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Visual Studio 2017 system release Deployment Server tutorial, studio2017

Visual Studio 2017 system release Deployment Server tutorial, studio2017Visual Studio 2017 system release and Deployment Server tutorial    1. Website deployment --- document 1 _ tutorial on releasing website system in Visual Studio 2017   2.

Installing SQL Server 2017

Microsoft's SQL Server version, in addition to many very quickly, from the earliest version to the current SQL Server 2017, each iteration of the version has updated a lot of features and enhanced stability, security, and so on, but starting with

In the SQL Server 2016,visual Studio 2017 environment, the connection to the database failed repeatedly, the problem on the ConnectionString

Application Scenario:1,serverversion a problem, "sqlcnt.serverversion" raises the type "System.InvalidOperationException" Exception 2, on the string also thought that the data Source should be. Or local, this actually depends on the

SQL Server 2008 does not find the processing method for SQL Server Management Studio

While the SQL Server Administration tool SQLManagementStudio2008 a powerful SQL Server administration tool, the most important thing for the people who want to update this tool is that SQL Server 2008 of database management can only be compatible

Use Docker to run Microsoft SQL Server 2017

The recent effort to write case code WETEXT for the Apworks framework has been in free time every day. In the text publishing and processing microservices, I intend to use Microsoft's SQL Server for Linux to do the demo, so I joined the MS SQL

SQL Server on Linux 2017 (sql-server function application under Linux)

Installation Environment CENTOS7:Official installation of necessary conditions:RHEL 7.3 or 7.4 machine must have at least 2 GB of memory1, set Mssql_server of the official Yum Source:Curl-o/etc/yum.repos.d/mssql-server.repo

SQL Server 2008 uses SQL Server Management Studio to create a database (the most basic)

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Docker quickly deploys SQL Server 2017 development

Docker quickly deploys SQL Server 2017 developmentToo much trouble installing the SQL Server development environment? A quick build can be done with Docker, and a bunch of instructions are done.Download SQL Server Management Studio

Value, use cases, and methods for effective use of SQL Server containers

Microsoft announced in the autumn of 2014 that it plans to increase support for Docker containers in Windows Server 2016. The statement further underscores Microsoft's growing concern about Linux and Open-source tools. In the next few months,. NET

plsql (PL/SQL) Integrated Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version management of database code

PL/SQL is an integrated development environment for oralcle databases and is the primary tool for many Oracle database developers. Because PL/SQL (Baidu Encyclopedia) is not only a kind of language, but also a process programming language, in the

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