str rot13

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Python core Programming Chapter seventh Dictionary, collection exercises

#encoding =utf-8Import Random#dict. Update (DICT2) a adds the key-value pairs of the dictionary dict2 to the dictionary dict# 7–1. Dictionary method. Which dictionary method can be used to merge two dictionaries together?Dict1 = {1: ' W ', 2: ' Y

Tips for encrypting Linux Command-line text

Tips for encrypting Linux Command-line textI learned this method when I was learning Shell raiders, and it was simple and interesting, so I'm going to put it together and share it with you.ROT13 Text Encoding IntroductionROT13 (Rotary 13-bit,

Some basic algorithm questions about characters and arrays in js

The following small series will introduce some basic algorithm questions about characters and arrays in JavaScript. I think this is quite good. Now I will share it with you and give you a reference. Let's take a look at the fcc issue recently. Just

About some basic algorithm questions about characters and arrays in js, and about js array Algorithms

About some basic algorithm questions about characters and arrays in js, and about js array Algorithms Recently, I have been playing the fcc review. It's just like upgrading an instance. It's quite attractive to me. Today, I took the time to ping the

Python's clear ciphertext conversion

This question is one of the problems I encountered when I was learning udacity (a web-based course platform) to learn the Web Development course: The topic is probably to define a ROT13 function, and then convert the input letter to the

On some basic algorithms of characters and numbers in JS _javascript skills

Recently in the brush FCC problem, as the upgrade hit strange, a close to the past, but also quite attracted me. Today take time to Basic algorithm scritping This part of the problem, according to some hints, or relatively simple. Some problems to

JS primary scripting algorithm

Original linkFlip String Algorithm Challengefunction reverseString(str){ str = str.split(‘‘).reverse().join(‘‘); return str;}reverseString("hello");First, convert the string into an array, and then use the reverse method of the array to flip the

C # string processing tool,

C # string processing tool, I was addicted to security when I first went to college, and I was always trying to write a small program to process strings. However, there was not much time to wait until the winter vacation. During the winter vacation,

Caesars Cipher (algorithm)

TopicLet God be God, Caesar's Caesar.Here we introduce the world's most popular Caesar password Caesar cipher, also known as the shift password.The shift password, which is the letter in the password, is shifted according to the specified number.A

How to write Go code

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Catalogue [−] code organization Workspace workspace gopath environment variable package Path first Go program first

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