sqlplus syntax

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[Oracle]sqlplus Start parameter description

[Oracle]sqlplus Start parameter description# su-oracle [Grid]Usage 1:sqlplus-h | -V-H[ELP]:Displays the syntax and usage of the Sql*plus command, and then returns control to the operating system.-v[ersion]:Displays the version number of the Sql*plus,

Sqlplus Study Notes

1. What is sqlplus? Sqlplus is an interactive tool for batch query. Sqlplus is installed for each oracle database. Sqlplus works in the command line mode. SQL * Plus has its own command set and environment. Sqlplus provides users with a way to

Oracle installation and Sqlplus simple usage _oracle

when an Oracle database is installed successfully, related database information is displayed: Global Database name: Oracle System identifier (SID): Oracle Server parameter filename: C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1/dbs/spfileoracle.ora The Database

Simple oracle Installation and SQLPLUS usage

Once the oracle database is successfully installed, the related database information is displayed: Global Database Name: oracleSystem identifier (SID): oracleServer parameter file name: c: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ db_1/dbs/spfileoracle.

SQL syntax and sqlplus

SQL statements reflect the language habits of English. For example, when we use select to query "Select fields from table", we first enter the field name and then the table name. This is in line with the English habit, that is, the first small

Common sqlplus commands

Sqlplus provides many common commands. The following describes how to use them. 1-> sqlplus login and exit Sqlplus-H |-v-H displays the version and help information of sqlplus, and-V displays the login Syntax of its version information: Is :

Oracle 10g using the Sqlplus tool to log in to the database Sysdba

Two days ago, I saw a post on the itpub, referring to how to use the fastest way to SYSDBA log in to the database. The method that is given is to sqlplus the direct carriage return and then enter/as SYSDBA when prompting the user name:

Sqlplus usage tips

Databases in the production environment cannot directly use development tools (such as toad and PL/SQL developer) to connect and perform data operations, because they have strict permission control (for DB security considerations ), the only tool

Use the sqlplus Copy command to transfer data between two databases

This article describes how to use the sqlplus Copy command to transfer data between two databases. Dblink is not required, and two databases do not need to communicate directly. Of course, there must be a client segment that can be connected to both

A low-level error in Oracle SQLPlus

A few days ago, Oracle 10 Gb was installed on RedHat AS 4.1. It was always reported during database creation:ORA-12154: TNS: cocould not resolve service name. I don't know why, so I went to the Internet to search for solutions. For every possible

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