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List of bugs fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4

For more information about bugs fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:314128 FIX: When an RPC call is performed, Access with conflicting values includes an

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-13. T-SQL and SQL query Analyzer

13. T-SQL and SQL query AnalyzerWhat is SQL?What is T-SQL?Introduce new features of T-SQLHow to Use T-SQLSummaryIn this chapter, we will introduce some basic concepts about the Structured Query Language and transact-SQL and their differences. This

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-11. Microsoft SQL server network settings

11. Microsoft SQL server network settingsOverview of Network ServicesSQL Server application interfaceNetwork Connection LibraryNetwork components and SQL server performanceNetwork MonitoringSummaryAfter you install Microsoft SQL Server, you must set

Data Transformation Services in SQL Server 2000 (DTS)

server| Data | conversion Absrtact: To accomplish the tasks of data merging, archiving and analysis, for application development, database administrators often need to import, export, and transform data for database or server upgrades. Data

SQL Server Basics

Server 1.1. SQL Server development process SQL Server is a relational database management system for Microsoft Company, but it has to start with Sybase in terms of its history. SQL Server was developed from the late the 1980s, the earliest

Use SQL Server 2000 Analysis Service in ASP. NET

Summary Many organizations use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to analyze their key business data. OLAP-based data Drilling provides a way to query multi-dimensional datasets and obtain modes through drilling data. ASP. NET and

Several Methods for automatic backup of MS SQL2000 database (ms SQL 2000)

I. simple and practical backup methods: Tools and database maintenance planner in Enterprise Manager can set Regular automatic backup schedules for databases. Start the SQL Server Agent to automatically run the backup plan. The procedure is as

How to configure merge replication for SQL Server 2000 + SQL Server mobile edition

In addition, the configuration of merging and copying was studied last night. The environment I need is like this. The server-side database adopts SQL Server 2000. The PPC client adopts the streamlined Database SQL Server mobile edition.Currently,

Operate and manage SQL Server (Introduction SQL-DMO) in VFP post SQL Server2000 Database backup and recovery Stored Procedure

After so many years of mixing in the forum, we have seen an obvious trend: more and more netizens are using VFP and SQL server for the system. Many people are concerned about how to operate or manage SQL Server from VFP. You can use views, SPT, or

Configuration listening for Oracle 10g transparent gateway accessing SQL Server 2000

Oracle 10g transparent gatewayAccessSQL Server 2000The configuration and listener startup and configuration are what we will introduce in this article. Next we will introduce them one by one. I. Configure the environment Oracle 10 Gb is installed on

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