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Where can I clear the Sogou browser cache? To clear the cache in Sogou browser

1, we first open Sogou browser, and then we click on the browser "Tools" in the Drop-down menu we click "Clear browsing Record" button; 2, open the entry after we click to clear the browsing record interface, the "Internet temporary Files" Check, click "Immediately clear" so that can be specific as follows. In addition, if we do not want

Sogou browser extension development process, sogou browser Development

Sogou browser extension development process, sogou browser DevelopmentFor example, you need to create a plug-in to conveniently view stock quotations:1. Create a new folder (such as stock) Where all the files are stored.2. Create two icons: default. ico (16*16 bytes and default-big.png (32*32)Production tool: IcoFX3. C

Browser to open the local write HTML file, in a networked environment automatically jump to Sogou Web page, Web hijacking locc.dll, browser homepage are hijacked to sogou navigation solution. key +e key search Locc.dll. Delete Locc.dll, if not deleted, forcibly removed with software.2. Clean up the registry: Win+r, enter regedit, find in the Edit menu or ctrl+f find the Frist home page or state page to find the URL of the hijacking jump to modify or delete.3. Search the taskbar under the system disk and delete the shortcut containing the browser.4. After the above experience, do not use the online download of the Pony Activation tool

Sogou browser how to set the home page Sogou browser settings home page tutorial

1. After we open the Sogou browser, click "tools"-"options", as shown in the following figure.2. On the home page, find the URLs of "URL Daquan", "my favorites", "Blank pages", and "custom. You can choose to open the "homepage" or "last page not closed" at startup"Why is it tampered?Some malware gains profits by tampering with t

How does Sogou browser add wechat? Illustration of Sogou browser and WeChat method

1. Install a Sogou browser on the computer before finding the tool box"2. Click add in the tool box interface, and then click the search WeChat icon.3. Click "install" after searching, as shown in the figure.4. Download the package after installation. After the installation is complete, click yes to confirm.5. Scan the webpage and click confirm on the mobile phone. In this way, your WeChat ac

How to set the compatibility mode of Sogou browser in Sogou browser

1. Open the browser and click "tool" in the menu. In the tool drop-down list, find "option" and click it to open it.2. In the displayed "options-basic settings" interface, as shown in the following figure.3. In "options-basic settings", find the "advanced" option and you will see "in compatibility mode ......" And add radic; in front of it.

Where is the Sogou browser's recommendation function disabled? How to disable Sogou?

Sogou Browser recommended How to close the dog? Method One: 1, we open the browser and then click on the "Sogou Browser" window to the right of the "ellipsis" and then in the dropdown will have a large mirror icon Sogou re

Sogou High Speed Browser How to use the Sogou download method

Sogou use multithreading multiple mirror download mode, in the guarantee of normal page browsing speed at the same time, can achieve with professional download software comparable to download speed, compared to IE download speed on average 1.5 times times higher. Use Sogou Download method: Click the download link, will automatically pop-up Sogou download panel,

Sogou Sogou browser in close contact

Because of the security risks of IE browsing, many software companies in China have disabled IE browser. The 1th time use is in the company is to disable IE browser, the main use of Firefox Firefox browser, when I landed some government network (is using IE kernel, other browsers can not login, only browse) such as: The provincial Social Security Network, the ci

How the Win7 system sets the Sogou browser to the default browser

How does the Win7 system set the Sogou browser as the default browser? Windows operating system with IE browser, but some users install Sogou browser for a period of time, think Sogou

QQ Browser and Sogou browser which is good

QQ Browser and Sogou browser which is good QQ Browser is one of the more important products Tencent, QQ browser 7, the use of single core mode, set Super Small installation package and super stability, access to the Web page speed has been further optimized. QQ

Sogou Browser Import other Browser favorites Tutorial

Many users have a number of browsers on their computers, and users may want to store their favorite pages in different browsers when they use them. So, Sogou browser how to import other browser favorites? Below, and small weave together to see Sogou browser to import other

Sogou High Speed Browser How to import other browser favorites

(1) If you need to import IE browser favorites into the Sogou high speed browser Method One: Click on the menu bar collection option, find the Import collection, and then click Import from IE Browser collection, as shown in the picture. Method Two: When you first open the Sogou

Sogou browser in the browser war

(of course, in IE8, you need to use the F12 key and then select it on the interface, in ff, you can right-click it, which is quite convenient ). In the past two days, I accidentally downloaded and used the sogou browser. As a supplement, I think it is good. In fact, as a common user, I don't pay much attention to its use of the WebKit kernel to increase the speed. My feeling is that it is easy to use. I t

Sogou New global Minimum browser a little browser only 0.5M

Sogou recently launched the size of only 0.5M of a little browser, known as the world's smallest, only a picture of a size, just click the right button, you can close the browser, search enough to launch this browser, will be minimalist faction's favorite. Feature Features:

Sogou Browser 2016 How to set as the default browser

Sogou Browser 2016 How to set as the default browser If you have installed 360 security guards, when setting Sogou browser as the default browser, there will be a balloon frame, please select "Allow modification" can be.

Win8 Sogou Browser Open Web page "Show Web browser has modified this page to help cross-site scripting"

Error behavior: The following Tumen Open Lenovo Web site appears "show Web browser has modified this page to help cross-site scripting" This reason is due to IE browser caused by Oh, so we need to deal with a simple The solution is as follows 1. After clicking "Tools" in IE browser, we find the "options" inside, then we find the Internet option---s

How to set Sogou browser 2015 as the default browser

If you have installed 360 security guards, when setting Sogou browser as the default browser, there will be a balloon frame, please select "Allow modification" can be. If you have 360 security guards installed, check to see if the default browser is locked. Step One: Open 360 security guards--click on the Secu

Set sogou browser to the default browser of IIS

AProgramWhen, suddenly found that the start of the default IE 8 browser is very slow, but the use of sogou browser is quite fast. The more it is like setting sg as the default browser. At first, I thought that the default browser was set in IIS, but it was not found. So I f

Challenge Speed limit Sogou browser Chrome14 kernel test

Before long, Sogou high speed browser Chrome12 kernel version of the test, a variety of excellent data display, so that we still remember, not only in the speed of Ascension again, in the function also brings many surprises to the user. Today, the Sogou high-speed browser's kernel is upgraded again, the version directly to Chrome14, become a domestic

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