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SQLite learning Manual (data tables and views)

1. Create a data table: The syntax rules and usage of this command are basically the same as those of most relational databases. Therefore, we use examples to demonstrate the rules for creating tables in SQLite. However, we will provide additional

SQLite Learning Manual (datasheets and views)

How to list all tables in a SQLite databaseThe information in the SQLite database exists in a built-in table sqlite_master that can be used in a querySELECT * from Sqlite_master to see if all table names are listed, just one statement:SELECT name

Reference: SQLite Applicability

Reference: http://www.sqlite.com.cn/MySqlite/5/100.Html SQLite is different from most other SQL database engines, because its primary design goal is to simplify: Easy to manage Easy to use Easy to embed other large programs Easy to maintain and

Lightweight database SQLite combined with PHP development

Lightweight database SQLite is developed in combination with PHP. Read the lightweight database SQLite is developed in combination with PHP. SQLite is a lightweight database and its design goal is embedded, moreover, it is already used in many

Lightweight database SQLite combined with PHP Development

SQLite is a lightweight database. It is designed to be embedded and has been used in many embedded products. It occupies very low resources. In embedded devices, it may only take several hundred KB of memory. It supports mainstream operating systems

The development of lightweight database SQLite combined with PHP

Data | database SQLite is a lightweight database, its design goal is embedded, and has been used in many embedded products, it occupies very low resources, in embedded devices, may only need hundreds of K of memory is enough. It can support

SQLite Learning Manual (command line tool)

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. Learning SQLite's command-line tools is very helpful for us to learn about SQLite itself. The basic one is that it makes the process of learning sqlite easier and more enjoyable. let's go back to the official website of

SQLite learning Manual (command line tool)

To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. Learning SQLite's command line tool is very helpful for us to learn SQLite itself. The most basic one is that it makes learning SQLite easier and more enjoyable. To put it bluntly, the official download

SQLite Learning Manual (catalogue)

Posted on2012-03-09 07:36 Stephen_liu Read (11956) Comments (22) Edit Collection In the actual application, SQLite, as the most popular open-source embedded relational database, is playing an increasingly important role in the architecture design

SQLite analysis (5): Architecture

This article is based on http://sqlite.org/arch.html.This document describes the architecture of the SQLite library. This is useful for those who want to understand and modify the internal structure of SQLite. Before exploring, we first download the

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