sqllite syntax

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Sqllite (Websql) How to sort and page queries (Sqllite syntax)

SELECT * from Table ORDER by ID DESC Limit 10,9Limit semantics: Skip 10 lines and take 9 rowsReference:SQLite limit Usage If I'm going to 11-20 of the Account table data Select * From account Limit 9 Offset 10; The above statement means getting data

Sqllite Concise Tutorials

SQL DML and DDLSQL can be divided into two parts: Data manipulation Language (DML) and data definition language (DDL).Note: the "--" double minus sign is the line commentSQL (Structured Query language) is the syntax for executing queries. However,

About sqllite on Android

Sqllite on Android On the Android platform, an embedded relational database-SQLite is integrated. sqlite3 supports null, integer, real (floating point number), text (string text), and blob (binary object) data types, although it supports only five

Android uses sqllite instances

On the Android platform, an embedded relational database-SQLite is integrated. SQLite3 supports NULL, INTEGER, REAL (floating point number), TEXT (string TEXT), and BLOB (binary object) data types, although it supports only five types, sqlite3

The migration of MySQL and SQLite

EmilyLinks: http://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/20778415Source: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.Import from SQLite database to MySQL DB

iOS rookie notes (3)--Stanford Open Class (1)

First, iOS four layer structure1. Core OSDarwin, rewritten with FreeBSD and Mach, is an open source, POSIX-compliant UNIX core. This layer includes or provides some basic features of the entire iphone OS, such as: Hardware driver, memory management,

IOS cainiao growth notes (3)-Stanford Open Course (1), ios Stanford

IOS cainiao growth notes (3)-Stanford Open Course (1), ios StanfordI. layer-4 Structure of iOS 1. Core OS It is a Darwin written by FreeBSD and Mach, and is a Unix core that is open source and complies with POSIX standards. This layer includes or

PHP, JAVA,. NET these three kinds of technology difference analysis _ other synthesis

In fact, these three kinds of programming technology have advantages, we can probably from the language, platform of the two points to distinguish: First, language: PHP: PHP was created in 1994 with syntax mixed with C, Java, Perl, and some of his

The difference between PHP, Java, and. NET Three technologies

Have a friend to ask this question, tidy up for everyone to post, for beginners in the selection of technology has a reference. Three kinds of programming technology each have advantages, we can probably from the language, platform these two points

MySQL Database section simple collation

Database overviewWhat is DataSymbolic records describing things are called dataWhat is a databaseThe database is the warehouse where the data is stored, except that the warehouse is on a computer storage device, and the data is stored in a certain

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