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Oracle Fuzzy Query (5.3 Understanding the principle of Full-text indexing) Oracle Full-text Search Research (all) [main text]__oracle

Oracle Full-text Search indexing, stored procedures, and Java method calls highlighting Ajax for Full-text search and server-side paging (original) Research on Oracle Full-text Search (FULL) 2010-10-15 10:13:51| Category: Database | font size

Install Oracle 10g in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Oracle 10.2 was installed on RHEL4 with VM last week, and many problems were encountered in the middle.Summary: I have posted a post. If you have any shortcomings, please correct me. Thank you! References:Oracle Official Website:

--oracle Full-text indexing with Case study tuning

--oracle Full-text indexing with Case study tuningFull-Text Search (Oracle text)Oracle text enables oracle9i to have powerful text retrieval capabilities and intelligent text management capabilities, Oracle text is a new name used by Oracle9i, known

Oracle Text (full-Text search)

Oracle Text (full-Text search) View database tutorial Information select * from nls_database_parameters1. Simple Application1.1 to use full-text search, the current ORACLE user must have the CTXAPP role -- Create a user-- Create user textsearch

Oracle text (Full-text search)

Oracle text (Full-text search) View database Tutorials Related Information select * from Nls_database_parameters1. Simple Application1.1 If you want to use Full-text search, the current Oracle user must have the Ctxapp role --Create a user--create

Description of Oracle dedicated server and shared server (private mode and sharing mode)

I. Official website descriptionWhen we built the DBCA, we were prompted to choose the connection type, there are two types: Dedicated server mode and shared server mode. Private mode is used by default. Such as:The Oracle official documentation

Research on full-text retrieval of Oracle (full 1)

1. Preparation Process   1.1 check and set database roles First, check whether there are CTXSYS users and CTXAPP roles in the database. If you do not have this user or role, it means that the intermedia function is not installed when your database

Migrate applications from SQL Server to Oracle

Database: SQL Server 2008, Oracle 9iTool: trial version of Sybase powerdesiner 12, PL/SQL developer 7.1.5 There are two main tasks for Migration:1. Generate a script for creating an Oracle database based on the SQL Server database2. ModifyCodeSQL

Build a fast WEB development environment for Python Server Pages and Oracle.

Build a fast WEB development environment for Python Server Pages and Oracle. -On the Water side-blog Build a fast WEB development environment for Python Server Pages and Oracle. Category: Technology space 2008-06-12 10:4

47 common Oracle PL/SQL Toolkit, oracleplsql47

47 common Oracle PL/SQL Toolkit, oracleplsql47 Oracle PL/SQL Utility Library Common PL/SQL Toolkit code, including: PDF file generation Toolkit: Excel file generation, RTF file generation, Zip file compression and decompression, JSON file

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