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Use FFMPEG to convert media files

The mencoder command line looks a little scary, so FFmpeg is used. In fact, most of the so-called conversion software is based on FFMPEG, and mencoder also uses FFMPEG. FFmpeg is used for mplayer organizations. So why can't many software convert some files and CODEC? This is because FFmpeg is not supported. For example, wmvv3 (wmv9) encoding and FFMPEG are not supported now. Therefore, basically all the con

The simplest example of memory read/write based on FFMPEG: Memory Transcoder

simplest FFMPEG-based transcoding Program Shows the flowchart of the process program. We can see that avformatcontext of input and output is initialized respectively. Then, decode the input avpacket to obtain the avframe that stores the pixel data (yuv420p format), encode the avframe as the avpacket of H.264, and output the encoded avpacket. Directly paste the code below: /*** The simplest example of memory read/write based on FFMPEG (memory Transcoder) ** simplest FFMPEG mem Transcoder, zha

Design engineers must follow the following design specifications:

problems should not be mistaken. If your design is wrong, the factory will not take responsibility and hope to understand it! I. Division I is based on the files provided by the customer (support for 99se, pads/dxp and Gerber ). 1) It should be noted that the high-edition Board, such as dxo2004, or a later version should not be converted to the 99se version, resulting in less copper skin. 2) (important) if you use dxp2004, ad6.9, and Ad series design softw

How to convert a picture into Word text

. The story is such a development, and then a husband needs a paper document to modify, unable to file no electronic manuscript, so seek our help, because the work is very urgent there customers waiting. Xiang this time to take the job, the use of Agile image text recognition software will soon transform the image into text, after the leadership to remember the previous drowned in the crowd in the small Hin. OCR recognition softwareOriginally, the use of software is not huge, but very civilian,

How to add icon for a website to make your website more dazzling

Amp; nbsp; The favicon. ico icon on the website is a very simple problem, but it is often ignored. The favicon. ico icon not only promotes the website, but also makes the website more professional. This article briefly introduces 1. The favicon. ico icon on the website is a very simple problem, but it is often ignored. The favicon. ico icon not only promotes the website, but also makes the website more professional. This article briefly introduces how to add the favicon. ico icon for a website.

Nginx service and compilation and installation, Nginx service compilation and Installation

parameter help. 1 -- prefix = PATH # 2.4.2 compile and install software (errors will be reported if the order is reversed) 1 make # compile software -- convert to binary software package so that the computer can recognize 2 3 make install # compile and install2.4.3 create a soft link to the directory 1 cd/application/2 3 ln-s/application/nginx-1.10.2 // application/nginx Purpose: Change the Nginx installat

Ubuntu16.04 Create a tutorial on GIF motion diagrams

It's not hard, just install the FFmpeg Ubuntu 16.04 desktop side, install the ImageMagick, and the tools are available (same for other Linux distributions). FFmpeg is an open source audio, visual converter, using FFmpeg we can easily convert and record audio and video files, and ImageMagick is a create, edit and merge bitmap images of an open source software. Convert Video to GIF Let's start with a simpl

PS can't finish video frame to layer how to do?

PS can't finish video frame to layer how to do? Method/Step In short, Photoshop does not support the imported video file format, so to solve this problem is to convert the format to the video file format supported by Photoshop. In fact, Photoshop supports most of the video file formats, like the more common avi,mov,mp4,swf and so on. But our video from the Internet is generally FLV format, Photoshop does not support this format, so there is this problem. Additionally the MPEG format is not

How mobile screenshots turn into Word

How mobile phones turn into WordMobile phones have now become an arcade, walking in the street with the iphone phone people look up, Ipone's photography function is its selling point, so we often use it to replace the function of the scanner, so there are a lot of image text in the phone side, To use the text of the image can be used by the speed of the OCR text recognition software to transform it into normal text, so that you can arbitrarily modify, copy and so on. So many netizens asked me ho

How to convert a downloaded PDF document to a format

Sometimes we prefer to download files on some resource-rich platforms, such as Bean ding, watercress, etc., in the bean ding downloaded some of the documents are in PDF format, but I want to convert these PDF documents into editable Word format text, for some Word scanned PDF document How to deal with it?  Here are some experiences for you to share. Converting PDF scans to Word documents is cumbersome, and some PDFs converted to Word converters are not convertible, and Word documents that are co

How to use image word recognition software

How to use image word recognition softwareToday's young people like to take pictures, no matter where they want to use photos to record, such habits continue to work and study. For some of the text of interest is usually raised camera or mobile phone to take down, even some documents, materials are recorded in such a way. But it's not that easy to use these pictures, because theseThe photo text cannot be copied or edited directly after it has been uploaded to the computer, so it needs to be conv

The simplest example of memory read/write based on FFmpeg: Memory Transcoder and ffmpeg read/write

outputs The transcoded data to the memory. * Is the simplest example of using FFmpeg to read and write memory. ** This software convert video bitstream (Such as MPEG2) to H. 264 * bitstream. it read video bitstream from memory (not from a file), * convert it to H. 264 bitstream, and finally output to another memory. * It's the simplest example to use FFmpeg to read (or write) from * memory. **/# include R

How to install glut. h and Glu. h in Linux

To program OpenGL in Linux, you must first install the glut package.1 install glut(1 ): Http:// (2)decompress decompression, there is an RPM installation package, a test file, a glut. H, and a makefile, which are all very important.(3) installation:PM-I glut-3.7-8.i386.rpm(Note: If you already have a later glut, useRpm-I -- force glut-3.7-8.i386.rpm)If your Ubuntu does not support the RPM type, you can install the alien

Server building process, svn, oracle, tomcat

old version is used to import the old version, you need to modify the version representation of the dmp file, if it is changed to a lower version, it can be imported, but several tables will be lost. USB flash disk system installation process 1. prepare a USB flash drive and back up things 2. download the image file of the System Disk 2. download a one-click USB flash drive installation software, convert t

Edit Test: Quick PDF Converter How to convert PDF to JPG

There are a lot of PDFs on the web that convert to JPG, and naturally there are a lot of workarounds, and the editorial statistics show that PDF converts to JPG using the Quick PDF Converter for the corresponding conversion of the user numerous. Are these the numbers that are being brushed out? Quick PDF Converter Is it really that good? Here, with the editor, you can test the transformation of the conversion tool and some of its features.First of all, download the conversion tool (Quick PDF Con

Depth, depth cache, depth test and save as image in OpenGL

1. DepthThe so-called depth is the distance of the pixel z coordinate from the camera in the OpenGL coordinate system. The camera may be placed anywhere in the coordinate system, so it is not easy to say that the greater the z value or the smaller the closer the camera is.2. Depth bufferThe deep buffer principle is to associate the depth value (or distance) of a distance observation plane (near clipping surface) with each pixel in the window.First, use Glclear (gl_depth_buffer_bit) to set the de

Read memory reads and writes based on the simplest ffmpeg sampling: storage

FFmpeg mem transcoder * * Lei Hua, Zhang Hui * [emailprotected] * Communication University/Digital TV Technology * Co Mmunication University of China/digital TV technology * * * This program realizes the random format video data (such as MPEG2) turn The code is a stream data of H. * This program does not process the files, but instead handles the in-memory video data. * It reads data from memory and outputs the transcoded data into memory. * Is the simplest e

What OCR word recognition software is useful

any expertise, can use the computer will operate the software. Convert picture text into Word softwareIs it easy to convert picture text to Word software? Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of Agile OCR word recognition software: Support file drag, no matter what path the file is stored in, drag directly into the software to add. One-click conversion, add the file after the completion, directly

How to convert scanned images into Word

text. Convert picture text into Word softwareThe first step: Add files, open the software to the main page, click on the upper left corner of the "Add Files" button to find the location of the file to increase (can also be directly dragged files placed in the software). Convert picture text into Word softwareThe second step: the output path, select from a demand output path, can directly connect the phone,

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