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Git local project uploads & Sourcetree & GitHub easy to use

Git (Distributed version control system) Git is a free, open source distributed version control system for agile and efficient processing of any or small or large project. Git is an open source distributed version control system for

Sourcetree using SSH to clone the Code cloud project

One, the difference between HTTPS and SSH cloning modeHTTPS: You will need to re-verify your account and password each time you get fetch and push push code. (For users who only learn to read project code) SSH: If you are a project member, you can

Sourcetree (Git) Cloning Code cloud project with SSH

the difference between HTTPS and ssh cloning methodsHTTPS: The account and password need to be validated each time the fetch and push push code is fetched. (for users who are just learning to read project code) SSH: If you are a project member, you

Sourcetree and Gitlab configuration plots

I. Pre-preparation for installation1.git Client (1. The private key and the public key that are required to verify the Gitlab server and local git transfer to each other 2. Use Git to commit and push code directly in idea, and of course you can

How to configure Oschina SSH public key and configuration under Mac Sourcetree

With the free git space provided by Oschina, you can avoid the hassle of configuring your Git server, and also solve problems that SVN cannot submit locally.1. Generate Sshkey under terminal, sometimes input 1th times no response, need to run 2

Set up a SSH key with Sourcetree on MacOS

1. Open Sourcetree, enter settings-account;2. Choose Add Account, host select BitBucket (or github), connect account, login to existing BitBucket account (or GitHub account), save3. After successful connection, on the second step of the page will

Quick configuration and git server login for Mac using Sourcetree

Problem:1, Mac download Sourcetree configuration warehouse Address, has been prompted to enter a password, can not login successfully, but also unable to obtain the source code.2, can not find the configuration warehouse account password, only see

Installation of Sourcetree

Sourcetree is a free Git and Hg client under Windows and Mac OS X.First: http://www.sourcetreeapp.comdownload the latest version;There are two things that need to be separated, because the sourcetree will slow down ... 1,

The source management web (SSH Protocol Management) for open source work how to use Sourcetree management locally

Entrance:How to generate public and private keys, and open source China gitweb sshkey Management web address;Click on "Avatar" and then the list below to select "SSH Key Settings".Next, finish following the steps and go, OK (if you have to install

Install sourcetree in win7

Install sourcetree in win71. install git and search for Baidu. install sourcetree. generate the client ssh-keygen-t rsa 4 in git bash. then the generated C: \ Users \ jiangtong \. upload the ssh \ file to the keydir directory on the

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