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Smartgit Use one---merge branch __git&smartgit

1. Use tool: Smartgit 2. Scenario: There are two branches: one own Development Branch, a general framework branch, as shown in the Figure red box, I developed my own on the Hudfang-local branch, I led the development on the Feature/demo branch, he made the changes synchronized to the demo branch, I made a modification commit to the Hudfang-local branch. Now I'm going to merge the code he's newly submitted to the Feature/demo branch to my branch. 3

Install and use SmartGit in Windows

Install and use SmartGit in Windows Today, Git is booming, and I want to use Git to manage code written in my spare time. For more information about Git, see Ubuntu12.04 Git server configuration. Let's get started here. 1. Download the Git Client 1. Go to the Git Official Website: download the client. The client on the official website is in

Ubuntu under Smartgit Use tutorial

I. Download and install Smartgit Operation under the terminal: -Execute command: cd/opt -Execute command: wget -Execute command: Tar xvf smartgit.tar.gz-Execute command: CD smartgit/binSecond, add smartgit to dash menu Under the Smartgit

Smartgit Preliminary use

Smartgit Preliminary Use In Git's heyday today, I also want to use Git to write my spare time code to manage a bit. What git does here is not much to say, specifically see Liaoche's git tutorials, progit and more in a detailed tutorial. We are here to get started directly. First, download the GIT client 1, GIT official website:, download th

Ubuntu Installation Smartgit

1. Install the JDK first; ( comment area)2. Download and install Smartgit:Http://$ sudo dpkg -i $ sudo apt-get install -fThe

Git|smartgit use of the detailed

different location, the address is unique; This way your online code warehouse is created, and then the installation of the client to the local code to the Internet, it is recommended to use smartgit; First go to the official website to download a client, here does not say how to install software, direct prompt next on the line; After installing the client, it is used, One, open

Ubuntu and derivative version users how to install SMARTGIT/HG

Http:// and derivative version users how to install SMARTGIT/HG 6.0.0 [Date: 2014-06-03] Source: Linux [Font: Big Small] SMARTGIT/HG is an open source, cross-platform, Git-and Mercurial-capable SVN graphics client that runs on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X systems. The latest version available is

Which of the following is tortoisegit and smartgit?

Compared with tortoisegit and smartgit, it seems that both functions are similar. The biggest difference may be that smartgit can run on MacOs, but many companies use tortoisegit. Which of the following graphical tools should I choose if I have to use them all in the future... compared with tortoisegit and smartgit, it seems that both functions are similar. The b

[Github & amp; git] 6. SmartGit (30 days later .,

[Github git] 6. SmartGit (30 days later ., In our project process, we will use the SmartGit software to push the local MAVEN project to the domestic code cloud ( or foreign github site for project management, smartgit is required at this time. However, SmartGit charges fees. It can

Smartgit as SVN Bridge

This page provides a introduction to Smartgit from a SVN users perspective and shows how the SVN workflows can be PE Rformed using Smartgit: Check out:cloning an SVN repository Working copy:the Git Working tree Commit (Part 1): Commit locally Log:git commits and version history Commit (Part 2): Push Update:pulling changes Switch:changing the current branch Merge (Part 1)

Upload Java MAVEN project to code cloud via Smartgit

First, start a new project on the Code cloudIi. links to duplicate itemsThird, open the Smartgit, click Clone4. Stick the copied item link up5, then point two times Next, select a path, finish6. Open the path you just selected, we can see:7. Now we're going to stick our own Maven project in.8, after the finish, we can see the smartgit has been more out of the things9, Next we click on the stage, then click

Use SmartGit to upload a java maven project to Alibaba Cloud, smartgitmaven

Use SmartGit to upload a java maven project to Alibaba Cloud, smartgitmaven 1. First, create a project on the Apsara Stack 2. Copying the Project LINK 3. Open SmartGit and click clone 4. paste the copied Project Link 5. Click next twice, select a path, and finish 6. Open the selected path and we can see that: 7. Now we need to stick our maven Project 8. After that, we can s

"Go" Install smartgit via PPA in Ubuntu 13.10/13.04/12.04/linux Mint

Original URL: tutorial'll show you how to install SMARTGIT/HG easily via PPA in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and Linux Mint.As know, SMARTGIT/HG is a graphical Git and Mercurial client which can also connect to SVN repositories.

GitHub and smartgit instructions and Suggestions

From: When using GitHub for collaboration, we often need to install the corresponding software on the client. smartgit is a very good software, but it only needs to be paid. We can use the non-commercial cial version. When using smartgit, pay attention to the following points: 1. The file is the smallest unit for synchronization. Each person has the ownership of a fi

Smartgit: A graphical client program of the GIT Version Control System

Git was originally a distributed version control/Software Configuration Management software created by denas torwaz to better manage Linux kernel development. Later, the GIT kernel was mature and can be used independently for version control. Many well-known software use git for version control, including Linux kernel, X. org server, and OLPC kernel development. When using GitHub for collaboration, we often need to install the corresponding software on the client. This article describes how to

Instructions and suggestions for the use of GitHub and Smartgit __branch

This article originates from: Http:// When using GitHub to do synergy, we often need to install the appropriate software on the client, Smartgit is a very good software, but to pay, we can use the non-commercial version. When using Smartgit, you should pay attention to some points: 1 with files as the smallest unit of synchronization, everyone has ownership of a file, others

Ubuntu smartgit Add a remote repository to an existing warehouse

First double-click the current warehouse to make the current warehouse work, select remote from the menu bar,Select "Add", fill out the remote repository's address and name in the pop-up window, and click "Add".After adding a new remote repository, right-click the remote warehouse name and select PullYou can get the latest code for the remote repository. The first pull will pop the window prompts to configure pull mode, select"Fetch only", which updates only the local remote warehouse code, and

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