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VMware Workstation 12 Installation Solaris 10/11

Hello and welcome to our today's article on installation of the Solaris using VMware Workstation. Oracle Solaris One is the world's most advanced enterprise operating system delivers security, speed, and simplicity F or enterprise cloud environments and DevOps. In our previous article we setup a new virtual machine for Solaris on VMware Workstation x and now we i

Establishment of Automatic Installation (AI server) for Solaris 11

The establishment of the automatic installation (AI server) of Solaris 11 first talks about my operating environment: SunOS test13 5.11 11.1 i86pc i386 i86pc, run on the Virtual Machine ESX server 1: first set up dhcp server 1. root @ test13: /repo/repoea # pkg list | grep dhcpnetwork/dhcp/dhcpmgr 0.5.11- I -- network/dhcp/dhcpmgr/locale 0.5.11-Restart I -- service/network/dhcp 0.5.11-0.175.

Oracle Installation tutorial on Solaris 11

Recently, because of the need, to learn the development of Oracle applications on the Solaris system. The Solaris one for x86 was downloaded from Sun's web site, and the Oracle 10g Realse 2 ( x86 was downloaded from the Oracle Web site for installation learning. Due to initial contact with the Solaris system, the Oracle Database installation Guide 10g Re

Solaris 11 cannot log in

Scenario: Solaris 11 Normal user and root login are no problem, but in the upgrade from ESXI6.0U1 to U2 installation, after reporting an error, select Install,preserve datastoreCan no longer be logged in, there are four virtual machines, two OEL7.2, two solaris11.3, in addition to a Solaris problem, the other virtual machines are no problem.Do not know whether to

Oracle Solaris 11 Express CIFS component Remote Security Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Oracle Sun Solaris 11 ExpressDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 45864Cve id: CVE-2010-4457 Solaris is a commercial UNIX operating system developed and maintained by Sun. The CIFS component of Solaris has a

How to use functions such as mysql_connect in Solaris 11 under a machine that does not have MySQL installed

How to use functions such as mysql_connect on a machine that does not have MySQL installed in Solaris 11

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