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SQL Server Datetime Cast to Date type can use Index (reprint)

A long time did not write blog, not lazy, it is recently my visit speed is not good, with Firefox often can't upload pictures ....I didn't mean to find out today. SQL Server Datetime Cast to Date type you can use the index to share:Test environment:Use TEMPDBGOCREATE TABLE TB(ID INT IDENTITY (PRIMARY KEY),NAME VARCHAR

SQL Server Learning Notes <> date and time data processing (cast conversion format, date interception, date addition and subtraction) and case expressions

Label:Processing of date and time data.(1) String date ' 20080301 ', which is a string date, but must be guaranteed as a four-bit year, two-bit month, and two-bit date. For example, the Query order table date is greater than ' 20080301 '. It can be written like this: 1 SELE

2015-10-20 SQL Second Lesson (constraint, date, isnull, case, exists, Cast\convert, index, view, stored procedure, trigger, backup and restore)

.exists Find out that the CategoryID in the category table are not equal to N.categoryid C.categoryid,c.[name] First query statement: Select C.categoryid,c.[name] from Category C left join News N in C.categoryid=n.categoryid where N.categoryid is Null Second query statement: Select Categoryid,[name] from category where NOT exists ( SELECT * FROM News where Category.categoryid=news.categoryid ) * The first performance is undoubtedly the best when the CategoryID is not repeated in the news table,

SQL Server Date function cast and CONVERT and introduction to usage in the business _mssql

.htm Now use this knowledge to solve my problems, the first is the daily Statistics reported, accurate to the date limit: convert (varchar (one), Reporttime, 20) that is YYYY-MM-DD The group by problem is then resolved with the SQL code: Copy Code code as follows: Select Reportperson,convert (varchar, reporttime,) as ' Reportime ', COUNT (*) as reporttotal from Pcr_constructinfo Where (repo

SQL Server date functions CAST and CONVERT and their usage in business

SQL group and told me to set the time format, then, the time format is limited to days and months, and the two problems are solved. I have listed multiple time functions in the previous article. Now I will introduce the CAST and CONVERT used in this article in detail: Let's take a look at their syntax: CAST (expression AS data_type [(length)])CONVERT (data_type

SQL Server date functions CAST and CONVERT and their usage in business

group and told me to set the time format, then, the time format is limited to days and months, and the two problems are solved.I have listed multiple time functions in the previous article. Now I will introduce the CAST and CONVERT used in this article in detail:Let's take a look at their syntax:CAST (expression AS data_type [(length)])CONVERT (data_type [(length)], expression [, style])Where:Expression: Any valid expression.Data_type: Target data ty

Date and date in SQL modified datetime data

The following statement changes the Eventtime field in the Tevent table to 2011-7-16 when Eventtime is 2012-02-29Update tevent set eventtime= ' 2011-7-16 ' +right (CONVERT (varchar), eventtime,121) where convert (varchar (10), eventtime,121) = ' 2012-02-29 'The following statement changes the value of eventtime based on the value of the EventID field to ' 2011-01-01 'Update tevent set eventtime= ' 2011-01-01 ' +right (CONVERT (varchar), eventtime,121), where EventID >=11 and event ID

Comparison of date fields (datetime) in SQL Server

In SQL Server, there are multiple methods to compare date fields. Several common methods are introduced: Use the Employees table in the northwind database as the use case table. 1. Use the between... and statement: Description: between... and is used to specify the test scope. See the following example: Execute the SQL statement "select hiredate from employees" a

Common date Conversions in Sql convert (Datetime)

for nchar, nvarchar, char, varchar, binary, or varbinary data types.StyleA date format style whereby DateTime or smalldatetime data is converted to character data (nchar, nvarchar, char, varchar, nchar, or nvarchar data type) or a string format style that will float, Real, money, or smallmoney data is converted to character data (nchar, nvarchar, char, varchar, nchar, or nvarchar data types).

SQL server uses convert to obtain datetime date data

SQL server uses convert to obtain datetime date data. The following examples include conversions of various date formats.Statement and query result:SelectCONVERT (varchar (100), GETDATE (), 0): 05 16 2006 AMSelectCONVERT (varchar (100), GETDATE (), 1): 05/16/06Select CONVERT (varchar (100 ),GETDATE (), 2): 06.05.16Sele

Interaction between date time in Java and datetime in SQL Server 2005

Label:Preface Environment:Platform:windows XPLanguage:java 1.5Ide:myeclipse 6.0.1Database:sql Server 2005 Enterprise en Introduction This article focuses on how date time in Java interacts with datetime in SQL Server 2005. The date type involved hasJava.util.DateJava.sql.DateJava.sql.TimeJava.sql.Timestamp Section 1-ja

The difference between date, DateTime, and smalldate three data types in SQL Server

Environment: SQL Server 2008 R2 Question: SQL Server date, datetime, Smalldate difference Solve: Datetime Date and time data from January 1, 1753 to December 31, 9999, with an accuracy of 3% seconds (equal to 3.33 milliseconds

The default date field for SQL Server Chinese version is the datetime format yyyy-mm-d

Common SQL time Format the default date field for the Chinese version of SQL Server datetime format is yyyy-mm-DD Thh:mm:ss.mmm For example:Selectgetdate ()2004- the- A One: .:08.177This is used to transfer data between databases or to be accustomed to the Oracle date forma

SQL Tips GROUP by datetime Type field, take only the date part

Often encountered in the work, in order to query the SQL report, query results are required by date to list, or by day, or by month, year.This time we are often distressed, datetime is accurate to milliseconds, if the simple group by datetime will result in incorrect results.This is what we can do with the CONVERT func

Obtain the date or time part of datetime in an SQL statement.

Obtain the datetime date in an SQL statement. Datetime data is often operated in SQL statements. When writing a stored procedure today, We need to extract the date part of a datetime va

The difference between Date and datetime in SQL

Date is the newly introduced data type for SQL Server 2008. It represents a day, and does not contain a time part, which can be expressed from January 1 to December 31, 9999 of the year of the A.D.. Only 3 bytes of storage space is required.The datetime date and Time section, which can represent a

Date and datetime types in SQL cannot be compared directly

Tags: sp question c time r BS SQL table howTitle, today the problem of a day tangled.The time of two datetime types is defined in the stored procedure, and then this two time is used as the two time periods for the between of a date field in the Where condition, and the result is not executed anyway ...Just like update table1 set col1=2 where date1 between Dateti

Difference between Date and Datetime in SQL, datedatetime

Difference between Date and Datetime in SQL, datedatetime Date is a new data type introduced in SQL Server 2008. It indicates a day, excluding the time part. It can represent the date range from January 1, January 1-9, December 3

SQL Server Date,datetime,datetime2 and time Brief introduction

SQL Server uses date to represent dates, time to represent times, and datetime and datetime2 to represent dates and times.1, the precision of the second refers to the number of decimal places used to represent 1s:The precision of the datetime data type seconds is 3,datetime2 and time can control the precision of the se

SQL Server converts date format datetime to varchar type

CONVERT (varchar), GETDATE (), 121): 2006-05-16 10:57:49.700 Select CONVERT (varchar), GETDATE (), 126): 2006-05-16t10:57:49.827 Select CONVERT (varchar), GETDATE (), ():?????????? 1427 10:57:49:907am In SQL database, there is a class of functions that have to be mentioned, that is, SQL Server datetime function, which is the most common

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