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Samsung S6 Edge Slow motion video how to use? S6 Edge Slow Motion video tutorial

1. Samsung S6 Edge Slow motion in the mobile phone's "camera", we click on the desktop camera can enter.2. In the camera this we click on "mode" as shown below.3. In the mode interface you will see a lot of options, we click on "Slow motion."4. OK, let's click on the "Record" button to start recording.5. When the recor

Samsung G9208 S6 Slow motion how to use? How to use S6 slow motion

What is slow motion? Slow action is the same as fast action. In essence, are the technical methods to change the physical form of motion, the slow motion in television is usually done on the stunt table, the film is upgraded (

How do you shoot slow motion video from Apple 5s? 5s filming slow motion video Tutorials

1. In the Apple 5s we clicked on the camera image and went to the "camera mode" of the cell phone. 2. As shown in the following illustration, we slide the slow action bar on the screen of the photo interface and click on the "recording" details as shown in the picture. 3. Now we can click on the White button to take a picture while filming. If not, click the red button directly, as shown in the following figure. 4. After the shoot, we can pre

How does a Kuaishou make a slow motion lens? How does a Kuaishou make a slow motion lens tutorial?

1 First use the Apple phone to open the camera to choose "Slow motion" shooting video, after the completion of the video shot click on the top right corner of the "camera." (pictured below) 2 then select the video just shot click "√", after the completion of the crop click on the upper right corner of the "√". (pictured below) 3 finally enter the content you want to say and click "√" to complete t

Samsung S6 How to use slow action mode? S6 Slow Motion mode using method

If you want to shoot in slow motion mode, follow these steps: 1. Under the Standby page, click on "Camera". 2. Click the "mode" in the lower left corner of the screen. 3. Click "Slow Action". 4. Click the "Record" button to start recording. 5. When the recording is complete, click the "Stop" button.

How do you take slow motion with us pictures?

How do you shoot slow motion? The following will demonstrate the beauty of the United States to take a slow shot shooting method, beauty pictures support slow motion shooting, and some friends do not know how to operate, let us understand the specific steps below ~ Unlike s

How do you import a computer in a slow motion video from Apple 5s?

Some netizens asked, how to use his IPhone 5s film "Slow motion film", uploaded to the computer to see no slow action effect, just a normal speed of the film play. How do you export 120 video slow motion movies per second from the IPhone 5s to your computer to watch or uploa

The eighth chapter of Flash theory course Ⅰ of slow motion and elastic movement

Back to "flash Basic Theory Class-Catalog" It is hard to believe that we actually used seven chapters to introduce the basics, now into the eighth chapter, here is the starting point of high-level content. Starting from here, the content is becoming more and more interesting, and the previous chapters are common concepts and techniques. Starting today, each chapter focuses on only one or two special sports. This chapter will introduce the slow

Example of the tween. js slow-motion compensation algorithm and tween. js example

Example of the tween. js slow-motion compensation algorithm and tween. js example 1. Understand tween. js If you have understood the above, you can skip the following section. below is the Tween. the following explains how to use this Tween. First, the parameters B, c, and d (that is, the initial value, change volume, and duration) are before the start of the easing, yes. First, we will introduce the concep

The animation of jquery+easing slow motion used in the front-end of website construction

] = prop[i][1]; Prop[i] = prop[i][0]; } } opt = jquery.speed (duration, easing, callback); if (Haseaser) { Opt.step = (function (_step) { return function (now, FX) { var end = Fx.end, easefn; if ( easefn = Props[fx.prop]) { = Jqeasing[easefn] (now/end, now, 0, end, end); } _step (Fx.elem,, FX); }; }) (Opt.step); } optopt.complete = Opt.old | | callback | | jquery.isfunction (easing) eas

The principle and realization of slow motion

Animation is to a certain frequency to change the attributes of the elements, so that the most common animation is the constant speed of the animation, each increment fixed value. Easing is used to modify the value of each increment, so that it increases in an irregular way, to achieve the animation changes.The program realizes the linear motion without acceleration of the easing actionThe mathematical formula is: f(x)=x , the code is as follows:funct

Slow Motion Package

Encapsulation functions function Animate (obj,endposition) { clearinterval (obj.timer); = SetInterval (function() { var step = (endposition-obj.offsetleft)/10; Step = step > 0? Math.ceil (STEP): Math.floor (step); = obj.offsetleft + step + ' px '; if (Obj.offsetleft = = endposition) {clearinterval (Obj.timer)} },() }CaseDoctyle HTML>HTML>Head> MetaCharSet= "Uft-8" /> style>#box{width:100px;Height:100px;background:#d

Slow Motion (JSON)

function animate (obj, JSON) {Clearinterval (Obj.timer);Obj.timer=setinterval (function () {var flag = true;For (var k in JSON) {var target = json[k];Leader = property value of the current elementVAR leader =parseint (GetStyle (obj,k));Easing formula Step = (Target-leader)/10 leader = leader + step;var step = (Target-leader)/10;Step = step > 0? Math.ceil (STEP): Math.floor (step);Leader = leader + step;Assigning values to an[k] = leader + "px";if (leader! = target) {Flag = false

Ultra-slow motion animations use CSS3 for smoother results

The triangular fragment rotates at a very slow speed. Suppose that the use of JS implementation will cause a pixel-by-pixel movement of the stutterThe use of CSS3 will result in an ideal effectTransform:translate3d (80px, 150px, 0px) rotate (1220deg); transition:transform 30s linear 0s;The above attribute represents an image transformationTranslate3d (80px, 150px, 0px) means x-axis offset 80px, y-axis offset 150pxRotate (1220deg) means that the 1220°

Ngui of the slow motion

Ngui integrates a number of animation components to achieve a variety of animation effects.The commonly used easing effects are as follows:Tweenposition tw=uitweener.beginVector3 vpos=gameobj.transform.position;Tw.method = UITweener.Method.Linear;The following 6 types of presentation are availablepublic enum Method {Linear,EaseIn,EaseOut,Easeinout,Bouncein,Bounceout,//}Tw.from = vPOS;vpos.x = 0; = vPOS;Ngui of the slow

Slow-motion Curve

A variety of ease of the curve, save convenient for future viewing! 1. Linear 2. Swing 3. Easeinquad 4. Easeoutquad 5. Easeinoutquad 6. Easeincubic 7. Easeoutcubic 8. Easeinoutcubic 9. Easeinquart Ten. Easeoutquart Easeinoutquart. 12. Easeinquint Easeoutquint.

Picture mouse movement Slow motion effect

; overflow:hidden; padding:35px0; }. Partner-BG {position:absolute; Top:0; Left0; Width -%; Height -%; }. Partner-bg. partner-scroll {position:absolute; Top:0; Left0; Width the%; Height -%; Background-position:center0; -moz-background-size:cover; -o-background-size:cover; Background-size:cover; Background-repeat:no-repeat; -webkit-transition:all Ease0.7s; -o-transition:all Ease0.7s; -moz-transition:all Ease0.7s; Transition:all Ease0.7s; Background-attachment:scroll; }. partner-bg {position:absol

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