methodpublic boolean Oncreateoptionsmenu (Menu menu) { menu.add (1,100,1, "1"); Menu.add (1,101,1, "Menu 2"); Menu.add (

Android simple App (ii)--use dispatchkeyevent double exit program

) { if(System.currenttimemillis ()-Pretime //within two seconds, exit return Super. Dispatchkeyevent (event); }Toast.maketext (This, "Press again to exit the program", Toast.length_short). Show ();//system.exit (0); Pretime=System.currenttimemillis (); return true; } //TODO auto-generated Method Stub return Super. Dispatchkeyevent (event); } @Override Public Booleandispatchtouchevent (motionevent ev) {//TODO auto-generated Method StubLOG

Android-app Automation Simple example of "Python + Uiaotumator2"

="Android.widget.LinearLayout"). Drag_to (0.498, 0.00, duration=0.5)#Rectification Period: Select September 1D (resourceid="cn.sqm.citymine_safety:id/tv_please_the_rectification_date"). Click () forIinchRange (2): D (resourceId="Cn.sqm.citymine_safety:id/day"). Drag_to (0.82, 0.8, duration=0.5) d (Text='Determine'). Click ()#co-workersList = ["Development"]d (ResourceId="Cn.sqm.citymine_safety:id/item_tv_personnel_name"). Click () d (ResourceId="Cn.sqm.citymine_safety:id/item_tv_personnel_name",

Android app-simple and music player with phone listening added

Android app-simple and beautiful music players add phone monitors In September 2nd, the simplified and beautiful music players started Stage 1 Stage 1 has completed the following functions: 1. automatically display the music list 2. Click the list to play the music. 3. Long press List dialog box 4. Pause music 5. Last music 6. Next music 7. aut

Android WebView Simple App

, " Text/html ", " Utf-8 ", null ); When your webview overwrite the URL-loaded behavior, it automatically accumulates a history of the pages visited, and you can use the GoBack () and GoForward () methods to move forward or backward through the history.By overriding Webviewclient, you can better control the behavior within the page. Public class mywebviewclient extends webviewclient { @Override Public void onpagefinished(WebView view, String URL) {//TODO auto-generated meth

Android about image zoom, rotation simple app

Turn rightprivate void Right () {//TODO auto-generated method Stubint BMPW = Bm.getwidth (), int bmph = Bm.getheight ();d ouble Scale =1; scalew = (float) (Scalew*scale); Scaleh = (float) (Scaleh*scale); Matrix Mt =new Matrix (); Mt. Postscale (Scalew, Scaleh); Mt.setrotate (curdegrees=curdegrees+5); Bitmap bitmap= bitmap.createbitmap (BM, 0, 0, BMPW, bmph, MT, true); Iv.setimagebitmap (bitmap);}Leftprivate void Left () {int BMPW = Bm.getwidth (

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